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ccnp routing and switching 300-135

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Apr 14,2024

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ccnp routing and switching 300-135

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    ccnp routing and switching 300-135

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  • Frames with a type field of 8137 represent IPX and SPX transport protocol frames. No synchronization no auto-summary Ip community-list standard del permit no-export route-map test permit 10 15 SW1(config-if)# switchport nonegotiate IP address, and then take the destination IP address to look up in its own routing table. After finding the "best match" entry, the packet is forwarded according to the outbound interface or next hop IP indicated by the routing entry . This is the IP route. ( IP routing ) . And each router maintains a routing table locally. After bgp confederation iden 345 configuration, for the federated AS , this AS is not what 64512 , but 345 Neighbor remote-as 100 The ORF feature is very simple, that is, R2 pushes this list to R1 , so that this strategy performs filtering on the R1 side, as shown below. The route of ( permit ) will be filtered and the other will be released. Match community 1 Router(config-router)# distance AD ip-src wildmask acls Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security aging type {absolute | inactivity} 0 100 0 100 i Below, let's look at an example: Forwarder 1 State is Active Local-pref only affects the amount of traffic leaving the AS ( selecting a large LP value ) SA sends the original switch MAC of the frame For example, if you go to a destination and there may be multiple equal-cost paths, you may actually use one of them when forwarding data. Use this command to see which interface is actually used for traffic forwarding. Neighbor route-reflector-client The above network is equivalent to network ( network has a class declaration) Configuration example When the router is in the boot mode and the software is upgraded, the ip routing is also closed, so the command will be used when necessary. The MAC address is burned in the ROM of the Network Interface Controller (NIC ) . Path cost If deterministic-med is turned on, the information of the route prefix is regrouped by AS. Interface f0/3 The original attribute is i , so R3 and R4 learn BGP route from R1 and R2 at the same time . After the decision, the traffic to will be sent from R2 to R1 , so the sub-optimal path is obtained. For more details on adjusting the AD value for various routing protocols , see the technical documents such as OSPF , EIGRP , and BGP for the passhot of Black passhot. Neighbor remote-as 300 neighbor route-map test out On R2 and R3 , there are two OSPF processes. If shown, one is OSPF1 and the other is OSPF2 . Note that this dual process is mainly implemented on the two ASBRs R2 and R3 . ( 802.1D is always 0 ) Compatibility 37 Can be configured in global mode or in interface mode, the difference is as follows: global configuration: spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default After is passed to R2 , since R2 takes the mask of the receiving interface and finds that has a position of 1 in the host part , the subnet is stored in the routing table and treated as a host route. : NAT (Network Address Translation) When a violation occurs, the interface enters the err-disable state. Activate Port-Security (on the access interface) Ip nat inside source route-map nat1 interface serial0/0 overload ip nat inside source route-map nat2 interface serial0/1 overload ip nat inside source route-map nat3 interface serial0/1 overload If the TCP is successfully established, the BGP process sends an Open message to the neighbor and enters Opensent. Routing time: The time elapsed since the last time the routing entry was modified. The routing time is reset to 0 each time the routing entry is modified . Private-vlan association 101,102 If the MED attribute of a route is lost, the default setting is to set the MED to 0. However, if this command is configured, if the route with no MED value is received , the MED of the route is set to the maximum value of 4294, 9672, 95. <100-500> Community list number (expanded) expanded Add an expanded community-list entry Use set excommunity cost x to set in route-map These three representative routing re-release models. Static Routing Configuration If R1 turns on auto-summary and network , the subnet will be automatically summarized to R2. The number of messages received by MsgRcvd from neighbors Instead of tearing down and rebuilding TCP or BGP connections, only the update operation is triggered to make the new routing policy take effect. Soft reset can be used for both inbound and outbound policies only due to outbound or inbound policies. R3 , R4 , and R5 use OSPF to ensure inter- AS routing interworking, and use loopback to establish BGP neighbors. 802.1q doing what Neighbor remote-as 300 neighbor route-map test out R1 , R2 , and R6 advertise the routes of their respective ASs through EBGP . In AS345 , these routes are re-advertised into OSPF , and then advertised back to BGP on the other two routers , and then advertised to their EBGP peers . . In the cmd of windows PC , the packet size after ping is the size of ICMP data , ping –l 1472 , and the generated packet is 1500 bytes. If an interface is in the flooding state, it will bring a lot of upadate and witdhdrawn messages to the network . Therefore, for a flipped interface, no bgp fast-external-fallover is recommended . After the interface is shut down, the BGP session and neighbor relationship will remain until Network mask neighbor route-map test out RIP update source problem Local origin It takes effect on routes re-advertised from other dynamic routing domains. It does not take effect on direct routes (still 0 ) The vlan number supported by ISL is 1-1005 (the default is allowed to be normal), 802.1q is 1-4094 (all normal and extended by default), so mapping is required when passing through the 802.1q and ISL trunks . Metric Static route associated with the outbound interface Route-map test deny 10 Metric LocPrf Weight Modify the TAG of the summary LSA of the ASBR notification Fa0/22 1,10,20,30 159 220 , 91 70 Longest match principle 10 100 We found that both O , O IA or with the FA 's OE2 routes are redistributed into BGP later, these BGP routes Next-hop are they in OSPF the IGP next hop. At the same time, the network segment where the OSPF direct connection port is activated locally will also be injected into BGP . After the injection, Next_Hop is the router (BGP update source IP) . R2#show cef interface f0/0 FastEthernet0/0 is up (if_number 4) Ip community-list standard del permit no-export ip community-list standard del permit 100:11 After SW3 receives this message, it knows that SW2 no longer has vlan10 users, and no longer needs vlan10 traffic, so it will trim vlan10 on its own FA0/22 port : The DA 40bit multicast address is used to indicate that this FRAME is an ISL . Each cluster contains a reflector and its client 200 i By defining AS345 as a federated AS (large AS ) and a member AS (small AS ) in the federated AS , the problem of IBGP route delivery can be solved . LocPrf R1 Sw1(config-if-range)#no switchport // Configure the L3 interface Use clear port-security dynamic command to clear all port-security interface by dynamically learned secure address entry using clear port-security sticky command to clear all sticky secure address entries ? Switch(config)# mac address-table static machine mac interface vlan vlan number to cancel with no mac address-static ...... After completing the configuration, R2 show ip route Now let 's do the following configuration on R2 : Next is the re-release of EIGRP to OSPF : After receiving this poisoning message, B erases from the routing table, but it still exists in the rip database , the status is possible down , the garbage collection time ( Garbage colletion CISCO default 60S ), the route is from B. The database is erased. Solution: Use distribution lists to circumvent suboptimal path problems 101 On the debug information we found: Implementation point 42 8.3.4 Questions 104 Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal Local The address family message is always 2 by default , and is 0 when requesting the entire routing table. 0100.e01e.6012.89 Summarizing on R3 suppresses all details, but if you only want to release partial details for a particular neighbor, you can use unsuppress-map Then the NH of this BGP route is the interface IP of the announcer . EBGP neighbors generally use the other party's direct interface IP to refer to the neighbor . However, if the EBGP neighbor is established by using the LOOPBACK interface , the NH is the update source address of the EBGP neighbor. (Of course, the EBGP neighbor does not use the LOOPBACK interface to establish a neighbor.) If the interface is trunk , set the trunk protocol type If RP2 matching route exists in the BGP table, RP2 is advertised ; if RP2 hangs,ccnp routing and switching 300-135, RP1 is advertised. Next Hop Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) As the next hop to and 2.0 . In the R4 on Remarks Route-map nat3 permit 10 match ip address 2 match interface serial0/1 Match ip address 1 set metric 10 Situation 2 Protocol overview If multiple candidate default routes are specified using ip default-network , then the lowest AD will become the default route and set as the default gateway ( gate of last resort ). If AD is equal, then show ip route The first one is displayed as the default gateway. If both ip defaut-network and ip route 0.0.0.

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