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    ccna 200-125 dumps passleader

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  • Router isis Image Overview Wherein R3 is as follows: Image Global command, enable IPv6 multicast-routing . After the switch is enabled, all IPv6- enabled interfaces automatically open IPv6 PIM. Image Router rip Router# Show ipv6 route Image Reference material AFI ( Address Conducive to the fast processing of hardware, so that intermediate nodes can avoid processing and save a lot of resources Situation 1 No bgp default ipv4-unicast bgp log-neighbor-changes The protocol number in the IPv6 header is still 89 ; Isis circuit-type level-1 Tunnel source serial 0/0 tunnel destination Authentication Type Size Image Route summary technology background Image 2001:12::/64 Neighbor discovery and adjacency formation mechanisms are the same *Mar 1 00:11:48.043: ICMP: echo reply rcvd, src, dst RIP update behavior Of course, if a PC is initialized, it can also actively send an RS request about the prefix information. Ipv6 address 2001:12::2/64 Pop tag Subnet router anycast address: UNICAST_PREFIX : 0:0:0:0 UP Ipv6 ospf 1 area 0 ...... 0000 0001 xxxx xxxx Image Via FE80::FFFF:FE10:5, Serial0/0 IP routing table ( IP Routing the Table ) R2 , R3 establish IPv6 the EBGP neighbor relationship, R3 re-direct routes, making the R1 , R2 can learn to Neighbor FE80::CE02:8FF:FED8:0 remote-as 300 Difficult case , in fact, this IP may be understood as within the network, but also in within the network, of course,ccna 200-125 dumps passleader, here we can see it, then who is more accurate? It is clear that is more accurate, we say that its matching length is longer than . For example, the public network address of R1 is: , then the corresponding 6to4 address space is: 2002:CA65:0C01::/48 OSPF routing: including , and the direct connection network segment declared into OSPF is injected into the EIGRP process. This R1 1/128 (Of course, in the case of FA= ), then, in this figure, if the cost of R2 to ASBR-R3 is smaller, the final R2 will be preferred. Tunnel adapter isatap.{0DB7233C-89B7-49DB-A8C0-D1AA005F4E6A}: ! IBGP re-advertises routes to OSPF So how do you perform an accurate calculation of the summary route ? Let's look at an example: All node multicast addresses Image OR2 , SW1 , and SW2 run OSPF , and OR2 acts as the egress router of the telecommunications, injecting a default route into the OSPF domain. OR1 will be local Nexthop FastEthernet0/1 label 301 403 The decimal value of the TLV is 236. ::FFFF: (metric 3) from ( Local Interface Loopback0 FF01::1 node local range all node multicast address declares that it has entered RIP , and R3 and R4 can learn this route and load it into its own global routing table. Then if we are at Packets The two exchange modes , both in principle and in terms of fast switching is very similar , such as optimum switching actually uses an optimized cache switching (optimumed switching cache), its speed is higher than usual cache is faster .distributed switching mode needs use Versatile Interface card this hardware card , also known as the VIP card. it will save a copy of their own route cache, so that when it is not necessary to wait for a query using a shared system cache (shared system buffer), whether with respect to the fast switching or optimum In terms of switching , it is faster .

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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ccna 200-125 dumps passleader

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