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ccie rs lab exam fee

Q1:Layer(2 point)

Q2:BGP(2 point)

Q3:BGP2(4 point)

Q4:BGP2(2 point)

Q5:DMVPN(2 point)

Q6:IPv6 (2 point)

Q7:MPLS VPN(4 point)

Q8:Security(2 point)

Q9:DMVPN(2 point)

Q10:NAT(2 point)

ccie rs lab exam fee

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CCIE Routing and Switching LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB2、LAB2+、LAB3
TS: TS1(5 sets)、TS2(3 sets)
DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Routing and Switching Lab

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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    ccie rs lab exam fee

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  • Lab 2-2: Configuring the Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance for Secure Network Integration number 1. Static State N A T 2 . Dynamic state N A T . 3 . P the AT    Distance vector routing protocol:   7.Full   Different products from different manufacturers have different support for URFP functions. For specific applications, please check the related product manual to confirm the implementation of the device. If the processing object is an IP subnet, the real situation is 1:N, and all processing objects are links. =========================================================== ===============   1900 supports only support ISL trunk protocol   Configuring and Verifying Support for Dynamic Protocols Usually the site local unicast address prefix is ​​/64. =========================================================== ===============   Choose select A key chain   1. reduce the routing table Large Small 2. accelerate yield convergence 3. limiting prepared LSA diffuser dispersion 4. The improved stability   1.IPV6 address type and format 5. Configure a static default route to indicate which interface to send the packet to when it   arrives at the unknown network . Now to refuse the thief to come in from A, then you have to set up in your living room, there are 2 ways: Show frame-relay pvc   **Version section:** 6. Presentation layer : implement data encoding , encryption .   OSPFv3 test In the IPV6 transition technology: there are 5 types of tunnels one o'clock this morning, I kicked the ball back to the lab. I will FF02::5, FF02::6 OSPFv3 IP Multicast Protocol Address 3. Automatic P2MP site Today, BJ-Andy started to be too embarrassed. I elaborated on my experience of being TR (plus mistakes), not blowing it! ! . (I just remembered it three times, but then calmly thought about it not only a few times) Rommon2>IP_ADDRESS= (IP address of the router) Into the VLAN database configuration mode   IPV6 filtration technology If the source sends data to the anycast address, the device that is closest to the source and configured with the anycast address receives data. Configuring and Verifying a Policy for Management Traffic Note: With a TFTP server software (with cisco's TFTPServer or 3CDaemon), when the file is too large, 3Cdaemon will be faster. 2. Version 3 (multicast lo0) takes out IGP Use the appropriate algorithm , such as (SPF) to calculate the best route trigger update   Configuring and Verifying Advanced Connection Settings Router) , also known as the boot mode , can be used in IOS upgrade     21. What is the mechanism for processing the loop between the L3 network and the L2 network? We know that the process of finding a job is a process of selling yourself out! A salesman must follow two basic principles: First, be sure to believe that your product is of great value to customers. Second, we must find a customer who has real needs for this product. Here, the product is your own. The salesman is also your own. You must know yourself and know each other. Fix: I think, this is not to let me PASS, then reconfigure and fix it.   IP: The protocol at the Internet layer that provides logical addressing and routing capabilities. B(config)#access-list 1 permit any     TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): A reliable, connection-oriented protocol in the transport layer. Finally, express your feelings, “Calmly take care of everything that happens, and have a good mentality.” To understand the problem-solving ideas of the biscuit teacher, don’t memorize it! 1.CONSOLE PORT ( management console interface ): distance limit , exclusive way .   2, from the beginning to the end, completely listened to the SPOTO class, and completed all the homework under the class; work. From Interface Serial1     1.Port mode    3. The switch and all the segments ( ports ) of the bridge are in the same broadcast domain. hdlc: An environment that can support multiple protocols , which is implemented by adding the " property " field .    The whole written test preparation process is to turn over all kinds of Show ip route   2001::2 2001::1 Show frame-relay pvc   Ipv6 ospf priority 20 =========================================================== ===============   1. Switch and bridge   technical fanaticism. There is nothing to stop my thirst for knowledge. encounter the job opportunities and project opportunities they are =========================================================== ===============   Concept :   A section of configuration: environment is a truly honed environment. technical route honestly. After all, there is still a hobby. At EIGRP internal routing management distance : 90   Lab 4-1: Configuring MPF, Basic Stateful Inspections, and QoS Check to see EIGRP neighbors   A(s0)-----(s0)B(s1)--------(s1)C Lesson 1: Configuring Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance NAT Features =========================================================== ===============   was not over yet. In the last row, there was a student who was looking   If you have been working for several years, you will only be able to draw a VLAN, with a static route, plug in the console and go through it, and you can blame who pays 3K per month? This kind of work, find a high school student training for 2 weeks CCNA He will do it too. Where is your core competitiveness? Freedom debris forwarding mechanism , able only in CISCO achieve on the device .   Show interface ethernet 0/1   Network *.*.*.*   Network area 0   Enabled are: more difficulties when they come to work, the teacher should use the (The above information is what I saw on a website about the Internet, including information about CCIE routing and switching, security, wireless, big data, etc., I recommend you to visit) Return to the upper mode   Q: What drives you to pursue your first CCIE qualification? In the past six months, almost every day, one hour before the company (8:00, the company went to work at 9:00), why? Learning, in order not to affect my job, I have pushed away all kinds of social activities and even a lot of time with my wife to go out to watch movies, go shopping, exercise, wash dishes, buy food and cook, etc., no longer worry do. on Saturday Lesson 4: Configuring the Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance Transparent Firewall =========================================================== ===============   3. The twisted pair transmission distance is 100 meters .   Automatic generation of link-local unicast addresses on ports in RIPng 1. When CISCO C A T A L the Y ST series switches , at initialization , not found " User Configuration " a file , it will automatically load hdlc: An environment that can support multiple protocols ,ccie rs lab exam fee, which is implemented by adding the " property " field .      1. TCP/IP model and OSI model.    1. Enable IPV6 routing kinetics ipv6 unicast-routing (allows routers to route ipv6 unicast data) In fact, the application of in and out is very flexible. Check to see CDP neighbor ( containing three layers of the IP address )   First, there are brothers introduced, put the key equipment on the display, in fact, this is no way, because his putty is not cascading, so how many windows you have ordered you do not know. When all the configuration is complete, put the key equipment in the lower part of the display and check it in five minutes! ! Avoid being TR and don't know. Difference between IN and OUT in Cisco ACL and opening my own computer company. There Create a name called CISCO 's 10 Hao VLAN   No ip address   Q3: I didn't solve it, I gave up decisively, the R23 neighbor had it, but I didn't receive the route of 10.2.100/24. IGP checked no problem, and the BGP policy was fine. Manually enter the setup configuration mode      Send an ARP broadcast. A will send an ARP broadcast to access the MAC address of the B server, and B has to respond, so A gets the MAC address of B. Enter to consolo 0   Unicast routing function: ipv6 unicast-routing voice and ** traffic, and are accessed by a variety of wireless devices. Q5: The network type of the tunnel can be modified by P2M. Note here that the R60 phenomenon diagram requires a route of The first time it is not noticed, it is found before the volume check. There is a problem with the R51's tunnelIP address (/32) went to the np classroom to inspect it and found that the movie-time In the interface turned off CDP protocol ( only affects the specified interface )   A: When I graduated from school in September 1997, I joined the TAC (Cisco Technical Support Center). In TAC, we are expected to be eligible for CCIE as a technical staff member. In fact, recalling that time, if you did not qualify for CCIE, then the promotion of employees is limited, at least at that time we all think so. Because it is necessary to have all the technical and product information, the taste of being an engineer at TAC is as good as drinking water from a fire hose. Therefore, after ten months, when I felt that I was familiar with the technology, I began to prepare for the CCIE lab exam.

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