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ccnp tshoot test

    ccnp tshoot test

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  • Port Vlans allowed and active in management domain Fa0/20 1,10,20,30 100 Then first mark the route prefix of on R2 , use the community tag, and configure a route-map at the same time. Switchport port-security maximum 1 When a spanning tree constructs a loop-free topology, it always uses the same four steps to determine: Set metric-type internal SW1#show ip dhcp snooping binding (Of course, in the case of FA= ), then, in this figure, if the cost of R2 to ASBR-R3 is smaller, the final R2 will be preferred. First select root , the SW1 with the smallest MAC address of the switch wins and becomes root. Unsuppress-map Router bgp 345 Ip route (1) Declare the loop port Neighbor remote-as 345 no auto-summary Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security aging type {absolute | inactivity} 100 *, from, 00:07:30 ago RIP redistribute directly connected If you do not set Metric , the default 1 -hop neighbor passed (the neighbors directly using this 1 jump as Metric ); redistributed static route default Metric = 1 , use the default-metric can modify this default value, this command No effect on the metric that re-releases the direct connector . ! When no BPDU is received for a period of time and the lifetime reaches MAX age , the bridge considers that the port is connected. R5#show ip bgp Configuration example Assigning community 100:11 to route on R1 and passing it to R2 , then R1 is configured as follows: Different OSPF between two-point two-way process re-release, can also use a static summary route re-issued, respectively, in two ASBR create different static routes summary above, re-publish static summary routes in the corresponding processes. Management VLAN in a Layer 3 switch environment Network mask Inside the AS , the AS-PATH does not change, and the AS_PATH anti-ring cannot be used , so loops are easy to occur. * i Complete basic IP , IGP configuration, establish BGP connection A match to a start, the end of any single character string, such as A0 , a! Etc. Interface loopback2 Other configuration commands Metric Access-list 1 permit Network area 0 SW1(config-if)# ip address Compare by default from top to bottom Ip default-gateway 108 We look at the above picture, the external detail route – 39.0/24 , and the summary route 32.0/21 are introduced into OSPF by R1 , now Weight Experiment 1 Neighbor prefix-list 11 out Establish BGP neighbor relations 4 Switch(config)# spanning-tree vlan-id 100 i Then let's go to R4 and see: 1-4094 R1R2 establishes an IBGP neighbor relationship and maintains two BGP connections. The local interface is used to establish a neighbor relationship with the peer directly connected interface. 200 ? Two modes of operation: normal (the default) and aggressive Between R1 and R2 , the original R3 and R4 are updated through a multi-access network, and BGP is run . Because of this self-learning and two R1 of BGP routes NEXT_HOP property are directly connected,ccnp tshoot test, is reachable, Origin attribute (priority: IGP > EGP > Incomplete ) Community Ip community-list 11 permit no-export route-map test permit 10 BPDUFilter In Ethernet, multiple protocols can coexist simultaneously in a local area network. Therefore, setting the corresponding hexadecimal value in the Type field of Ethernet II provides a mechanism to support multi-protocol transmission in the LAN. description Sw(config-if)#switchport mode private-vlan host Mode ? SA sends the original switch MAC of the frame (empty), in other words, the MED will not be transmitted out of this AS Both LACP mode: Neighbor peer-group IBGP_peers Neighbor local-as 201 no-prepend replace-as switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk PROTOCOL STP cost to the root bridge Router ospf 1 OSPF re-advertises routes to IBGP Route-map nat3 permit 10 match ip address 2 match interface serial0/1 / / Mark the routing table as the default network PVST+ has been improved in this respect. PerVLAN means that a VLAN corresponds to a spanning tree. In this way, the switch will calculate the spanning tree based on the VLAN . We can adjust the priority and other related parameters by using a separate VLAN spanning tree, thus affecting Spanning tree calculations ultimately achieve reasonable link bandwidth utilization. For example, in the above figure, there are two VLANs , 10 and 20 on the intranet . Let SW1 become the primary root of VLAN10 (the lowest priority of the whole network switch), SW2 becomes the secondary root of VLAN10 , and SW3 has the highest priority, so we will BLOCK off. SW3 is connected to the upper port of SW3 . In contrast, VLAN 20 is also the most specific adjustment. In this way, the user of VLAN 10 will go out to the left link, the user of VLAN 20 will go to the right, and the link is properly used to achieve load balancing.

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

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Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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ccnp tshoot test

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