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ccna 200-125 dumps pass4sure

CCNA Routing & Switching Written Exam

Exam Number : 200-125 CCNA

Associated Certification : CCNA Routing & Switching

Duration : 75 minutes (55 - 65 questions)

Available Languages: English, Japanese

NOTE: This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to: Network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, Infrastructure services, Infrastructure security, Infrastructure management.

ccna 200-125 dumps pass4sure

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    ccna 200-125 dumps pass4sure

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  • Local link The IPv6 address that the node must have : 2001:1::1 The final results are first PC to be able to ping through ISATAP Router 's IPv4 address is . Then PC with External route tag. IP Address In the above experimental environment, R2 and R3 establish a BGP neighbor relationship using the Linklocal address . R3 where AS300 the IPv6 prefixes, there are IPv4 routing prefix, to pass R2 . Ipv6 enable Ipv6 address 2001:34::4/64 V2 defaults to send v2 to receive v2 If it is unreachable, the suppression timer is started at the same time. If the timer expires, the same neighbor still advertises the EIGRP ... partially omitted ... Passive-interface defualt In the above figure, we inject OSPF routes into RIP . Traditionally, you can only set metrics on all incoming routes . However, with route-map , we can associate a defined one when configuring re-issue commands. A good route-map , in the route-map , we can create different properties or actions for different routes by creating multiple serial number statements. Origin incomplete, metric 1, localpref 100, valid, internal, best mpls labels in/out nolabel/403 OR2 , SW1 , and SW2 run OSPF , and OR2 acts as the egress router of the telecommunications, injecting a default route into the OSPF domain. OR1 will be local Bgp router-id 011x xxxx xxxx xxxx In the above figure, there is a problem with the network on the left side. The L2 router of the IPv4 single protocol does not support IPv6 , thus destroying the continuity of the IPv6 L2 router . The network on the right is the correct structure. CISCO routers have two ways to find the global lookup of routes: classful ( Classful ) lookup mode and classless ( Classless ) lookup mode. R2 becomes the demarcation point between RIP and OSPF domains. So how can I let R1 learn the route from OSPF and let R3 learn from RIP? Interface Next, let's take a look at the detailed process of packet interaction: Distribute-list 1 out Flag / option OSPF routing: including , and the direct connection network segment declared into OSPF is injected into the EIGRP process. This R1 The IP address of the ISATAP Router is . The IPv4 address is used in subsequent ISATAP configurations. The ISATAP host finds the ISATAP Router through this IP and establishes an ISATAP tunnel with it . ISATAP Router is connected to one at the same time IPv6 header replace IPv4 header prior to forwarding to B . Options is 0x6423B8FD Dead timer due in 00:00:31 Neighbor is up for 00:05:46 No off default route above configuration, adding a destined 13.0 network routing next hop is R3 , the PC to 13.0 data network switch to R3 proof ip default next-hop priority routing detail below, above Default route. as the next hop better, then R2 subsequent packets sent to R2 . FastEthernet0/0 Route-map nat3 permit 10 match ip address 2 match interface serial0/1 L2 The R position 1 indicates that this is a router. [Start fast exchange] Image Ip address The basic IPv6 header 40 th . 8 bit 'bit , i.e., 40 bytes long, a total . 8 fields. Ipv6 enable Passive-interface The following are the properties of the BGP-4 specification that have been updated to support IPv6 : Router#show ip route Mechanism involved Note that, EIGRP the metric is a mixed type, metric. 1 100000 100 255 1500 Parameters specified here, from left to right is the bandwidth, delay, load, reliability, the MTU . It can be flexibly set according to actual needs. After the above configuration is completed, R2 will be in the routing table. Interface ID is 64bits , according to IEEE 's EUI-64 specification 48 -bit MAC address into a 64 -bit interface ID . PC1 configuration: Image ! OSPF 's neighbor command is not the same as EIGRP . After testing, in the Ethernet environment, directly refer to the neighbor , and still send multicast hello. !! Re-release direct connection * 0x0000000B Route-map test permit 20 The same prefix is ​​obtained through different protocols, first than AD ,ccna 200-125 dumps pass4sure, and later than metric Activate the RIPng process and interface Router bgp 234 RIP secondary address problem ! Neighbor request ( NS ) Re-advertise routes between different OSPF processes Router ospf 100 Ip address 1/8 The configuration of R1 is as follows Ip cef Ip cef Redistribute connected level-1 exit-address-family Corresponding hwidb fast_if_number 4 Corresponding hwidb firstsw->if_number 4 Internet address is ! 2001:2::/96 , this 96 -bit prefix is a predefined prefix for NAT-PT operations. The prefix can be customized, but the length must be 96 bits . This predefined prefix is ​​very critical, which is equivalent to pre-defining an IPv6 space for the IPv4 network on the right side of R2 . To give a very simple example, IPv6 single network protocol, if there are PC you want to access IPv4 single-protocol network PC , so a quick visit? What is the destination address? Can not let a IPv6 only the PC to ping an IPv4 address, right? So this /96 pre-defined prefix comes in handy, which can be understood as a predefined IPv6 address space served in the scenario for the IPv4 only network on the right .

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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