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ccnp exam questions and answers

    ccnp exam questions and answers

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  • ! ! Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0 mpls traffic-eng area 1 Tib entry:, rev 14 0x2D6E R3.00-00 Configuration change After completing the above configuration, we find that the is-is neighbor relationships of R2 , R3, and R3 and R4 are UP . This is because the IIH package does not carry TLV information for verification . In addition, the routing table of R3 is empty. Filter_Spec I/E Route-map test permit 10 router isis MPLS relies on IP routing and CEF switching L1 router The process of exchanging LSPs by routers in an area is called flooding . The LSPs received from neighboring routers in the area are stored in the local router. Take a look at the routing table for R1 : Record Route: NONE LSA The RSVP transmits the signaling in the path for the TE tunnel, but it also carries the obligation of MPLS label distribution, so that the packet can be label-switched along the path of the TE tunnel. Router , thus maintaining two independent L1 link state databases and L2 link state databases. Then, if there is a router in the backbone that is not connected to the L1 router , it can be configured as an L2 router . 0 kbits/sec Next Hop Attribute Flags: 0x00000000 Interface tunnel0 IS-IS metric LIB tag information base Ip unnumbered Loopback0 tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng tunnel destination The router will check the received IIH and confirm the parameters. Parameters: Pop tag !! Only one interface activates MPLS TE Set-overload-bit Then shut down the e0/1 port of R2 : *Aug 18 11:31:44.598: Address-family vpnv4 neighbor activate 0x80000011 0x00F741 2 RFC 3373 Configure on the physical interface: 13 Then R1 and R3 receive a label mapping with a prefix of and a label of 3 . At the same time, they also received the R2 updated route. Since the loopback interface route is updated by OSPF by default, it is updated in /32 mode. Therefore , the route learned on R1 and R3 about is /32 bit. of. Then this is a problem, my routing entry is , but the label message you sent me is , it doesn't match, so R1 thinks that the label is going to Not , just give an untagged , just like the LFIB table we saw for R1 . In this way, when R1 receives the label package and goes to ,R1 will pop up the label stack of the label package, then find its own FIB table and forward the message out. This seems to be no problem in this topology, but in many environments, there will be problems,ccnp exam questions and answers, such as MPLS VPN . So how to solve it? Very good, R2 loopback port to an ip ospf network point-2-point , or change the mask.

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Exam Code: 200-125

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Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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ccnp exam questions and answers

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