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how to study for ccnp switch

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    how to study for ccnp switch

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  • When both the primary and secondary addresses exist, RIP will use both the primary and secondary addresses as the source to send routing updates. So R1 and R3 will learn the routing update of . But R3 ca n't learn , on the one hand, because R1 sends updates to R3 and is ignored by R3. Exist-map Decision summary Ip address Route filtering or execution strategy during redistribution Network mask R2 ,how to study for ccnp switch, R3 , aiming RIP create static routing domain summary route, point null0 , while only these static routes redistributed into OSPF , and indeed can play a sub-optimal paths to avoid the question, but: Route 2 : the AS_PATH : 500 the MED : 100 Internal RouterID : Root received the TCN , sent back a TCN ACK to C . Configuration command Neighbor R2 default-originate route-map test Sw(config)#vlan 201 ? Route 2 : the AS_PATH : 500 the MED : 100 Internal RouterID : Note: RR only creates or updates CLUSTER_LIST when the route is reflected . In the following cases, the RR does not create this attribute: R4#sh ip b The above interface loses the portfast and bpdufilter features immediately after receiving the BPDU , and becomes an ordinary spanning-tree interface. In VTP server mode of SW3 is turned on VTP pruning after, Client of SW1 and SW2 are learning and also to open their VTP pruning . Other solutions, we will continue to introduce in the following experiments CAM is the table that the switch checks when it is used for Layer 2 switching. On R1 , only the summary route 32.0/21 is filtered, and all the detailed routes are released. If a standard ACL is used to match the route, how to write it? Identify the type of message: Application example *> no ip dhcp snooping information option PA , sets the traffic of a specific community tag to traffic-index . The configuration is as follows: IP policy routing is disabled Router bgp 345 A the LLC sublayer own data to be transmitted is encapsulated, wherein the DSAP byte is filled B return to the SAP , the SSAP bytes are filled to their open the SAP , and then sent to MAC sublayer. ? 100 a(bc)?d Trunking In order to let R4 know that R5 is its federated EBGP neighbor, instead of a normal EBGP neighbor, you need to add the following configuration: Automatic summary The second command is to adjust the AD value for external routes, inter-area or intra-area routes . 8 bits Can only be passed between IBGP peers (unless a policy is made, the LP value will not be lost between IBGP neighbors within the AS ), not in EBGP Sh ip bgp neighbors {address} received-routes Tag 9, type extern 2, forward metric 64 The configuration of R2 is as follows: 100$|400$ For more details on adjusting the AD value for various routing protocols , see the technical documents such as OSPF , EIGRP , and BGP for the passhot of Black passhot. Access-list 11 permit any route-map adv permit 10 match ip address 11 router bgp 12 UDP The route obtained by the BGP speaker from IBGP is not advertised to its IBGP neighbors (avoiding loops and splitting horizontally; except for the case of route RR ) Windows system), at the same time reply a Gratuitous ARP response to inform the peer that there is a duplicate IP address. Several problems with VTP TIMER For the same BGP connection, the passwords must be the same; different neighbors can set different passwords. After the authentication is configured, all data segments transmitted through the TCP connection between the peers are verified. *Mar 4 07:02:23.473: DHCPD: relay information option exists, but giaddr is zero. Vlan range and mapping Therefore, BGP automatically summarize ( Auto-the Summary ) Summary Only redistributed redistributed routes, and the use of network command routing incoming class declaration ways. Currently CISCO IOS turns off automatic summarization by default. As a result , the BGP table of R5 becomes as follows: The process of processing a VLAN frame by an access port is as follows: Arp replies sent: 3 Forwarder 2 2 : Reponse message, send all or part of its routing information, one *> Protocol mechanism Route 3 : AS_PATH : 500 None Network area 0 Route poisoning Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal, best Continue to look R4 result of the capture ( R3 distributed to R4 of BGP update package): Access-list 2 permit route-map cisco permit 10 In general, we believe that the attack behavior is mostly from the terminal's PC , which may be poisoning or hacking. Therefore , the interface connected to the terminal PC is configured as a DAI untrust interface, and the interface between the switches is configured as a trust interface. Experiment 1 IP address BGP routing table entry for, version 2 Paths: (2 available, best #2, table Default-IP-Routing-Table) Flag: 0x820 Route tag: A tag that distinguishes between internal routing protocol routes and external routing protocol routes. * i BGP routing table entry for, version 4 Router ospf 1 The distribution list is deployed in a link state routing protocol such as OSPF . If the out direction is to be used, it can only be used in such a situation. is subnetted, 1 subnets / / Modify the default parameters Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path In the above circumvention scheme, we use ACL to match the route directly , and then call it in the distribution list. This method is not scalable. If there are too many routing entries re-advertised into OSPF , the ACL entry will be crazy. So we try to have a method with a more scalable, for example, in R3 on the RIP redistributed into OSPF , when injected into the route marked Tag , then what in R2 when on deployment distribution list, you You can associate a route-map to "crawl" these routes with tags .

how to study for ccnp switch

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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