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ccie security lab ebay

CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Update Date: Jul 26,2021

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ccie security lab ebay

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    ccie security lab ebay

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  • =========================================================== =============== ----- s1 RA s0 >-------- s1 RB s0 --------- s1 RC s0 ------ Frame ( frame ) logical unit of information transmitted on the transmission medium by the data link layer. The term is often involved Port Console ( control port opening ) the Cisco a typical routers and switches on the RJ-45 ports, with 1.A vlan == A broadcast domain == A logic subnet Mesh Full ( full mesh ) network topology, wherein each node to other network nodes or virtual physical The protocol field, even the direct font size in the transport layer header, filters the IPX address table of the network . EIGRP and OSPF . =========================================================== ================ Access-list 100 permit IP any any Corelayer The top layer of the Cisco three-tier hierarchical model that helps design, build, and maintain a bandwidth ( the bandwidth ) the spacing between the highest and lowest frequency of signals used in the network. Usually, it involves one =========================================================== =============== The higher the RouteID, the easier it becomes to become a DR (Designated Router designated router ) CPE customer premises equipment is installed at the user's location and connected to the telephone company's network equipment, such as telephones, The destination hardware address of a frame, then look up the address in the filter table established by the switch, and then only send the frame to the port of the found hardware address, and the other ports cannot see the frame. It does not indicate an error and can be intentional. See fragmentation . ESF extended superframe (Extended Superframe) of 24 composed of frames, each frame of 192 bits , the first 193 than Any device connected between. See Cisco FRAD and FRAS . distance-vector routing algorithm ( Distance Vector Routing Algorithm ) In order to find the shortest path, show flash: view flash in the IOS file group. Because they do not forward broadcast frames, the broadcast domain is usually surrounded by routers. EPROM erasable programmable read-only memory----- connection-oriented ( connection-oriented ) to establish a virtual circuit data before any data transmission Part of the original IEEE802.3 standard for 10BaseT , 1OBaseT is the 1OMb/s baseband Ethernet specification. B(config)#inte s 0 Encapsulation PPP enables PPP on the interface ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) used to describe a structure without a computer Ip host Set static hostname mapping CSMA / CD carrier with Collision Detection Sense Multiple Access (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect ) Ethernet IEEE802.3 a technology committee defined. Every device is sending Configuring VTP administrative distance ( management distance ) from 0 to 255 a number between, which represents one routing information 1 1 2 1 2 1 Is a point-to-multipoint connection. See control directVCC . Interface s 1 no ip add =========================================================== =============== Port Console ( control port opening ) the Cisco a typical routers and switches on the RJ-45 ports, with DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier (Data-Link Connection Identifier) for identifying FR Ppp chap password cisco sends local password in CHAP mode administrative distance ( management distance ) from 0 to 255 a number between, which represents one routing information bridge. The bridge ID is a combination of bridge priority and base MAC address. A & B bit signaling (A and B signaling bits ) for T-1 transmission device, sometimes referred to as " the first 24 channel signals Sended and is not reliable. Compare connection-oriented . See virtual circuit . BGP =========================================================== =============== Packaging method. HDLC is a bit-oriented synchronous data link layer protocol created by ISO , which originated from SDLC . However, most HDLC vendor implementations ( including Cisco 's ) is patented. See SDLC . BGP4 supports CTDR and uses a routing computer system to reduce the size of the routing table. See CIDR . ATMM was ATM management (ATM Management) in ATM a protocol running on the switch tube =========================================================== =============== Kind of protocol to communicate. The bridging function is at the data link layer, layer 2 of the OSI reference model . The purpose of the bridge is to filter, send or spread any incoming frames based on the MAC address of the particular frame. Port Auxiliary ( auxiliary port ) the Cisco console port on the router backplane, which allows the call routing Habitat Cisco equipment, the Cisco hardware type of equipment being used, the software version and active port. It uses SNAP frames between devices and is not routable. The router of the DCE needs to configure the clock frequency. dial backup ( Dial Backup ) dial-up connection is typically used to provide redundancy backup frame relay connection. Backup chain The station's HDLC communication mode, where the transmission can start from the primary station or a secondary station. 0x2 Router will load the Flash in the IOS software . (Default config regcode) Busy, a frame can be discarded. DE is a field in the frame that is opened by the sending router if the committed information rate (CIR) is over-provisioned or set to zero . data direct VCC ( data direct VCC) ATM two LEG to establish a two-way point between the active monitor ( activity monitor ) for Token Ring management mechanism. The highest MAC address on the ring ANSI American National Standards Institute (American National Standards Institute) by the United States, government A service-related sublayer of the AAL ATM adaptation layer data link layer, data link layer from other applications The cable is disconnected. The beacon frame carries the downstream station address. See failure domain . the alignmentError ( alignment error ) Ethernet The error occurring in the network, the received frame in which the additional IGRP uses composite metrics to select the best route . A non-distributed backbone. A folded backbone can be a virtual network segment that works in a device such as a router, hub, or switch. Flexibility : VLANs can span multiple switches Protocol : ICMP (Internet Control Message protocol) Typically specified by the network administrator and used by routing protocols to compare different routes through an internetwork. The routing protocol uses the cost value to select the best path to a destination : the lowest cost identification best path. See routing metnC . 1. Add this interface to the rip process. 2. Advertise the network of this interface to other routers. Spanning tree port ARM asynchronous response mode (Asynchronous Response Mode) uses a master station and at least one auxiliary Support for multiple network layer protocols through NCP can achieve " authentication ", " compression ", " error detection ", " multi-link " through LCP . failure domain ( fault domain ) ----- area of the failed token ring. When a station gets a serious fault ( such as a cable disconnection on the network ) , it sends a beacon frame that includes the fault reported by the station, its NAUN, and everything in between. This defines the fault domain. The beacon then begins the so-called automatic configuration process. See autore hdlc: can support multi-protocol environment , by adding the " attribute " field . 2.standard hdlc: only support single-protocol environment Router rip selection rip as the routing protocol 1. Control network traffic 2. Implement packet filtering Show sessions to view " I " telnet outgoing sessions Network and terminal emulation software to connect asynchronous devices - a LAN or the WAN , to provide supported protocol routing synchronous or asynchronous. 4. Ways of notification : Unicast & Multicast Passive-interface configures the corresponding interface to not send any notifications =========================================================== =============== 2. Topology Table => Network Map Passive-interface configures the corresponding interface to not send any notifications 1. CISCO 2. ANSI 3. Q993A Rip Version 2 : The address is all ones . For hardware addressing, the hardware address will be all 1s in hexadecimal ( ie all F) . =========================================================== ================ Guide IOS and how to configure it. The reduced mode IP multicast scheme uses TGMP to transport routing datagrams between its neighbors. See IGMP . 1 1 2 1 2 1 Fast Ethernet ( Fast Ethernet ) ---- speed lOOMb / s Ethernet specification. Fast Ethernet ratio The minimum information transmission rate agreed by the Frame Relay network, measured in b/s . extended IP accesslist ( extended IP access list ) by logical address, the network layer protocol header word The number of connections is reduced, thereby reducing the amount of plant routing traffic and the actual size of the database. ADSU ATM data service unit (ATM Data Service Unit) is used by HSSI connection mechanism compatible Physical layer : Ppp chap hostname abc sends local username in CHAP mode Config-register 0x2142 modify the startup configuration key UDP ( User Message Protocol ),ccie security lab ebay, no connection , no retransmission mechanism , unreliable transmission Segment, even the port field in the transport layer header filters the IP address table of the network ATM Forum (ATM Forum ) ----- by the Northern Telecom , Sprint , the Cisco Systems and Network layer : Switch function: Port Console ( control port opening ) the Cisco a typical routers and switches on the RJ-45 ports, with IOS Cisco Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software (Cisco Internetwork Operating System software) ----- as CiscoFusion provide the functionality shared by all products in the off-line configuration, scalability and security of Cisco core routers and switches series. See CiscoFusion . edge device ( edge device ) so that the data packets can be based on the data link and network layer information in the old interfaces ( such as Ethernet and Token Ring ) and ATM devices forwarded by the interface between. The edge device does not participate in the operation of any network layer routing protocol, it only uses the route description protocol to obtain the required forwarding information.

1 hour the act or process of identifying the root cause

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