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CCIE - it’s just the beginning

CCIE - it’s just the beginning

It's just beginning through CCIE

Now I think of taking CCIE that it was quite a long time ago. Im going to write this to commemorate the years that are still memorable.

I skipped the NA and NP exams of cisco and took the CCIE exams directly. Considering the time cost of NA and NP, it is also necessary to study for a long time to prepare for the exam. Also, when I decided to take the exam, I had been working for several years in the networking industry which cisco equipment often encounters.

At work, implement projects, solve problems and write solutions, mostly using cisco equipment. At that time, huawei had not formally entered the enterprise network and the project did not use too much especially famous enterprises in the financial industry.

It is also true that the preparation before the exam is a long time. It is also true that the preparation is a long time. At that time, one of my colleagues was also planning to take the exam. The difference was that he had taken the NA and NP exams before and had some experience in this field. Until the beginning of this year, this colleague of mine passed the written examination and the power of role model was boundless. From then on, this matter was planned to end and the examination was officially conducted.

I didn't attend any training class in the preparation stage. I don't think it is necessary for me to attend it. Many knowledge points are used in my work. Looking at the dump and combining with the working knowledge. That I did not make too much preparation. At the end of 2011, I passed the written examination smoothly and normally. For a long time afterwards, I worked to consolidate my knowledge and did some small experiments with simulators. Still did not attend what training class. I want to tell you that it is not really to save money but very small in this respect, ok? Work has been very busy but time is passing. The written test results are valid and do not take the written test will be scrapped.

With the heart to win and the determination to lose one's hope, I took the test in Beijing and took part in the sprints of CCIE Lab exam. Don't you want me to study for months on exams? That time really I did not have. At that time the work is also busy ,did not have the confidence and the company need long holiday examination.  Company can also support about a month and a half of time. The company's wages as usual. At that time natural have specific situation at that time that the examination proceed to that point also cannot allow me to do too much consideration. The written examination has expired immediately. The experiment examination wants to test out. Do it, do it, do it, say the important thing three times.

When testing, there were five versions, each of which had to be typed by heart. Preparing for the exam was very tiring. At the beginning, I couldn't type a version in a day. I can't knock it once in two days so I'm sure it won't work. The version of the simulator at the time could not carry out all the commands and it was difficult to do.

Time is getting tighter and teachers are deliberately giving students a better time frame to start with and a bit more time to prepare for exams. Time was still very tight. At the end of the day, I could finish two or three versions in five hours a day. Of course, it will be very tired and there is time to get two and a half.

The exam went well and I passed the exam which may be a milestone certificate after graduation from the undergraduate program. Although I got the data center direction later, the CCIE level certification in the routing and switching direction is still a milestone which opens a door to the high-level technology. Its just beginning.

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