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ccnp switch master study guide

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Dec 02,2023

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ccnp switch master study guide

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    ccnp switch master study guide

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  • The above command only re-advertises OSPF NSSA routes into BGP. Next Hop The configuration of R3 is as follows: Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd Ip community-list standard del permit no-export route-map test permit 10 It has to be emphasized here that the premise that the network can deploy route summarization is that the IP subnet and network model design have certain scientific and rationality, so the route summarization and the design of the network IP subnet and network model are closely related. ? 100 Virtual-Template Virtual Template interface Virtual-TokenRing Virtual TokenRing R1 RIPv1 TCAM table R2#show adjacency detail R1(config)# access-list 1 deny R1(config)# access-list 1 permit any R1(config)# route-map rp permit 10 R1(config-route-map) match ip address 1 R1(config )# router bgp 100 4 The EBGP route should be better. I saw R5 and went to see R3 : Configuration and implementation Neighbor remote-as 300 Obviously, the DHCP server is aware of the above problem, and the action it takes is to ignore this DHCP request. Therefore the PC cannot get the address. Timers 29 The version of the last bgp table sent by TblVer to the neighbor PBR (Policy Routing) The configuration of R2 is as follows: It is allowed to write multiple next hop IPs , but these IPs must be the interface IP of the directly connected router . [Start process exchange] Then the received route becomes and the mask is correct . Invalid timer Configuration example 1 : as-path access-list with filter-list Community-List. 11 the permit IP no-export (or no-export into NO-ADV ) . At the same time, this re-release becomes the summary route of OSPF . Even if two ASBRs are returned , because there is a static summary route locally, the summary route of OSPF is directly ignored , and sub-optimal is not generated. Path, this route will not be re-released back to RIP and cause other problems. Route-map test permit/deny 20 OSPF redistributes into BGP RIP V1 supports a maximum of 6 and defaults to 4 equivalent load balancing. And does not support verification. V2 supports verification. After a few seconds, D receive this the BPDU , Block out port P1 Match one of 123 plus any character plus one of 7 to 9 , such as 167 , 3 spaces 7, etc. Next hop, FastEthernet1/0 valid adjacency // This command is used to advertise the real AS number of the AS outside the federation . If the route is learned from other neighbors, the default value (locally the route) is 0. Length of the circuit-ID type Others, in fact, there are still many anti- ARP fraud solutions in the industry, each manufacturer has its own method. If you increase the switchport port-security aging static command, the aging time of the statically configured secure address also starts. TCN BPDU Overview Peer using Route-map in the case of ) : MAC sublayer Flex links and Port-Security are not compatible with each other Bgp confederation identifier 345 bgp confederation peers 64512 neighbor remote-as 64512 Show ip cef External BGP Switch(config-if)# ip address Switch(config-if)# no shutdown IP Routing Overview Switch# show vtp password The DHCP server receives the DHCP message. If the server can identify option82 , it will assign an IP address to the client according to the information carried in option82 and select the corresponding policy. The server then responds with a DHCP packet, which also contains option82 information. FastEthernet0/0 Reviser Access-list 1 permit any route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 1 Network area 0 Look at the top of topology, AS300 has a subnet , AS400 has routes . Neighbor update-source Loopback0 no auto-summary Reply to ISP1 , GW perceives through tracking , and the data is switched back to ISP1. Supported for switch ports and routed ports Local network and re-routed routes, LP defaults to 100 , and can be transmitted to other IBGP neighbors within the AS . The LP is unchanged unless the policy is deployed during transmission. ICMP redirect 2 BGP comes in 1 and other routes are 20 , and the metric between OSPF remains unchanged. Neighbor route-map test out Local origin Origin IGP,ccnp switch master study guide, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, external, best Interface fast0/1 i Fast switching may be called route-cache switching on some data.  Ip arp inspection log-buffer entries number Classification of path attributes: Experiment 3 In 802.1D , a non-root switch can generate BPDUs only after receiving the BPDUs sent by the root bridge from the root port . In RSTP , even if the non-root switch does not receive the BPDU from the root switch , it itself sends the BPDU with the " hello interval" period (default 2S ) . 200 i We know that there are several ways to form a secure address entry, one of which is manually configured using the switchport port-security mac , but this method is time consuming and laborious, and it is necessary to copy the MAC on the PC , and the work cost is relatively high. . Another way to form a secure address is to have the switch use dynamically learned MACs . However, these secure addresses will be lost once the interface is up/down , let alone rebooting the device. Therefore, you can use the sticky mac . After this method is activated, the switch will “stick” the dynamically learned MAC . The specific action is very simple. After dynamically learning the MAC (for example, a 00b0.1111.

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