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cisco ccie routing and switching lab topology

CCIE Routing and Switching LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB2、LAB2+、LAB3
TS: TS1(5 sets)、TS2(3 sets)
DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Routing and Switching Lab

Update Date: Jul 03,2022

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CCIE Routing and Switching LAB

Exam Description

The CCIE Lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks to given specifications. Knowledge of troubleshooting is an important skill and candidates are expected to diagnose and solve issues as part of the CCIE lab exam.

DIAG: 30 minutes

the act or process of identifying the root cause

TS: The Troubleshooting module is 2 hours. If desired, candidates can extent the Troubleshooting module's time by borrowing up to 30 min from the Configuration module. Note, the total Configuration module time will be reduced by the extra time spend in the Troubleshooting module (if any, up to 30 min). If candidates finish the Troubleshooting module early, the unused Troubleshooting module’s time will be added to the Configuration module’s time, ensuring a total lab exam time of 8 hours. 


The Configuration module provides a setup very close to an actual production network having various security components providing various layers of security at different points in the network. Though the major part of the module is based on virtual instances of the Cisco security appliances, the candidate may be asked to work with physical devices as well. At the beginning of the module, the candidate has full visibility of the entire module. A candidate can choose to work in the sequence in which the items are presented or can resolve items in whatever order seems preferable and logical.

NOTE: The candidate must complete the modules in sequence and is not allowed to go back and forth between modules.

1. Layer 2 Technologies 20%

2. Layer 3 Technologies 40%

3. VPN Technologies 20%

4.Infrastructure Security 5%

5.Infrastructure Services 15%

    cisco ccie routing and switching lab topology

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  • late at night. The Dynamic state N A T configuration   1. Each network elects a root bridge   Change the boot characteristics? y/n [n]: n (select no)    However, it is often the case that the files that the user is transferring contain not text files, they may be programs, databases, word processing files or compressed files. Use the binary command to tell ftp a verbatim copy before copying any non-text files. 0 : represents no cache    Static default route: ipv6 route ::/0 serial 1/0 Provisions address pool empty idle IP   2. UDP ( User Message Protocol ), no connection , no retransmission mechanism , unreliable transmission   of July 2004,cisco ccie routing and switching lab topology, I have tested two IE. In the lab, I am not the most 1. The other configuration is not the same Layer Association Protocol serial access port default encapsulation: HDLC   Redundant topology , causing " broadcast storm ", " multiple frame reception ", "MAC address table instability ".   at it. He just played very tired with us. He should have rested early preparation can be imagined. Every day, the task of iron is set. When you sleep, no one wants to be lazy and enjoy the results. Everyone wants to go back to the new questions. Packet   Setup   Clear cdp table   Rip : Router information protocol      A will use its own subnet mask and B's IP address to do the AND operation, so as to determine whether the destination IP address is in the same network segment as its current IP address. After A's judgment, it is found that the destination IP is indeed a network. Paragraph. Send NS packet to the PCB. NS: Source IP is:: Destination IP is FF02::1:FF00:0001 Switch function:   D A TA   Second, the seat will give you two screens, it is recommended that you prepare for the split screen operation during the preparation period. (Clicking on the device defaults to the left screen, pulling all the questions to the right screen, making it a lot smoother) B(config-if)#ip nat outside   Encapsulation PPP   OSPF is basically pre-configured. When configuring DR/BDR, pay attention to cle ip ospf pro. However, the version requires that "network" cannot appear, so I delete it and enable it on the interface. China's telecom companies are now in a 5+1 format, China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, China Railcom, and China Mobile. They are all big ponds, and how big a fish can be raised. Radio and television is also a better choice. The final data must be carried by IP, which is already a consensus, so no matter which big carrier is developing IP bearer network. Whether it is a simple network device or a so-called multi-service platform, what CCIE has learned is indispensable. Therefore, the demand for network talents by major operators is huge.

cisco ccie routing and switching lab topology

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