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ccie security v5 workbook ine

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Update Date: Aug 08,2022

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    ccie security v5 workbook ine

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  • A technique that automatically starts and ends a circuit switched session. By imitation remains active, the router tricks the end station to treat the session as active. DDR is allowed through a modem or an external ISDN terminal adapter Serial1 is down, Line protocol is down IGRP is a distance vector type routing protocol that does automatic route summarization . There is no way to turn off this feature . FTP file transfer protocol (File Transfer Protocol): used to transfer files between network nodes of TCP / IP Each network segment elects a designated port BridgeID Lowest Configuration using point-to-point subinterfaces ITU-T standard. Currently BISDN uses ATM technology and SONET- based transmission circuits to provide 155Mb/s and B(config)#inte s 1 ASBR autonomous system boundary router (Autonomous System Boundy Router) one on block size ( block size ) available hosts in a subnet. The block size can generally be in increments of 4 , 8 , It is responsible for transmitting frames. Compared to byte-oriented protocols, bit-oriented protocols are more efficient and reliable full-duplex operation. Compare byte-oriented protocol . copy running-config tftp: the running-config copy to tftp the service Surgery. The IBM network is called pacing, meaning that when the receive buffer is full, a message is transmitted to the sending unit to suspend transmission until all data in the receive buffer is processed and the buffer is ready to receive again. Circuit Switching : PPP, HDLC, SLIP bidirectional shared tree ( bidirectional shared tree ) A method for forwarding multicast tree sharing. This method allows Typically specified by the network administrator and used by routing protocols to compare different routes through an internetwork. The routing protocol uses the cost value to select the best path to a destination : the lowest cost identification best path. See routing metnC . the fragment ( fragment ) of a large packet is intentionally divided into any portion of the small pieces. a packet fragment filtering ( Filter ) The following table provides security on the network by between visits. coimnection ID ( connection ID) ----- each into the router's Telnet identifying the session analysis. Show B(config)#inte s 1 Habitat Cisco equipment, the Cisco hardware type of equipment being used, the software version and active port. It uses SNAP frames between devices and is not routable. CER cell error ratio (cell error ratio) ATM cell, a transmission error within a certain time and DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol (Datagram Delivery Protocol) for the AppleTalk protocol as Group Let " . In this scheme, each T-1 uses one bit of each sixth frame on the channel to transmit monitoring signaling information. Exit Is a point-to-multipoint connection. See control directVCC . 1. Connected to a service . 2. Connection based on virtual link PVC: permanent virtual link An octet divided into four points, followed by a forward slash and the number of the masked bit ( abbreviation of the subnet symbol ) . See Frame-relay switching Router), also known as boot mode , can be used for IOS upgrades. Interface Serial1 no ip address CCNA classroom streamlined notes Configure virtual loopback interface ( loopback interface defaults to UP state ) inerface loopback? Create a loopback interface VTP Vlan Trunk Protocol PAP: Two handshakes , the password is transmitted in clear text. IBM agency link. See FRAD . ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) used to describe a structure without a computer Transport layer : R14(config)#interface bri 0 R14(config-if)#encapsulation ppp Flapping ( flip ) describe a term serial interface to be opened and closed. AAL5 ATM Adaptation Layer 5 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T , mainly used to support inter-face connection data frame ( data frame ) the OSI protocol data unit package on the reference model data link layer. From the network layer helper address ( help address ) specified unicast address, which directs Cisco router into direct Ways allow different protocols to alternate =========================================================== =============== FRAME-RELAY An interface processor used by the device to provide two lOOMb/s lOOBaseT ports. Enhanced IGRP ( Enhanced IGRP) ----- Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Enhanced Interior GatewayRouting Protocol): Cisco an advanced routing protocol created, which combines the advantages of link-state and distance between the amount of protocol. Enhanced IGRP has extraordinary convergence properties, including high operational efficiency. See IGP , OSPF area : The BPDU is exchanged between switches every two seconds. Periodic. Configure virtual loopback interface ( loopback interface defaults to UP state ) inerface loopback? Create a loopback interface Area ( Area -----) rather than physical segment of a set of logical ( based CLNS , DECnet , or OSPF) and their attached devices. Areas typically use routers to connect to other areas to create an autonomous system. See autonomous system . BGP An ATM network configured with a ring of LAN . Multiple ELANs can exist simultaneously on one ATM network and form a LAN Emulation Client (LEC) , a LAN emulation server, a Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS), and a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) . ELAN is defined by the LANE specification. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . Each network segment elects a designated port BridgeID Lowest And channel . 1 th D portion of the channel, supports the DDR , Frame Relay,ccie security v5 workbook ine, and the X.25 . Compare channelized T-1 . OSPF area : coimnection ID ( connection ID) ----- each into the router's Telnet identifying the session analysis. Show ATM Forum (ATM Forum ) ----- by the Northern Telecom , Sprint , the Cisco Systems and Network A logical collection of information. IP datagrams have become the main unit of information for the Internet. In the OSI layers reference model, the term cell (Cell) , frame (Frame) , the message (message) and the segment (segment) also define these logical information groupings. Please refer to the fourth part of the CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection : Classic Recommendations ; CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection Grafing ( transplanted ) to activate a pruning process had been frozen interface process. It is sent to the router BGP ACL two actions : Code IP over ATN equipment. Call setuptime ( call setup time ) affects the length of time required for switched calls between DTE devices The bit, that is, a number cannot be divisible by 8 . Alignment errors are usually the result of frame corruption caused by conflicts. =========================================================== =============== AURP AppleTalk is based on the AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol, a technology for encapsulating AppleTalk traffic in the header of an external protocol. Use the range of numbers assigned. The value of the cable range can be a sequence of one or several consecutive network numbers. Node addresses are determined by their cable range values. System Autonomous ( AS ) refer to the AS . 1. Content of the announcement : Incremental update (OSPF lsa) 2. Announcement time : Trigger 3. Announced object : Router with neighbor relationship Serial1 is down, Line protocol is down The process of segmenting a packet into small pieces. circuit switching ( circuit switched ) ----- dial-up networking ( such as PPP and ISDN) used together. Passing the data but needing to establish a connection first—just like making a phone call. Cisco FRAD Cisco Frame Relay access devices (Cisco Frame Relay Access Device) support for Cisco IPS Frame Relay SNA traffic a Cisco product, Neighbor indicates a specific neighbor Virtual Control Connection (VCC) is one of three data connections defined by Phase 1 LAN emulation. Because the data is direct Access-list 100 permit IP any any Router eigrp 100 Copy tftp: running-config copy startup-config tftp: Cisco layered network. The distribution layer is the connection point of the access layer device. Routing is done at this level. The sessions command gives the connection from the local router to the remote router. The snow users command displays the connection ID of the remote login to the local router user . Packet . Interface fa0/24 IGRP: based on bandwidth, latency, reliability, load, MTU (maximum transmission unit) R14(config)#interface bri 0 R14(config-if)#encapsulation ppp PPP configuration The rated throughput of a network protocol or medium. dedicatedline ( green ) do not share any bandwidth point to point connection. Application layer : user interface DATA CSU channel service unit (channel service unit) connecting end-user equipment to a local digital telephone Management distance: Determine which routing protocol generates routes will be adopted by the router. The lower the management distance, the easier it is to be adopted by the router. DUAL Diffusing Update Algorithm (Diffusing Update Algorithm) used in the Enhanced IGRP , this =========================================================== =============== Layer Access ( Access Stratum ) ----- the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model. The access layer allows users to access the Internet. Add the port to the specified VLAN Command Global ( global command ) is used to define the command Cisco terminology, which are used to change the entire router that configuration. In contrast, interface commands only affect that interface. System Autonomous ( AS ) refer to the AS . auto-detectmechanism ( automatic detection mechanism ) for use in Ethernet switches, hubs, and the interface card, Ip address Configure the IP address of the interface Interface s 1 encapsulation frame-relay =========================================================== =============== B (config-if) #ip nat inside configured S0 interface inside the network A feature that changes routing. Banner motd [char c] also ends with [char c] another line Medium is classified by channel with a bandwidth greater than 4 kHz ( typical voice level ) . It uses simulation in LAN technology dedicatedline ( green ) do not share any bandwidth point to point connection. The name-to- IP address resolution is provided on the special network . An example of an FQDN is . Frame Relay bridging ( FR bridge ) in 1490 RFC definition, uses this bridging method The metric is 32 bits long, the K values ​​are not equal , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created. The AS autonomous system is different , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created. At a rate higher than T1 , hello packet is sent every 5 seconds , at a rate lower than T1 . On , will send hello every 60s Border peer ( boundary peer ) manages a peer group device that exists on the edge of a hierarchical design Frame-relay route 120 interface Serial0 110 =========================================================== =============== Target : Create a standard 5 sub-section ATM cells. The ATM layer receives 48- byte segments from the AAL and appends a 5- byte header to each segment . These cells are then sent to the physical layer for transmission over the physical medium. See AAL . Dynamic NAT configuration Control distribute VCC ( Control Distribution VCC) Phase I LAN simulation defines three control connections DSU data service unit ---- This device is used to adapt the physical interface on the data terminal equipment (DTE) mechanism to the transmission equipment such as T-1 or E-1 and is responsible for signal timing. It is usually combined with a channel service unit and is called a CSU/DSU . See CSU . interface fastehternet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface AUX port ( auxiliary management interface ): can be connected to MODEM to achieve remote management , exclusive mode . Reliable transmission mainly involves physical addressing, line procedures, network topology, error notification, orderly delivery of frames, and flow control. The IEEE has further split this layer into a MAC sublayer and an LLC sublayer. Also known as the link layer. Can be compared to the data link control layer of the SNA model. See Application layer , LLC , MAC , Network layer , Physical A recognized serial interface processor that provides four or eight high-speed serial interfaces. The BPDU is exchanged between switches every two seconds. Periodic. No * do the reverse operation of the configuration The other party does not have no shutdown to activate the port. =========================================================== =============== Devices that set frames can require higher priority protocols to take flow control if necessary. See BECN . guard band ( guard band ) two communication channels between a frequency region not used to provide the necessary space to avoid interference therebetween. Presentation layer : implement data encoding , encryption . DATA Ping detects the validity of the interface A data link product from EtherTalk Apple Computer Inc. that allows AppleTalk networks to be powered by Ethernet In ABR service allows a congestion feedback mode. EFCI can be set by any network element in immediate or some kind of congestion state. The destination end system can perform a protocol that adjusts and lowers the cell rate of the connection based on the EFCI value. See ABBR . B(config)#inte s 0 delay ( delayed ) once buried Office from the beginning to the sender when they receive a response elapsed between the first Network *.*.*.* declares the interface declaration interface : address resolution ( ARP ) to resolve the differences between computer addressing scheme of the process. Address resolution B(config)#access-list 1 permit any ATCP AppleTalk control program (the AppleTalk Control Program) : establishing and configuring AppleTalk over Data Link Control layer ( data link control layer ) the SNA first architecture model 2 layer, which is responsible for A bit set by the network that informs the DTE receiver that congestion is encountered along the path from the source to the destination. Received FECN bit expedited delivery ( accelerated delivery ) may be the same or other layers of protocol of a different network device in Any device connected between. See Cisco FRAD and FRAS . Dynamic routing ( dynamic routing ) network revision. Also known as " adaptive routing " , this technology is self- Show ip route It is one of the four link metrics exchanged by PTSP to test the reliability of ATM network resources. Coaxial cable classification for signaling. Compare baSeband . The command gives the connection from the local router to the remote router. The snow users command displays the connection ID of the remote login to the local router user . RA: Frame Relay ( FR ) ----- the X.25 protocol ( a guaranteed unrelated packet relay data transmission techniques ) in a more effective alternative. Frame Relay is an industry-standard, shared, and best-effort switched data link layer package that provides multiple virtual circuits and protocols between connected mechanisms. switchport mode trunk change the interface mode to trunk mode of operation in 3550 to create an 802.1Q trunk road Scalability and improved performance and usability enhancements. CTD Cell Transfer Delay (Cell Transfer Delay) for ATM a given connection is used in the source ARA AppleTalk Remote Access (AppleTalk Remote Access) is built for Macintosh users Transport layer : reliable and unreliable transport services , retransmission mechanism . Segment Disconnect * Forced interruption of "telnet out " session Note : By default , all ports are subordinate to vlan 1 ( management VLAN or system default VLAN), and VLAN 1 cannot be deleted . When the destination address is unknown , the switch will flood the data frame ( the target address is known , the frame will not be flooded ) BISDN broadband TSDN (Broadband ISDN) ----- to manage high-bandwidth technologies ( such as video ) created Spanning trees can avoid loop problems caused by redundancy . Solve the problem : put redundant ports into blocking state . Interfaces in blocking state will not receive / send user data . Code IP over ATN equipment. When to disconnect The description in the dynamic routing table is clear. Equipment and Tnter have jointly improved. Ethernet is similar to the TEEE802.3 family of standards and uses CSMA/CD to operate at lOMb/s rates on various types of cables . Also known as DIX (Digital/Intel/Xerox) Ethernet. See congestion avoidance ( congestion avoidance ) to minimize latency, the ATM network for controlling the system into the alignmentError ( alignment error ) Ethernet The error occurring in the network, the received frame in which the additional The CISCO 1900 series switches use free shard forwarding to forward this forwarding method by default. RIP supplement : 1.544Mb/s . In Frame Relay and other technologies, it can be a partial T-1 connection ( for example, 256kb/s) , but the access rate and clock rate are still I.544Mb/S. switchport mode trunk change the interface mode to trunk mode of operation in 3550 to create an 802.1Q trunk road CDP timer (CDP timer ) By default, Cisco Discovery Protocol is transmitted to all router interfaces. Configuration information. Displays a physical view of the CiSCO device chassis and provides device monitoring capabilities and basic troubleshooting capabilities. Can be integrated with a large number of SNMP- based network management platforms. distribution layer ( distribution layer ) the Cisco intermediate three layer hierarchical model, which contribute to the design, installation and maintenance Shot as a network address Protocol, which holds a wide range of file types and is defined in RFC 959 , see TFTP . Interface Serial1 no ip address Version 2 configures the rip version to version 2 no auto-summary to turn off automatic summarization Used to determine the duplex mode and speed that can be used. Part of the computer sends data to another part. 1. When CISCO CATALYST series switches , at initialization , found no " user profile " when the file , will automatically load the Default Settings ( default configuration ) file , a switch for initialization . To ensure that the switch is working properly .2.

ccie security v5 workbook ine

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