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ccna 3.0 dumps

    ccna 3.0 dumps

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  • Ipv6 ospf 100 area 1 interface serial0/1 IGRP for OSI networks Metric for redistributed routes Mobile routes Y 8 bits The implementation of diversified strategies at the level has been able to achieve very good path control effects, and it is a very scientific and highly recommended method to control the flow of data by controlling routing. In addition to this, there are many, such as: No bgp default ipv4-unicast bgp log-neighbor-changes Ipv6 access-list ipv6only-network permit 2001:1::/64 any ! So when R1 sends a big packet to R4 , there will be no problem. This is fragmented directly at the source of R1 . Of course, we can continue to experiment, set the IPv6 MTU to 1300 bytes on the Fa1/0 interface of R3 , and then continue R1 to ping the big packet to R4 , and finally the cache entry on R1 . If you want to tunnel two IPv6 IS-IS islands using tunneling , you need to use a GRE tunnel. Distribute-list Neighbor 2001:45::5 activate network 2001:5555::5/128 Message type OR2 ,ccna 3.0 dumps, SW1 , and SW2 run OSPF , and OR2 acts as the egress router of the telecommunications, injecting a default route into the OSPF domain. OR1 will be local External route tag So in fact, it is very simple, as long as the prefix and mask part of the route, respectively, use the source and destination parts of the ACL to match. Image The following are the parameters used during and after the auto-configuration process: Target Options Header (Protocol 60 ) Introduced in the route-map section of this document Per packet load-sharing is disabled IP unicast RPF check is disabled Inbound access list is not set Outbound access list is not set Initially, R3 can learn three loopback routes from R1 and routes. Now we don't want R3 to learn the route to , then we can configure it on R2 as follows: 4 Match ip address 1 Then you can use the route-map tool, that is, we can associate a route-map with the re-release , to implement the function I just mentioned. Immediate Outgoing interface list: E : global scope; ! Policy-based routing is more powerful and flexible than traditional routing. It allows network managers to select forwarding paths based on destination addresses and packet types, packet sizes, applications, or IP source addresses. R1 and R2 are dual-stack routers that connect to both IPv6 and IPv4 networks. Interface FastEthernet0/0 no ip address Image First of all, the route-map is a very important tool, and it is used in a wide range. When defining a route-map , we use the route-map keyword to associate a custom parameter, such as test . A route-map list by the test string unified representation, you may be in one route-map define a plurality of sequences, a sequence number to a decimal representation, such as the figure above, 10 , BGP table version is 2, local router ID is Of course, on R3 , the same effect can be achieved with the distribution list in the in direction. Ipv6 route 2222::/64 FastEthernet0/0 FE80::CE01:1AFF:FEE4:0 Image The configuration of R1 is as follows Image Router request ( RS ) Ipv6 unicast-routing FastEthernet FastEthernet IEEE 802.3 With object tracking, PBR can be more flexible, and can make decisions based on ICMP , HTTP , the presence or absence of a route in the routing table, and the up/down of the interface . Image Fa0/0 The 64bits interface ID , and FE80 :: / 10 constitute a PC 's Linklocal address: fe80 :: 200: 5EFE: At the same time, PC will ISATAP router Linklocal address fe80 :: 5efe: set as the default gateway The configuration of CE1 is as follows: 1/1024 Ipv6 address 2001:1::FFFF/64 ipv6 nat Modify the TAG of the summary LSA of the ASBR notification State Changed: 00:11:03 Format: Phase V So R2 can ping through BGP table version is 1, local router ID is 2001:2::2 Access-list 1 permit Common basic configuration 0000 001x xxxx xxxx Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Route map reference Activate IPv6 IS-iS on the interface ! Version During the transition of the network from the IPv4 single-protocol network to the IPv4-IPv6 IS-IS router, this command maintains the IS-IS adjacency between IS-IS routers using different protocol sets . It prevents IS-IS routers that use different protocol sets from performing hello checks and losing IS-IS adjacencies. After the network switch or transition is complete, you can configure the adjacency-check back.

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ccna 3.0 dumps

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