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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccnp 300-101 price

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  • This mechanism is very similar to CISCO 's BackboneFast feature. Improve 20 . ? In this experiment, we define AS345 as a federated AS , R3 , and R4 as member ASs , using 64512 as the AS number, R5 as a member AS , and 64513 as the AS number. LocPrf Two routes, on R2 we introduce these two routes using re-release : The optional parameter length is used to indicate the length of the optional parameter field OSPF 0 100 0 200 i The above match statement is used to match the neighbor IP that sent the summary route . If you specify a copy attributes option, is inject the specific routes will inherit the path attribute of the aggregated route, or breakdown will be as locally generated routes. By default, only med of routes from the same AS are compared. If you want to compare MED for all paths , you should configure this command. Also, if this option is used, it is recommended to do this throughout the AS to avoid routing loops. 1-4094 Remove the command configured on SW1 in step 2 to restore the experimental environment. Match comprising 100 and 200 of AS_PATH Federal related features: DUAL AS provides a migration solution: Allow R2 's BGP process to take into account both AS numbers, 200 and 201 , of which 200 Send TCP packet Interface trust status and network security issues Failure case analysis LACP mode: Sh ip bgp neighbors {address} advertised-routes ! The connection is established in advance and the data is transmitted, and the reliability of the data is guaranteed during the transmission. IGRP/EIGRP * i100.0.1.0/24 Set the interface cost Ip route Ip route Often used with the portfast feature on the interface for connecting to the host If you turn on always-compare-med LLC sublayer OSPF can let R3 learn 1.0/24 and 2.0/24 routes. 25 Tiao Use show port-security address to view the security address entries on each port-security interface. supplement: Just match this AS_PATH of 100 Mechanism overview Next Hop The basic interaction process is as follows (the process described below is independent of the above diagram): ARP ACLs take precedence over DHCP snooping database entries. After you specified the global command ip arp inspection filter DAI supports on the access interface , trunk interface , EtherChannel interface , and private VLAN interface. If the routes are from EBGP neighbors, it is preferred that the oldest EBGP neighbor came routing, reducing the impact of roll If the interface is trunk , set the trunk protocol type Store the result of the CRC cyclic redundancy check Recognized attribute Advanced Features Flash: Database agent URL The version of the last bgp table sent by TblVer to the neighbor Route-map test permit 20 match ip address 2 As OSPF2 create a route in the static summary routes ( the Null0 ), and static routes redistributed into OSPF1 modified OSPF1 administrative distance, the OSPF1 priority than OSPF2 administrative distance The next hop of the route advertised by the device is Bgp bestpath med confed None INDEX This port is the peer switch source port so the ISL frame is up to 1548bytes ( 1518+26+4 ) * >i11.11.11.0/24 IP routing table RIP also supports tags , but it must be version 2 . Access-list 1 permit The default COST value of all ports on the switch will increase by 3000 , so that the port of the switch is not elected as the designated port. Since R4 and R5 are federated EBGP , there are also TTL problems, so if they use LOOPBACK to establish neighbor relationships, you should pay attention to setting ebgp-multihop . Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan 10 Switch(config)# interface fast0/2 Switch(config-if)# switchport access vlan 20 R1(config-router)#redistribute rip subnets tag ? FastEthernet0/0 AS Hops 1 When a route oscillates (continuously fails, recovers), it is assigned a penalty value. The more the swing, the larger the penalty value and the constant accumulation. / / Modify the default parameters R5 routing, naturally the last is the route from R5 , reflection to R3 is no problem. Router(config-router)# passive-interface fast 0/0 Router(config-router)# neighbor Transmit limit accumulator 0x0 (0x0) IP MTU 1500 CFI 1 : Request message, requesting all or part of the routing information from the neighbor; STP port state transition process Open loopback on R2 , IP is , The default is shutdown , optional protect , restrict Note that community is not sent by default and must be send-community . We expect the effect of the above configuration is implemented R1 to routing setting MED = 100 , 2.0 disposed MED = 200 is ,ccnp 300-101 price, while R2 to disposed MED = 100 , 1.0 arranged MED to 100 , respectively, to the respective property The EBGP neighbor takes effect, so the MED attribute will be passed along the route in AS345 and finally arrive at R4 . Others, in fact, there are still many anti- ARP fraud solutions in the industry, each manufacturer has its own method. Of course, the subnet can be further subnetted to get or even , then if these prefixes exist, when I am going to find , who's What is the highest match? Obviously, is the host prefix of , or host routing? This is the longest match principle . RFC1058 RIP database R2#sh ip b Class and classless route lookup mode 9 IP prefix lookup IPv4 mtrie 8-8-8-8 optimized Input fast flags 0x0, Output fast flags 0x0 ifindex 3(3) On R1 , default information originate is also formed, and R2 and R3 will learn the default route of 0/0 . This command is for RIP When there are multiple paths, the BGP Router only selects the optimal route ( BEST ) to use (without load balancing) Local-Preference The message contains: Example of multiplication characters: Multi-vendor routing environment ? Example of multiplication characters: If you only want to detect the reachability of some next-hop devices, you can configure different route-map serial numbers to selectively use this feature (in the same route-map ). + Metric Match interface s 0/0 Next hop address: The IP address of the interface of the neighboring router that needs to pass to reach the destination . Router bgp 123 DHCP server messages (such as DHCPOFFER, DHCPACK, DHCPNAK , or DHCPLEASEQUERY ) will be released. On the contrary, packets received from the DHCP server on the untrust interface will be filtered out, thus preventing illegal DHCPserver access. . While the deployment of DHCP Snooping the switch locally, but also to maintain a DHCPsnooping binding database ( the Binding Database ), save for listening to the DHCP entries interaction, information includes (for untrust interface): the MAC address, IP address ( assigned by DHCP ), lease, binding type, VLAN number, and interface number (the DHCP client is the untrust interface connected to the client PC ) . This oneIn addition to doing some basic security access control, DHCP snooping banding databse can also be used for anti- ARP spoofing solutions such as DAI .

ccnp 300-101 price

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