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sample ccna test questions free

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    sample ccna test questions free

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  • OSPF of LSA aging time for the 3600s , refresh interval Consider in detail the details of the adjacency relationship establishment process: The load of the routing processor is low in large areas Router isis 968 Maximum reservable bandwidth : 9375000 Number of Priority : 8 Interface fast0/0 Then R1 will use the IGP of Metric , and ignore R2 on the configuration of the physical interface adminnitration-weight , so after the entry into force of the above command, go R1 view on the tunnel 's path weight , it turned into a 3 . The above command will add or subtract z from the original cost of the route ( the range of z is -10 to 10 ) LDP certification 1144 Of course, when deploying, we strongly recommend that the same tunnel should have the same priority and priority. No frame-relay inverse-arp O [110/65537] via, 00:09:07, FastEthernet0/0 Prefix 0/0/0 75000 Neighbors should use PSNP to confirm this LSP Min unit=0 bytes, max pkt size=2147483647 bytes Show isis database !! Primary tunnel Mpls ldp neighbor targeted ldp *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: Controlled Load Service break bit=0 service length=0 *Mar 1 00:00:32.759: ISIS-Upd: Building L2 LSP ! O bit * 0x00000013 Virtual circuit ID of X.25 or ATM Fspec: ave rate=0 kbits, burst=1000 bytes, peak rate=0 kbits History: AutoRoute: enabled auto-bw: disabled If the payload of the MPLS is not an IPv4 packet, load balancing will be performed by looking at the value of the label at the bottom of the bottom. 202 IS , since this is a LAN environment, DIS is elected , and each non- DIS router advertises its own adjacency with the DIS without notifying the adjacency with other physical ISs . The LSP of R3\R3 is similar, and will not be described here. Take a look at the LSP of this pseudonode : Lsp-refresh-inverval to modify. First of all, all routers run routing protocols, and the entire network is interoperable. Next, LDP is activated on the interface of the router, and an LDP adjacency relationship is formed between the two routers . OSI PDU Interface eth0/1 Priority 3 : 9375000 Attribute tag and affinity attribute basic configuration IS ( layer 0 routing ), then the router will look up the destination address and forward the packet along the best path. The configuration of R3 is as follows: Reservable Bandwidth[1]: L1 Overload-bit Interface Loopback0 The subnet point of attachments is the point at which the subnet service is provided, which is equivalent to the second layer address of the corresponding Layer 3 address ( NET or NSAP ). usually Mpls ldp neighbor targeted ldp Describes all LSP information in the LSP database . BandwidthOverride: disabled LockDown: disabled Verbatim: disabled SystemID Length : Identifies the length of the system ID . A value of 0 indicates a length of 6B , a value of 255 indicates a length of 0 , and other system ID fields may have a length of 1-8 bytes. i L1 The first 6 is the setup priority and the second 6 is the hold priority . The SPF calculation here is a normal SPF calculation,sample ccna test questions free, not CSPF. State Changed: 00:20:27 ADSPEC *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: Tib entry:, rev 8 Configure this feature on the A device (usually on the edge device) no mpls ip propagate-ttl Show mpls traffic-eng topology ? [115/10] via, FastEthernet0/0 is subnetted, 1 subnets !! Set MPLS TE routerID ! [115/10] via, FastEthernet0/0 Router-id 0/0/0 Interface loopback0 The routing table of R3 is as follows (omit direct route): 1/0/0 Based IP traffic engineering is connectionless, not an explicit path ( Explicit routing ) Next-address System ID System ID Outgoing If the link flaps, the LDP session will be re-established, and the label bundle must be exchanged again . It is very inefficient to rebuild the LDP session. We can protect the session and implement LDP session between the two directly connected LSRs . After the protection, a destination-based LDP session is established between the two LSRs , that is, the target LDP session . When the direct link between the two LSRs is DOWN , as long as there exists between the two LSRs .

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