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ccnp route gns3

ccnp route gns3

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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    ccnp route gns3

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  • Holddown timer expired Layer 2 switching Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 1 <1-99> Community list number (standard) Bgp fast-external-fallover Metric problem R1#show glbp External route tag. TCP connection establishment was successful, starts sending Open package, Open packet carries establish parameter negotiation peer. The distribution list is deployed in a link state routing protocol such as OSPF . If the out direction is to be used, it can only be used in such a situation. Values ​​are " i ", which is better than "?" When configuring the reflector, the client- to- client reflection is enabled by default, but if the client is fully interconnected, this command adds no to turn off the reflection between the clients. OSPF and OSPF Interface level commands. By limiting the number of ARP packets received on an interface , you can prevent the switch that enables DAI from being attacked by the DoS . Precautions: Complete the basic interface IP configuration . Add the following configuration on R2 : ? There are , routes on R1 . Host set as-path prepend 100 of this command, the route AS_PATH prior to insertion path attributes 100 the AS number, note that the use of this control to be carefully AS_PATH method, because there may cause problems, this experiment only by elongating Match 100 ? None If the route learns to an EBGP neighbor, it is reflected to all client and non- client IBGP neighbors. Vlan 100 100 i Network mask When thinking about the route reflector, consider the cluster as a logical whole. RR and client together form a reflection cluster, but only RR. Ip mtu ? refers to the three-layer MTU . This value can be manually modified, but the maximum value must be less than the interface's Layer 2 MTU value, which is 1500 . This MTU refers to the total size of the three-layer IP packet. If the packet sent by the interface is larger than the ip mtu of this interface , the IP packet will be fragmented. is subnetted, 1 subnets Let's review the 13 routing rules of BGP . In this lab manual, we will verify the main entries in the routing rules and familiarize ourselves with the various properties of BGP . Protocol overview Next Hop Match ip route-source Fa0/20 MTU problem Route-map test deny 10 match tag 1111 The OSPF metric on R4 going to becomes 101 , which is larger than the metric going to . Therefore, R4 goes to Note: If CDP- based detection and object tracking- based detection are applied, the latter is preferred. 1 Fa0/20 ? None Other solutions, we will continue to introduce in the following experiments the OSPF routing but will be re-injected into the RIP (because we deploy a two-way re-release), this is the route Feedback , the route was filling back. RIP redistribute directly connected If you do not set Metric , the default 1 -hop neighbor passed (the neighbors directly using this 1 jump as Metric ); redistributed static route default Metric = 1 , use the default-metric can modify this default value, this command No effect on the metric that re-releases the direct connector . * i100.0.2.0/24 ? May be provided for routing cost , cost-ID is equal to the time, preferably cost small. If the cost is equal, select the cost-ID is small. When R2 Port-Security supports activation on the trunk configured as follows CODE : 82 The configuration of R2 is as follows: 201 AS_PATH type 2 : AS_SEQENCE detailed Configuration example Bgp connected eigrp RIPv1 update and receiving rule verification The TCP connection was not successfully established and the TCP connection was tried repeatedly . Set the interface to DTP dynamic negotiation, optional auto or desirable When a BGP router sends a route update to its EBGP neighbor, it cannot carry the LP attribute. The LP value of the EBGP route received by the peer is empty. In R2 opened on loopback interfaces , R2 both redistributed RIP into OSPF , they redistribute directly connected into OSPF Fast forwarding Port number 179 Vlans in spanning tree forwarding state and not pruned : 1 After completion of the above-described basic configuration, we can at R5 to see the phenomenon, R5 simultaneously from R2 received 100.0 route segment, also from R3 received from the R1 release of 100 route segment, the final R5 will The route of R2 is preferred , which is matching this rule. DHCP configuration manual binding to read bindings from the network ! backdoor to solve the problem, once the route becomes a local route, the AD value becomes 200 , and the router does not go to its EBGP. If the currently configured keepalive timer is greater than min ( holdtime ) /3 , then int[min ( holdtime ) /3] 0 packets, 0 bytes switched through the prefix tmstats: external 0 packets, 0 bytes Match ip address 1 DHCP overview A match to a start, the end of any single character string,ccnp route gns3, such as A0 , a! Etc. In update their ARP table or will receive the ARP before forwarding the message out to check legality, mainly to see the ARP packets in IP and Path The route of ( permit ) will be filtered and the other will be released.  official version 4 Packets with destination addresses that do not exist at the beginning of 192.168 are discarded directly. Normal traffic on other subnets of the 192.168 intranet will be forwarded according to the longest matching principle. If you configure the following, then the COST comparison will exceed the weight and become the most preferred comparison rule. Route-map test permit 10 After completing the configuration, R2 show ip route SW2(config)# interface vlan 10 0 100 0 100 i If an OSPF in- process route cannot be summarized: This command can change the properties of the aggregation route (note, only for the summary route, not for the details). This command can change the properties of the aggregation route (note, only for the summary route, not for the details). OUT direction Set ip next-hop verify-availability based on object tracking Other uses ? *> Last update from on Serial0/1, 00:09:32 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: Complete the basic configuration Community Aggregator ---- -------------------- / / This is used to delete the no-export attribute, is a list of commands Forward ? Access-list 1 permit router rip Tag rewrite with Fa0/0,, tags imposed: {} 17:57:27 / / This is used to delete the no-export attribute, is a list of commands The TAG field ( 32bits ) is only present in the external LSA . ? Router bgp 200 should choose R5 , check out the BGP table of R4 : *version* 2 Network mask Sent from the root bridge BPDU number of seconds after (this BPDU survived for how long), each through a bridge are minus 1 , so it is essentially the number of hops to reach the root bridge. ? [^act]$ Configure the secure address of each interface ( Secure MAC Address ) The Control field is composed. : 1 to 3 Ip prefix-list 1 permit ip prefix-list 2 permit route-map LP permit 10 Next Hop The portfast interface is enabled to activate the bpdufilter feature. R2(config)# router eigrp 100 Ip arp inspection trust 0 ? Vlan 100 Initially, R3 can learn three loopback routes from R1 and routes. Now we don't want R3 to learn the route to , then we can configure it on R2 as follows: NEXT_HOP to , then if C is not on the router to the IP of PVC , will be a problem, so this should be taken into account. The above command only re-advertises OSPF internal routes and E1 routes into BGP. A sends a data frame to B requesting to establish a reliable connection-oriented connection. TYPE DHCP-SNOOPING VERSION 1 Ip default-gateway 108 ICMP redirect S Bridge ID ( 8 bytes) = Bridge Priority (2 bytes ) + Bridge MAC (6 bytes ) Is 2 , 3 with AS the first comparison, 2 is MED small it is preferable; 2 with a further comparison, since the opening of the always-compare-med Features Overview RSTP has made minor modifications to BPDUs only on an 802.1D basis : One of the ideal solutions is to transform the network topology: The Sticky Secure Address is a secure address that allows us to change the Port-Security interface to a "sticky" MAC address through dynamic learning so that it is not lost due to up/down of the interface . However, if we want the sticky security address entry to still exist after the device is rebooted , then we need wr . Write the configuration to the start-up config file. The Sticky Secure Address is also a great tool to simplify the operation of our administrators. After all, there is no need to manually tie them.

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