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preparing for ccie lab

preparing for ccie lab

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ProblemServer 1 can not get ip address.


SW3#show ip dhcp snooping  

Switch DHCP snooping is enabled

DHCP snooping is configured on following VLANs:


DHCP snooping is operational on following VLANs:


Smartlog is configured on following VLANs:


Smartlog is operational on following VLANs:


DHCP snooping is configured on the following L3 Interfaces:

Insertion of option 82 is enabled

   circuit-id default format: vlan-mod-port

   remote-id: 0018.b9da.5300 (MAC)

Option 82 on untrusted port is not allowed

Verification of hwaddr field is enabled

Verification of giaddr field is enabled

DHCP snooping trust/rate is configured on the following Interfaces:



Interface          Trusted     Allow option     Rate limit (pps)

 --------------------   -------         ------------     ----------------  

Q1Which material is most helpful

Q2:which packets can help you find the cause


Customer just setup a IPv6 Network, with HSRPv6 on R1 & R2. After setting up, all hosts lose connection.

What would you recommend to your L1 Engineer as a Quick Fix?

CE1 key configuration

standby 1 priority 200

standby 1 preempt

ipv6 nd router-preference low

CE2 key configuration

standby 1 preempt

ipv6 nd router-preference high 



I think it is a rouge device because I don't see any problems with the HSRPv6 config. PCs are configured with "ipv6 enable", "ipv6 autoconfig"

The R1 have a "ipv6 nd-preference high" and R2 have "low" if I'm not wrong.


How fast fix the problem?


¡ Shutdown the link between CE2 and PE2.

¡ Shutdown the link between CE1 and PE1.

¡ Configure CE1 with highest HSRPv6 Priority.

¡ Configure CE2 with highest HSRPv6 pirority.

¡ Configure CE2 with low HSRPv6 priority.

¡ Shutdown CE1 interface e0/0.

¡ Shutdown PE2 interface e0/0.

¡ Disable fast-switching on CE's LAN.

¡ Enable fast-switching on CE's LAN.

¡ Change HSRPv1 to HSRPv2 version

CCIE Routing and Switching LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB2、LAB2+、LAB3
TS: TS1(5 sets)、TS2(3 sets)
DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Routing and Switching Lab

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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    preparing for ccie lab

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  • Rip management distance : 120   Display current hostname configuration   1.Special line : PP P , H DLC, SLIP   ! Solution: Fault handling method 1: In the monitoring mode, use the xmodem –c newflash_name command to upgrade; Troubleshooting method 2: Use the TFTP transmission IOS to upgrade in the monitoring mode; Ip address 2001::1/64 Time node 1: At the university, I studied in a small city near Wuhan, Hubei Province. I took the college entrance examination that year (less than 300 points and non-art students). VTP uses multicast to advertise, and VTP will advertise every 5 minutes , even if there is no change here.   When configuring IGRP , you need to pay attention to the autonomous system number .   OSPF open protocol , is link-state type routing protocol .   Lab 3-1: Configuring NAT 1.DAD: Address Repeat Detection (ARP is used in IPV4) Configuring and Verifying Resource Management =========================================================== ===============     1. Now the 6509 and 7609, SUP720 exchange bandwidth to 720G,preparing for ccie lab, can you say that 7609/6509 can replace some of the status of GSR? ISIS CISCO router , the serial interface default adopted by cisco HDLC encapsulation   Show history   Multicast routing function: ipv6 multicast-routing We know that the process of finding a job is a process of selling yourself out! A salesman must follow two basic principles: First, be sure to believe that your product is of great value to customers. Second, we must find a customer who has real needs for this product. Here, the product is your own. The salesman is also your own. You must know yourself and know each other. Show sessions   1. CISCO   When the candidates who followed the exchange of TS1's MPLS *** solution, the language was too rigid. From PC104 to SW3 to R9~ all the way up to check the default route, RT, neighbors, R7 routing and NAT, almost no idea. There are several other institutions in the 4 points that are directly linked to the candidates. B(config)#ip nat inside source list 1 pool abc   will be nowhere in sight, and the ccie certificate you get will be 1. Enable IPV6 routing kinetics ipv6 unicast-routing (allows routers to route ipv6 unicast data) Ethernet link overhead:   JacobsCorp's VRF is also equipped with its own Set set login password when   Concept :   (3) Telecom operators VTP Vlan Trunk Protocol   Found that R2 has no route, R3 has a route PS: The actual situation is about 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled one. . . . . The night before, I basically woken up every hour during my sleep at night, but it was good to sleep at 8 o'clock, and it was OK to add up.    =========================================================== ================   Between : 30s     In this era of homogenization of the basic network, the selling switch has to talk about the high-level solutions and technologies, what agile delivery / strategy accompanying / business orchestration, what SDN / VXLAN, as for the use. (I would like to ask the local tyrants who bought the top models, do you use all the features?) Description   Destnation Network IP: target network network IP    3. Q993A   Note :   Each version is returned by itself. The workload of the entire exam 2. Storage forwarding : slow speed , to ensure the correctness of the frame being forwarded .   Loose URPF: Only the routing table of the router is required to have the source address of the packet. The inbound interface of the packet is the same as the outgoing interface of the routing address to the source address. A loose URPF check can be configured when the inbound interface of the user network cannot ensure that the inbound interface of the packet is the same as that of the outbound interface.

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