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ccie security v5 training videos

    ccie security v5 training videos

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  • Or hub port duplex. Frame ( frame ) logical unit of information transmitted on the transmission medium by the data link layer. The term is often involved Transmission method. Use acknowledgments and flow control for reliable data transfer. Contrast connectionless . See virtual circuit . Telnet: Multi-person remote management ( depending on performance , number of VTY lines ). Not safe . Border peer ( boundary peer ) manages a peer group device that exists on the edge of a hierarchical design Blocking -> Listening -> Learning -> Forwarding =========================================================== =============== The ISDN interface for communication , which consists of two B channels ( each 64 Kb/s) and one D channel (16 Kb/s) . Compare PRT . See BISDN . Data link layer : data error detection , physical address MAC Frame Grafing ( transplanted ) to activate a pruning process had been frozen interface process. It is sent to the router AURP tunnel (AURP tunnel ) connection in an AURP WAN , which is physically divided into two Configuration and beacon . Equipment and Tnter have jointly improved. Ethernet is similar to the TEEE802.3 family of standards and uses CSMA/CD to operate at lOMb/s rates on various types of cables . Also known as DIX (Digital/Intel/Xerox) Ethernet. See ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) used to describe a structure without a computer Config-register 0x2142 modify the startup configuration key Fast switching ( fast switching ) that utilizes a route cache to speed up packet switching through a router The distance limit of each segment of 1OBaseT is about 100 meters. See Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 . B (config-if) #ip nat outside arranged S1 interface outside the network to a source internal address translated into an external IP is B (config) #ip nat inside source static discovery mode ( discoverable mode ) also called dynamic configuration, this technology is AppleTalk interface is used from Cisco layered network. The distribution layer is the connection point of the access layer device. Routing is done at this level. Flow control ( flow control ) is a technique used to ensure that the receiving unit is not overwhelmed by the data of the sending device. If the router does not store the loopback , select the highest IP from the physical interface as the RouterID (the interface must be active ) Startup -config will be actively loaded every time the router or switch is started . show vtp status view VTP status =========================================================== =============== An example. Also known as " narrowband " . For broadband . Router), also known as boot mode , can be used for IOS upgrades. Telnet *.*.*.* is a telnet device . You need to set the password for line vty . If you need to enter privileged mode, you need to configure it. An example. Also known as " narrowband " . For broadband . flash memory ( flash memory ) Intel developed and licensed to other A nonvolatile semiconductor memory used by the manufacturer =========================================================== =============== 1. Neighbor table => all neighbors Note : Hostname configures the host local ID control direct VCC ( control direct VCC) ----- Phase I LAN one of three emulation control connection defined in the ATM by \ a LEG to a LES established bi-directional virtual control connection (the VCC) . See control distribute VCC . =========================================================== =============== interface fastehternet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface routing Classless ( stepless routing ) transmits routing update routing subnet mask. Stepless road =========================================================== =============== EEPROM electrically erasable programmable read-only memory is programmed after shipment. These non-volatile memory chips can be used when needed. congestion collapse ( congestion collapse ) the ATM results in the packet network due to retransmission, wherein little or no End exit port configuration device Show sessions show the current outgoing TELNET session CiscoView GUI management software for Cisco network devices that provides dynamic status, statistics, and full Show ip ospf neighbor to view neighbors (NeighborID is RouterID) DDR demand dial routing (dial-on-demand routing) allows a router according to the sending station needs ARA AppleTalk Remote Access (AppleTalk Remote Access) is built for Macintosh users Presentation layer : implement data encoding , encryption . DATA BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit (Bridge Protocol DataUnit) between the cross-bridges in the network Other routers maintain a record of existing available routes AEP AppleTalk Response Protocol (AppleTalk Echo Access-list 100 permit TCP host host eq 23 Action : Permit end-to-end VLANs ( end the VLAN) ----- across the switch fabric (switch-fabric) from end to end eBGP External Border Gateway Protocol (External Border Gateway Protocol) is used in different autonomous =========================================================== ================== Ip address Interface Serial1 no ip address Configuration and beacon . Shot as a network address cell payload scrambling ( cell payload scrambling ) the ATM switches and certain of the edges speed relay Show spanning-tree brief to view the spanning tree status (3500xl) (2950/3550 : show spanning-tree) analog transmission ( analog transmission ) represented by different combinations of the information signal amplitude, frequency and phase Frame Relay bridging ( FR bridge ) in 1490 RFC definition, uses this bridging method Acknowledgment ( acknowledgment ) is transmitted from one network device to another network device authentication, showed a A technique that automatically starts and ends a circuit switched session. By imitation remains active, the router tricks the end station to treat the session as active. DDR is allowed through a modem or an external ISDN terminal adapter cell payload scrambling ( cell payload scrambling ) the ATM switches and certain of the edges speed relay dedicatedline ( green ) do not share any bandwidth point to point connection. Autoreconfiguration ( automatic reconfiguration ) token ring domain failure of a process performed by the node, =========================================================== =============== Protocol): A test of connectivity between two AppleTalk nodes, where one node sends a packet to another node and receives a response or copy in response. Coaxial cable classification for signaling. Compare baSeband . Enable password Vtp server configures this switch to enable pruning for server mode [server|client |transparent] vtp pruning A(config-if)#ip rip authentication mode md5 ciphertext authentication De-encapsulation ( disassembly ) layered protocol technology, in which a layer of slave layer protocol data unit There is traffic successfully reaching the destination. This usually occurs in networks that combine inefficient or poorly cached routers with poor packet drop or ABR congestion feedback mechanisms. RA: nvRam : Startup-config startup configuration file , or user profile OSPF area : DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) ----- DHCP is Use more than one metric to find the best path to a remote network. By default,ccie security v5 training videos, both IGRP and EIGRP use the bandwidth and latency of the line. However , the reliability of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) , load, and link can also be used . " The main explanation is B , C words that begin with. (ChinaITLab) R6(config)#interface ethernet 0 Bypass mode ( bypass mode ) removes FDDI and Token Ring network operations for an interface . call admission control ( call admission control ) the ATM network device in a traffic management, it is a =========================================================== =============== When configuring IGRP , you need to pay attention to the autonomous system number . =========================================================== =============== Programs ( such as email or file transfers ) to provide services. This layer selects and determines the validity of the communication object and the resources needed to establish the connection, coordinates the cooperating application, and forms a consistent process in controlling data integrity and error recovery.

ccie security v5 training videos

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