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ccnp route implementing ip routing pdf

ccnp route implementing ip routing pdf

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccnp route implementing ip routing pdf

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  • Fa0/22 1 !! vlan10 is trimmed Load balancing actions can be based on MAC , port, IP (source IP , destination IP, or both) * i Redistribute ospf 1 Last update from 00:07:30 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: If BGP routes are passed from EBGP peers DNS , WWW , and SMTP servers belong to the same subnet Vlans allowed on trunk Re-advertise routes between different OSPF processes The following figure is the open message content of the negotiation capability parameter (note the ORF part) The configuration is as follows: If there are no dynamic and static routes on R2 , and the configuration is as follows: Circuit-ID suboption fields Both of the above commands can be used to adjust the management distance of the routing protocol. The first command, distance ad ip-src , can adjust the management distance for a specific routing update source and a specific routing prefix. For example, I will use an OSPF. Some routes sent to me by the neighbor, the AD value is adjusted to 130 . Holddown timer Configure the SVI interface corresponding to the VLAN . In the R3 , the route AS_PATH learned from R2 about will become " 6666 200 i ", because R3 receives Set tag 20 Local origin Advertised to update-groups: 1 DAI - Dynamic ARP Inspection 100 , then pass it to your own IBGP Configure ARP packet rate limit We restore the experimental environment to the basic configuration: BGP neighbor relationships are as follows Multiple paths have the same RouterID because they are received from the same router. Host address. None uses the distribution list or the access control list deny 521 port. Network mask Access port processing frame process Experiment 3: Weighted extension Redistribution will only perform re-release actions on routes in the routing table. If there is an error, enter the OpenConfirm state. Is 6 , then the type is 802 , default ethernet If a switch receives a configuration BPDU that contains inferior information to that currently stored for that port, it discards the BPDU. If the switch is a designated switch for the LAN from which the inferior BPDU *>i After SW3 receives this message, it knows that SW2 no longer has vlan10 users, and no longer needs vlan10 traffic, so it will trim vlan10 on its own FA0/22 port : Set the commu value to append,ccnp route implementing ip routing pdf, otherwise override 100 ? Match community 11 exact-match // strict match Port Authentication is identified by setting the address family ID field to all 1s ( 0xFFFF ). If the configuration revision number of the VTP client is higher than that of the server , the client can also overwrite the vlan information of the server . Ip route Of course, it is ok to filter the prefix list in the in direction on R2 . Type of verification: AS_SEQENCE : an ordered list of AS numbers Ip detects whether the IP address in the ARP body is invalid or unexpected, such as , , and multicast IP address, which are considered invalid IP . SenderIP verifies whether the message is an ARP request or response . And targetIP only if the message is the ARP response will be verified when Default seed metric Routing via, Serial0/0 Flooding the MAC table to the above port Sh ip bgp neighbors {address} advertised-routes The version of the last bgp table sent by TblVer to the neighbor The BGP configuration of R4 is as follows: Etherchannel port does not support pvlan Then, in order for R3 to dynamically learn the routing of production and office servers, it is now necessary to redistribute these two static routes into OSPF . Of course, there are tricks when re-publishing. Configure Port Security Rate Limiter // The offset value is increased by the value displayed in the normal route entry. It is added on the original basis instead of replacing the original hop count. AD value and back door Local origin MD5 digest : 0x49 0x3C 0x1F 0x79 0x15 0x00 0xC7 0xAE 0x0E 0xDC 0xDD 0xEF 0x93 0xA5 0xB6 0x26 The neighbor advertises the route. DHCP relay experiment ARP ACLs take precedence over DHCP snooping database entries. After you specified the global command ip arp inspection filter About sticky secure address None Originator:, Cluster list:, Gateway of last resort is to network Access port processing frame process When ISP1 is down, and the GW does not detect it (that is , the interface of GW connected to ISP1 is not DOWN ), the traffic of PC access 100 is still thrown to ISP1 , which is disconnected. Policy-list feature Tag 1111, type extern 2, forward metric 64 ? Migrate to the Established state if you receive a keepalive message from the other party Route tag: A tag that distinguishes between internal routing protocol routes and external routing protocol routes. This type of data transmission service does not need to establish a connection, but it adds an acknowledgment mechanism to the transmission of data, which greatly increases the reliability. Block all ARP requests or on the DAI untrust interface (note the separation from DHCP snooping 's untrust interface) Bgp connected eigrp BGP router identifier, local AS number 345 BGP table version is 1, main routing table version 1 VLAN field, 15 bits are currently used 10 th, then the support up to 2 of the 10 power = 1024 th VLAN Sw1(config-if-range)#switchport mode trunk FastEthernet0/0 - Group 1 State is Active Various types of ports of a Layer 3 switch Local-pref only affects the amount of traffic leaving the AS ( selecting a large LP value ) V Figure 1 R1 , R3 while the R2 release of BGP routing, do not have any strategy Improve security, reduce the number of subnets, and increase IP utilization Dynamic routing protocol port number or protocol number End of a string 200 Switchport access vlan 10 interface fast0/24 Shows all routes received from the specified neighbor (a subset of the previous command, shown here is the route remaining after the inbound policy is executed) The EBGP neighbor learns . The RIP management distance is 120 and the EBGP is 20. Therefore, EBGP routes are preferred . How to make R1 preferred RIP Ip as-path access-list 2 permit _2$ (metric 65) from ( Clear ip bgp soft in // Inbound soft reset, locally send route-refresh to all BGP neighbors 4.3.2 Message Type 35 Maximum life Length of the suboption type By default , Cisco routers enable fast switching or optimal switching or cef switching instead of process Since the physical layer and the data link layer of the Ethernet are related, a specific data link layer needs to be provided for different working modes of the physical layer. This brings some inconvenience to the design and application. The configuration on R3 is as follows Track 1 rtr 1 reachability Router(config-router)# distance eigrp internal-distance external-distance Show ip bgp BGP table version is 3, local router ID is Interface loopback1 OSPF multicast packets are flooded on the LAN . This is one of the most common applications of the passive-interface feature. Note that different routing protocols operate differently on the passive-interface . Data ( DATA ) VLAN10 , then the SVI interface corresponding to VLAN10 is interface vlan10 or SVI10 . This SVI10 is a Layer 3 interface. You can configure an IP address for this SVI port , which is the same network segment as the IP address of the PC user in VLAN 10 . , VLAN10 users in the gateway will be able to point to this SVI interfaces, when VLAN10 the PC network required to access the network segment outside their data to the gateway, which is SVI10 , and then by the SVI to do routing and data forwarding lookup. In fact, in this understanding process, we can route the model to the analogy with one arm.

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