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ccnp tshoot passed

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    ccnp tshoot passed

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  • IP CEF turbo control turbo vector Network Network area 1 The DHCP server receives the DHCP message. If the server can identify option82 ,ccnp tshoot passed, it will assign an IP address to the client according to the information carried in option82 and select the corresponding policy. The server then responds with a DHCP packet, which also contains option82 information. *>i100.0.2.0/24 Metric Root SW1 receives the RLQ request and immediately responds with an RLQ response to inform that it is still alive. // match AS (100,2 ) and ( 200,2 ) Switch(config)# interface fast 0/1 Switch(config-if)# no switchport Promiscuous port capable pVLAN communicate with any device, regardless of the other master is in the VLAN , or secondary VLAN. 0 7 15 31 BGP routing table entry for, version 3 You can not route the network , but the origin of the route, configure a summary static, and then network the summary route, this method is not recommended. 8 None //trunk package protocol is dot1q If the DHCP discovery message sent by the client does not contain the client-identifier , the hardware address can be used to identify the terminal device. The configuration commands are as follows: If the TCP is successfully established, the BGP process sends an Open message to the neighbor and enters Opensent. Debug dhcp detail BGP table version is 1, local router ID is 2.0 and 3.0 . Now we can by R2 deployment of a distribution list on the distribute-List , so that R2 update to R1 filter out routing information in Remarks Exit Solution: Modify the routing protocol management distance 98 !! vlan10 activates DHCP snooping Access-list 1 permit CAM table Route-map 55 100 i RC and RA are separated by RB . In this case, EBGP runs through a non- BGP router by using the configurable " multi-hop EBGP" feature . In other words, RB can not support BGP , and the configuration is as follows ( RA ) Feature Overview 50 Y Redistribute static subnets *>i When an AS receives a route to the same destination but passes through two ASs , it determines the local-pref value of the two routes. As you can see, the route carries the atomic-aggregate attribute, which is used to inform the downstream neighbor that this is the route attribute that summarizes the route and loses the detail. At the same time, the aggregator attribute identifies the summary location ( the RouterID of the AS and the summary router ). Solution 1 : Manually bind IP+MAC Ip route null0 Ip route serial 0/0 Priority 120 (configured) In the above example, the phenomenon we mentioned, R4 will know the route from OSPF and RIP to , and finally R4 will choose OSPF route. This is a phenomenon we don't want to see in this environment, because it creates a sub-optimal path. The AD values ​​for several common routing protocols are listed below: The penalty value of all normal routes is 0 , and the penalty value is added instantaneously. switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk The configuration of R1 is as follows: Access-list 2 permit route-map BGP2OSPF permit 10 The LSA sends the neighbor to the neighbor, so the local route is filtered, and the neighbor has (because the neighbor has received the LSA ). After the Port-Security feature of an interface is activated, the default maximum number of secure addresses is 1 , that is, the interface uses its dynamically learned MAC address as a secure address without manually configuring a secure address. This interface is equivalent to being exclusive to the MAC (the device to which it belongs). And the default violation is shutdown port-security does not support etherchannel the port-channel interfaces Therefore, you need to use the MAC address reduction scheme. Flash: Database agent URL [Experiment 4 ] There is a main class network; there is a subnet route (match), the longest match ATOMIC_Aggregate // 100: 200 indicates that this is for the AS200 's The introduction of Cluster is to provide redundancy in the environment of RR . In conventional clustering design, a plurality of RR is used for one or more client service, these RR are configured the same CLUSTER_IDs , the ID is the 4 -byte IP form identifier default is RR own BGProuterID If two RRs have the same CLUSTER_ID , then they belong to the same cluster. Another very important role of CLUSTER_ID is anti-ring. When a RR receives BGP routing updates, it carries the same ROUTERID as its own .

ccnp tshoot passed

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Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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