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ccna certification test answers

ccna certification test answers

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    ccna certification test answers

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  • IS-IS and OSPF R2 configuration is as follows In area 49.0001, we can see that all routers flood their own LSPs . LSPs are represented by LSPIDs , such as R1.00-00 . This R1 is the hostname of the device . Here we have the default hostname mapping mechanism. See above. . In addition , 00 after R1 is a pseudo node identifier, and 00 means that the originating router of the LSP is not a DIS , and then the last 00 is a fragmentation flag. L1/L2 router re-releases external routes into IS-IS ( to level-1-2 ) Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback 0 mpls traffic-eng level-1 Network area 0 0/0/0 0 kbits/sec *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: !! Re-release the local direct loopback to level1 When R1 recalculates the shortest path, it does not consider passing the R2 out area. Then there is only a default route to R3 on R1 . Of course, the route directly connected to R2 can still be seen on R1 . ! Mpls traffic-eng tunnels mpls label range 200 299 *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: Token bucket fragment (service_id=1, length=6 words Status is subnetted, 1 subnets Bw[6]: Local Mpls traffic-eng tunnels mpls label range 300 399 75000 Token bucket fragment (service_id=1, length=6 words parameter id=127, flags=0, parameter length=5 Remote binding: tsr:, tag: 201 Interface eth 0/1 Extended intermediate system reachability TLV (type 22 ) Interface Ethernet0/0 Label 14 OAM alarm tag The L1 and L2 IIH PDUs on the LAN are sent to different multicast MAC addresses: L1 is 0180-C200-0014 and L2 is 0180-C200-0015 This will cause the route of R2 to change. The outgoing interface of the route to and becomes e0/1 . So R2 goes to OO The initial-backoff defaults to 15s and the maximum-backoff defaults to 120s . Mpls traffic-eng tunnels ip rsvp bandwidth Now create a tunnel on R1 : Configured Areas: 1 0 kbits/sec In R2 on description Record Route: NONE *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: MPLS LDP-IGP synchronization can be used to solve this problem. Note that the MPLS LDP-IGP solution cannot be used for BGP label distribution. R1#show mpls traffic-eng tunnels 0 kbits/sec Local Ip address Insert ( impose or push ) IS ( layer 0 routing ), then the router will look up the destination address and forward the packet along the best path. Link IP Address: Tu0:403 The average allocated traffic on the interface. Current LSP: Router-id Activate the MPLS TE extension for each router's OSPF and manually set the RouterID for MPLS TE . The label that the tail router advertises to the penultimate hop router is "explicit empty label". However, if the penultimate hop router runs CISCO IOS , it will understand this in the form of an implicit null label, that is, By default, in the TE tunnel, the message sent by the penultimate router to the tail router is unlabeled (or the top label has been removed). MPLS TE provides the following solutions: Frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast R3.02 LABEL Priority 2 : 9375000 The router in Lan establishes an adjacency with all other routers in the same LAN with the same area ID and hierarchy . Feature overview Modify the configuration of R2 : Next hop, FastEthernet0/0 via valid cached adjacency Needless to say this? Path option 10, type dynamic (Basis for Setup, path weight 3) [MPLS: Label 505 Exp 0] 8 msec 0 msec 0 msec Is-type level-1 The TTL is placed in the label header. Turning off TTL propagation prevents the MPLS network from being exposed (by traceroute ). Type Local 0/0/0 Type 9 flooding range only on this link 104 For example, the above figure, we can test on R2 , the configuration is as follows: 42000 [MPLS: Label 400 Exp 0] 0 msec 12 msec 8 msec It was dismantled and then continued to be removed. R1#show isis database verbose R1.00-00 IP external reachability information Priority 6 : 9375000 Link Link In the original IS-IS design, the Level1 area is the stub ,ccna certification test answers, and the L1 router looks for the nearest L1/L2 router and generates a default route to the L1/L2 router (provided the L1/L2 router has ATT set) However , the Level 2 area router connected to Backbone needs to know all the routes in the IS-IS domain without automatically generating default routes. We can use the default-information originate command to manually send a default route into the backbone . The route generated by this command is loaded into the level2 LSP and flooded to other IS-IS routers of the backbone .

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: May 29,2023

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CCNA Routing & Switching Written Exam

Exam Number : 200-125 CCNA

Associated Certification : CCNA Routing & Switching

Duration : 75 minutes (55 - 65 questions)

Available Languages: English, Japanese

NOTE: This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to: Network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, Infrastructure services, Infrastructure security, Infrastructure management.

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