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ccna topics pdf

ccna topics pdf

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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Dec 02,2023

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    ccna topics pdf

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  • R1 advertisement Loopback route . / 32 Show ip cef detail Show tcp brief R3#show mpls forwarding-table Fragment number : 0 MPLS is a forwarding technology based on packet labeling Router(config-if)#tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 6 6 But in the CSPF algorithm, there can only be one path for a destination. When there are many paths that satisfy the basic conditions (this rule can only be made if TE metric , bandwidth, and related attributes cannot be decided): Hello interval: 5000 ms; Transport IP addr: LDP Id:; no host route to transport addr It is only possible to establish adjacencies with neighboring routers at the same level. lab environment 697 Priority 6 : 9375000 Router ospf 1 TOS 0 Metrics: 1 Net 49.0001.0000.0000.0002.00 Based on the platform ( of Per-Platform ) label space of just a LDPsession , even in the LDP there are multiple redundant links between neighbors Redistribute isis ip level-2 into level-1 route-map test IIH L1/L2 router is usually located on the area boundary the term ! IS-IS Level-1 LSP R3.02-00 i ia [115/158] via, FastEthernet0/0 is subnetted, 4 subnets Mpls traffic-eng tunnels mpls label range 300 399 Router ospf 1 Mpls traffic-eng tunnels ip rsvp bandwidth InLabel : - How long in msecs to wait upon flooding a down forwarding adjacentcy The downstream label was not transmitted, because LDP Neighbor was not established. // Prerequisites for advertising a label mapping message to a neighbor locally Et0/1 In the forwarding process, a set of data with the same processing mode can be identified by means of address, tunnel, COS, etc., usually in one set. Interface Prefix If it is a Frame Relay P2P sub-interface, then there will be no problem, this is the recommended deployment method. Default change threshold (bandwidth occupancy): Ip address For TE of ISIS extension 0/0/0 R3(config-if)#tunnel mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency ? i L2 [115/20] via, Serial0/2 Router# show mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation Commonalities: Type escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route to [MPLS: Label 201 Exp 0] 132 msec 184 msec 88 msec The configuration of ip rsvp bandwidth R3 is as follows: Experimental phenomena UP i L1 [115/20] via, FastEthernet0/0 C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0 i* L1 [115/10] via, FastEthernet0/0 By default, the cost of an OSPF interface is calculated based on the bandwidth. Remote binding: tsr:, tag: 200 Ip cef Link ID E Ip unnumbered loopback 0 Interface Serial0/1 Reservable Bandwidth[0]: Overview Setting the priority and maintaining the priority all indicate whether a TE tunnel can preempt another TE tunnel by using the corresponding value . The lower the priority, the higher the importance. Metric Type: TE (default) InLabel : - 100 0 kbits/sec Shutdown off R2 in e0 / 1 port in R1 crawl debug information Reservable Bandwidth[1]: O [110/31] via, 00:23:47, Tunnel0 Ip address Different LANs on the DIS . End System terminal system What is the difference between POP and Untag in Outgoing tag(Label) ? FastEthernet0/0 Process ID 1, Area 0 1178 MPLS VPN Architecture Volume 2 Priority 0 : 9375000 The allocated bandwidth is periodically adjusted to be the largest sample for the tunnel since the last adjustment SNP serial number packet Area Address(es): 49.0001 SNPA: cc02.1ab0.0000 R1#traceroute [6]: Interface eth0/1 Router ospf 1 mpls ldp sync For Layer 2 link layer encapsulation, it can be all package types supported by CISCO IOS , PPP , HDLC , Ethernet, and so on. Then in the header of these Layer 2 , it is necessary to have a corresponding protocol field to indicate that the upper layer is a label header. The global configuration command metric-style transition allows the original narrow metric to be smoothly extended to a new width. This command allows a router to accept and transmit both narrow and wide quantities. *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: TIME_VALUES type 1 length 8 : AutoRoute 300 The boundary of the area is on the router It also accepts and understands the interpretation of LSPs carrying TLV22 and TLV135 . 0 kbits/sec OSPF is LSADB Modify the ldp hello message sending interval, the default 5S Tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 7 7 NLPID that identifies the network layer protocol packet is a 8 -bit field, the IPv6 is NLPID value 142 ( 0x8E ). If the IS-IS router supports 880 0 kbits/sec Set priority *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: parameter id=127, flags=0, parameter length=5 Mpls ip interface fast1/0 Oper: up Achieve reliability Switched Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0 mpls traffic-eng area 1 Mpls ip Network area 0 Mpls traffic-eng tunnels mpls label range 400 499 SRM is cleared after receiving a PSNP acknowledgement on this LSP Only support IP Device Internet segment 10.1.xy.0 / 24 , where xy is the device number, X small y large Mpls traffic-eng tunnels ip rsvp bandwidth The LSP mainly contains the following information. For the LAN interface, a 1- byte circuit ID is appended to the 6- byte SysID of the specified intermediate system ( DIS ) to form a 7- word. OSPF supports the following network types: P2P , broadcast, NBMA , point-to-multipoint, and on-demand circuits Peer LDP Ident:; Local LDP Ident TCP connection: - ADV Router *Aug 18 04:37:06.243: average rate = 250000 bytes/sec, burst depth = 1000 bytes Intermediate system IS Distribution mode : Label Distribution *Aug 18 11:26:02.546: Assuming the bandwidth of the local physical outgoing interface is 100M , the default reservable bandwidth of rsvp is 75% . Here is 75M. Priority 5 : 9375000 Protocol overview L1 Ip cef In this way, in the route of L2 , the route matched by the route-map will be injected into the level1 area , then R1 can learn . Type IA , i.e. isis the interarea route, i.e. isis inter-area routes. value RFC1195 75000 Tun ID: 0 Ext Tun ID: Now we can try to modify the TE tunnel configuration of R1 : An IS-IS router can be configured to summarize IP routes into Level 1, Level 2, or both, at the same time, LDP neighbor discovery Ip address In the dynamic setup, let the tunnel head end router calculate the path that the TE tunnel can traverse the network to the tail end in an optimal manner. We only need to configure the destination of the tunnel , and then the first-end router uses the CSPF algorithm to calculate the path itself. Nolabel/505 To add: In the above environment, the loopback interface cost=1 , and the cost of all other physical interfaces =10 . Then if we configure: The R2 re-released external route is still there; the inter-area route is gone, except for a R2 local direct connection of 24.0 ; in addition, R1 still does not use R2 as the next hop of the default route. TE router ID of the device Setting command Mpls traffic-eng tunnels mpls label range 100 199 Traceroute source Link type supported by IS-IS ! Neighbor send-community extended exit-address-family Total Allocated Certification Information In the forwarding process, a set of data with the same processing mode can be identified by means of address, tunnel, COS, etc., usually in one set. Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0 mpls traffic-eng area 1 RFC3209 RSVP-TE Extensions to RSVP for LSP tunnels describes the extension of MPLS TE function by RSVP protocol . The loopback0 address space of all devices is xxxx/32 ,ccna topics pdf, and x is the device number. Untagged R3 configuration is as follows (Note that, Area0 and area1 must activate the MPLS the TE ): Next , take a look at the Tunnel on R1 : !! set overload-bit *Aug 18 04:37:06.239: IS Hops:1 *Aug 18 04:37:06.243: HOP type 1 length 12: Value *Aug 18 04:37:06.243: FLOWSPEC type 2 length 36: But if we modify the configuration on R1 : Basic configuration Interface based : Per-Interface *Mar 1 00:00:32.759: ISIS-Upd: Building L2 LSP After completing the above configuration, we can check that the routing network is now interoperable. ! Record_route Interface Local binding: tag: 104 The affinity attribute is a property that describes the MPLS TE tunnel and is also composed of 32 bits , which is exactly the same as the number of attribute-flags mentioned above . Also configured with the affinity attribute is a mask, also 32bits , which is used to match the attribute tag and the affinity attribute.

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