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ccie security v5 notes

    ccie security v5 notes

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  • =========================================================== =============== End directly returns to privileged mode access rate ( access speed ) ----- bandwidth rate defined circuit. For example, the access rate of the T-1 circuit is =========================================================== =============== ATDM asynchronous time division multiplexing (Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing) to send information AAL1 ATM Adaptation Layer 1 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T for connection-oriented, constant When to disconnect 0x2142 bypasses the process of loading startup-config , or : does not load the boot configuration , directly enter the setup mode 0x2102 router default configuration key value , perform the normal boot sequence . Segmentation : Broadcast domain division AAA- ---- Authentication (Authentication) , authorization (Authorization) and statistics (Accounting) Cisco The number of hops added to a particular network, which converges slowly. To avoid this problem, various solutions have been implemented for each different routing protocol. These solutions include defining a maximum number of hops ( defined infinite ) , route balancing, poison reversal,ccie security v5 notes, and split horizon. IGRP: based on bandwidth, latency, reliability, load, MTU (maximum transmission unit) ELAP EtherTalk Link Access Protocol (EtherTralk Link Access Protocol) on EtherTalk Network Show version Observe the IOS version device working time related interface list show running-config View the currently active configuration This configuration file is stored in RAM show interface ethernet 0/1 to view the status of the Ethernet interface working status, etc ... AAL3/4 ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T , supporting connection-oriented and also support 1900 only supports ISL trunk protocol 2950 only supports 802.1Q trunk protocol 3550 supports 802.1Q and VTP message announcement , only possible TRUNK transmission on . 10OMb/S baseband Fast Ethernet specification. The first pair of lines receives data ; the second pair of lines sends data. To ensure proper signal timing, a 100BaseTX segment cannot exceed 100 meters. + returns directly to privileged mode The demodulator demodulates the analog signal into the original digital form ( in turn, modulates the digital data it transmits into an analog signal ) . See modulation . The BPDU is exchanged between switches every two seconds. Periodic. The process of outputting a single stream. See multiplexing . cost ( cost ) , also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, according to the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juice operator, =========================================================== =============== AAL3/4 ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T , supporting connection-oriented and also support Shot as a network address Handshake ( handshake ) to ensure synchronous transmission of a series of operations exchanged between two or more devices on a network. B: -- =========================================================== =============== Interface Serial0 no ip address A connectionless protocol responsible for sending datagrams over an internetwork. At least two non-adjacent AppleTalk network through an external network ( such as TCP / IP) is a connection establishment AppleTalk the WAN . This connection is called an AURP tunnel. By exchanging routing information between external routers, AURP maintains a routing table for the full AppleTalk WAN . See AURP tunneL . 1.Down 2.Init 3.Two-Way 4.ExStart " The main explanation is B , C words that begin with. (ChinaITLab) control direct VCC ( control direct VCC) ----- Phase I LAN one of three emulation control connection defined in the ATM by \ a LEG to a LES established bi-directional virtual control connection (the VCC) . See control distribute VCC . Show ip route to view the current routing table to configure static routes : More details are configured. Allow multi-protocol support and interface configuration. End exit port configuration device congestion avoidance ( congestion avoidance ) to minimize latency, the ATM network for controlling the system into Exchange routing information between systems. Clear line XXX clear line IGRP: based on bandwidth, latency, reliability, load, MTU (maximum transmission unit) 1.544Mb/s . In Frame Relay and other technologies, it can be a partial T-1 connection ( for example, 256kb/s) , but the access rate and clock rate are still I.544Mb/S. Set the dial number R14(config)#interface bri 0 Part of the original IEEE802.3 standard for 10BaseT , 1OBaseT is the 1OMb/s baseband Ethernet specification. Use the range of numbers assigned. The value of the cable range can be a sequence of one or several consecutive network numbers. Node addresses are determined by their cable range values. Router igrp as number is the autonomous system number ( autonomous domain ) network main class network number ABC number debug ip igrp events debug igrp related events Fast switching ( fast switching ) that utilizes a route cache to speed up packet switching through a router login set login password when Spanning trees can avoid loop problems caused by redundancy . Solve the problem : put redundant ports into blocking state . Interfaces in blocking state will not receive / send user data . ACL for packet processing : FRAME-RELAY is a non-broadcast multi-access type network that does not support broadcasting. AppleTalk----Apple Communications Corporation is a communication protocol suite designed for use in the Macintosh environment. There are currently two versions. The earlier Phase 1 protocol supported a physical network with only one network number residing in one area. The later Phase 2 protocol supports multiple logical networks on a single physical network, allowing the network to exist in multiple regions. See zone .

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ccie security v5 notes

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