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ccnp switch 300-115 youtube

    ccnp switch 300-115 youtube

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  • The distribution list is deployed in a link state routing protocol such as OSPF . If the out direction is to be used, it can only be used in such a situation. Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal Local The configuration of R3 is as follows: FastEthernet0/0 O The difference between set ip next-hop and set ip default next-hop is relatively simple, it is not resolved here. Except none A distribution list is a tool used to control routing updates. It only filters routing information and cannot filter LSAs . Therefore: the distribution list is used in the distance vector routing protocol, and the route can be filtered normally in either in or out direction. But the work in the link state routing protocol is a bit problematic. Aggregate-address as-set summary-only advertise-map test Floating Static Routes SW1 is an access layer switch. DHCP snooping is deployed and Fa0/24 is defined as a trust interface. 1 Protocol overview At another point, R2 will take , (the network segment where the secondary address is located), and and from their own loopback. The mapped ethernet vlan will be blocked DHCP is very familiar. For the DHCP client, the initial process is to find DHCP by sending a broadcast DHCP discovery message. Invalid timer Logical aggregation of similar links Neighbor remote-as 345 This entry will be entered into the routing table as a direct network (see below) ? Set ip next-hop verify-availability based on object tracking Learn So in R1 on can learn route, R1 routing table is as follows: In an IP network, Routing is a very, very basic concept. The basic function of the network is to make two in the network Access-list 1 permit Access-list 2 permit *> Access-list 1 permit The following figure is the open message content of the negotiation capability parameter (note the ORF part) BGP table version is 3, local router ID is HOLDTIME CISCO defaults to 180s ( 3 times KEEPLIVE timer ), which is included in the open message. Aggregate-address summary address suppress-map xxx as-set SW3#sh int tru Standby is, priority 100 (expires in 7.572 sec) When an RSTP switch detects a topology change it will: Match ip address 1 router bgp 100 -------------- Interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport access vlan 10 It is usually a direct connection because it will look for direct routes. EBGP default TTL is 1 RSTP has made minor modifications to BPDUs only on an 802.1D basis : Matches the preceding character 0 times or 1 occurrences Match ip address 1 set metric 20 Faster Aging of Information Configuration command 65 ------------- After receiving the BPDU packet, the interface will immediately switch to the err-disable state. The access layer switch uses a dual link to connect to two aggregation devices to form a Layer 2 environment with physical link redundancy, which solves the problem of single link failure. 100 Then in the BGP process, network can inject this default route into the BGP process . The default route introduced in BGP by this method will be delivered to all BGP neighbors. verification 8 Option82 and related issues in a non-relay environment Interface vlan 100 2 These policy-lists can be called in the route-map When a violation occurs, the interface enters the err-disable state. Bgp confederation identifier 345 bgp confederation peers 64512 neighbor remote-as 64512 Number_of_messages will also become 0 . You can use show ip bgp regexp to check the results of the configured regular expression. The second command is to adjust the AD value for external routes, inter-area or intra-area routes . The next hop of , because the AD value of OSPF is better than RIP . When the RR sends a route update to an EBGP neighbor, it will be aware of the existing CLUSTER_LIST attribute. Experiment 2 R3 and R4 , R4 and R5 establish IBGP neighbor relationships, and R3 R4 R5 uses LOOPBACK as the update source and refers to the neighbor . If the packets of the same data stream are sent in different paths, the IP packets may need to be re-queued when they reach the destination. This may reduce the forwarding performance of traffic such as VoIP , or if the packets arrive out of order, the quality of service will be degraded, packets may be discarded, and delay jitter will be added. R2 configuration is as follows MD5 digest : 0x49 0x3C 0x1F 0x79 0x15 0x00 0xC7 0xAE 0x0E 0xDC 0xDD 0xEF 0x93 0xA5 0xB6 0x26 In ASBR when re-released many ways to modify the external LSA of TAG value. Configuration example This is the problem, how to solve it? Very simple, on the OR2 , deploy PBR , as long as the server data from Netcom,ccnp switch 300-115 youtube, all forced to OR1 , it is solved. FIG above, R1 to R2 update , . 1 hop, when R1 DOWN off, and R3 to R2 update is . 5 hopping, R2 up to R1 route will vary with invalid timer expires becomes pdown State, then enter the timer of the holddown timer Router ospf 100 i For example, in the above figure, the network has two exit lines, which are connected to ISP1 and ISP2 respectively . If you want to let the intranet student users access the ISP1 line when accessing the external network , and the ISP2 line when the teacher network segment accesses the external network , This is not possible with traditional routing because traditional IP routing does not care about the source address of the data. This must be done with PBR .

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ccnp switch 300-115 youtube

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

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Update Date: Jul 03,2022

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