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ccie security lab version 5

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    ccie security lab version 5

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  • Ip address Configure the IP address of the interface Encapsulation PPP enables PPP on the interface Maximize the specification of running IP OVer ATV . Also known as "CIA" . =========================================================== =============== If the source address and destination address of the data frame are from the same port , the switch will discard the data frame by default . connection-oriented ( connection-oriented ) to establish a virtual circuit data before any data transmission Disable returns from privileged mode to user mode FECN forward explicit explicit notification (Forward Explicit Congestion Notification) by Frame Relay Network bridge identifier ( bridge identifiers ) for the first 2 discovery layer switched internetwork and network selection root 1.544Mb/s . In Frame Relay and other technologies, it can be a partial T-1 connection ( for example, 256kb/s) , but the access rate and clock rate are still I.544Mb/S. expedited delivery ( accelerated delivery ) may be the same or other layers of protocol of a different network device in OSPF . Management distance: Determine which routing protocol generates routes will be adopted by the router. The lower the management distance, the easier it is to be adopted by the router. =========================================================== =============== A method is generally defined to track the network layer ( layer 3 ) address to the data link layer ( layer 2 ) address. See IOS Cisco Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software (Cisco Internetwork Operating System software) ----- as CiscoFusion provide the functionality shared by all products in the off-line configuration, scalability and security of Cisco core routers and switches series. See CiscoFusion . Programs ( such as email or file transfers ) to provide services. This layer selects and determines the validity of the communication object and the resources needed to establish the connection, coordinates the cooperating application,ccie security lab version 5, and forms a consistent process in controlling data integrity and error recovery.

ccie security lab version 5

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CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

Certification Provider: CiscoCisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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