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ccie r&s lab v5

CCIE Routing and Switching LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB2、LAB2+、LAB3
TS: TS1(5 sets)、TS2(3 sets)
DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Routing and Switching Lab

Update Date: Sep 27,2023

Free Cisco Written Dumps
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Q1:Layer(2 point)

Q2:BGP(2 point)

Q3:BGP2(4 point)

Q4:BGP2(2 point)

Q5:DMVPN(2 point)

Q6:IPv6 (2 point)

Q7:MPLS VPN(4 point)

Q8:Security(2 point)

Q9:DMVPN(2 point)

Q10:NAT(2 point)

ccie r&s lab v5

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    ccie r&s lab v5

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  •    FTPS is an enhanced FTP protocol that uses standard FTP protocols and commands at the Secure Sockets Layer to add SSL security to the FTP protocol and data channels. FTPS is also called "FTP-SSL" and "FTP-over-SSL". SSL is a protocol that encrypts and decrypts data in a secure connection between a client and an SSL-enabled server. Fix: Reconfigured, also repeated s version /no s version, or not. In the end, I was courageous and reloaded R17 directly. Now I think it is terrible. Restart the card for nearly 4 minutes, but fortunately dm*** is fine. Finally, don't continue to do it, give up directly! * Confirmed various configurations, IGP, NAT, SW3/SW4 track has not been restored! Especially pay attention! ! 1. Address is enough (128 bit)   14. What is the difference between local-pre and weight? Source port :         Configuration using point-to-point subinterfaces   (This command does not exist, just for easy understanding) Load rom after netboot fails Switchport mode trunk   OSPF structure :   show vtp status check to see VTP status    Troubleshooting AAA for Management Access Router ospf 1   -------------------------------------------------   Show version   Vtp pruning   entered the market with a mentality of finding money-making shortcuts, Configuring and Verifying Basic Device Management Settings 3. Safety : different of VLAN communication   Personal episode: Troubleshooting Transparent Firewall It took me 8 months from the start of the preparation of the experiment to the exam, and there was a lot of project design and implementation in between. This time is still quite painful, forcing myself to read a lot of documents,ccie r&s lab v5, doing countless experiments, but I feel very fulfilling, let me return to the postgraduate era. Different from the time of the postgraduate study, I am also more fortunate than my friend. I have the encouragement and companionship of my girlfriend when I was taking CCIE. I can read the book comfortably on weekends. After reading the book, I can have a delicious meal. She has her blessing before the exam. After the exam, she was as anxious as I was. The FAILL was indispensable for her exams. When she passed the last time, she and I were delighted. I have such a confidant in my life. I am really content.

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