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ccna routing exam

    ccna routing exam

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  • 0/0/0 Local label info: global/16 Hostname: R1 IP Address: Metric: 10 *Aug 18 04:37:06.243: STYLE type 1 length 8 : Local binding: tag: 101 CLNP is similar to the IP protocol except that it serves the ISO transport layer. IS-IS , ES-IS , and CLNP are network layer protocols that are encapsulated directly in the data link layer frame. Compared with the OSPF packet in TCP/IP , it is hidden behind the IP header. The encapsulation efficiency of the former protocol packet is higher. In this environment, all physical interfaces OSPF cost = 10 , Loopback port cost = 1 *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: SESSION_ATTRIBUTE type 7 length 16:* R1#show isis da R3.02-00 detail Used to establish and maintain adjacent relationships Therefore, the router will not BGP direct distribution label route, but for BGP routes by next hop routing label distribution after the recursion, this is very good. BGP routing entry is pretty much, by this way we MPLS , can greatly simplify the performance loss routers, BGP 's Transit AS routing black hole problem has been solved. Remarks Swap 75000 Mpls traffic-eng signalling interpret explicit-null verbatim Interface eth 0/0 Inter-area IP routing changes; 687 To support regional repair Tspec: ave rate=60000 kbits, burst=1000 bytes, peak rate=60000 kbits RSVP Resv Info: R1#show mpls forwarding-table The initial environment is as shown above, and the traffic from R1 to R8 has been carried on the green path shown in the figure. The LSA is encapsulated into the LSU to advertise to the neighbor BandwidthOverride: disabled LockDown: disabled Verbatim: disabled ! R1#show mpls traffic-eng tunnels Bw[0]: Reference book Ip unnumbered loopback 0 tunnel destination tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng Metric: 10 Tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 10 dynamic The tunnel priority ranges from 0 to 7. The smaller the priority, the higher the priority. An NSAP address with a NSEL value of 0 is used to identify the device, which is the network address of the device, NET . Therefore NET is determined by the area Id and the system ID . In general, the biggest difference between NSAP addressing style and IP addressing style is that NSAP uses only one address to identify a router , while IP is assigned an Ip address for each port . Now we configure MPLS LDP-IGP synchronization on R1 and R2 : SRM : used to control the delivery of LSPs to adjacent routers during the update process. Or Tunnel Id Ip address Experimental needs Test and see the forwarding path of the data. So if you want to load balance based on messages ? R1.00-00 Interface Loopback0 Route-map test permit 10 router isis 300 O Type block This is 1B , which contains a number of important bits: Time since created: 10 minutes, 5 seconds Time since path change: 9 minutes, 49 seconds ! My Address: Set as a P2P sub-interface or broadcast link (if it is fully interconnected) The way to use static routing is of course the easiest, and the best control, but the scalability is too poor,ccna routing exam, if there are multiple tunnels, then configuration and maintenance is more troublesome. No synchronization We open interface authentication between R1 and R2 : 0x2D6E Comparison of terms between IS-IS and OSPF : Or Tunnel Id Mpls traffic-eng tunnels Ip router isis The forwarded keyword indicates that this command is valid for traffic traversing the router. The Local keyword indicates that the traffic generated locally is effective. 4 0 msec Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0 mpls traffic-eng area 0 ! Router , thus maintaining two independent L1 link state databases and L2 link state databases. Then, if there is a router in the backbone that is not connected to the L1 router , it can be configured as an L2 router . Hello *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: SENDER_TEMPLATE type 7 length 12: HELLO holdtime is the maximum allowable interval for an IS-IS router to receive 2 consecutive hello packets. Hello holdtime=hello interval × hello multiplier . Therefore hello holdtime defaults to 30S . If a router has not received any hello after the hello holdtime expires , the neighbor is declared invalid. Name: R2-PE1_t0 Status: Next Hop *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: TIME_VALUES type 1 length 8 : Ip cef i ia [115/158] via, FastEthernet0/0 is subnetted, 4 subnets Bandwidth: 2000 Each priority corresponds to an available bandwidth *Mar 1 00:00:32.639: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor Up Auto-bw: disabled *Aug 18 04:37:06.239: min unit=0 bytes, max pkt size=2147483647 bytes Tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce Tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 7 7 - Type 1 length 8 : The loopback0 address of all devices is xxxx/32 , and x is the device number. Reservable Bandwidth[2]: The configuration of R3 is as follows: *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: (Strict IPv4 Prefix, 8 bytes, /32) ! Now let's consider another scenario. Suppose we add a physical connection between R1 and R5 . In order to facilitate the experiment, I directly pull a line between R1 and R5 . Everyone has the right to have multiple routers in this new path. Play the imagination and kiss: Activate the MPLS TE extension for each router's OSPF and manually set the RouterID for MPLS TE . The load of the routing processor is low in large areas Protocols support Route-map test permit 10 router isis Interface eth 0/0 10 After completing this configuration, take a look at the phenomenon: Mpls ip (Tunnel0) Destination: PSNP Configuring multiple NETs for a single IS-IS process The first is the case of no forwarding adjacency: See the process of label exchange? Prove that the data is indeed on the TE tunnel . Mpls traffic-eng signalling interpret explicit-null verbatim Interface fas1/0 Route summary !! This one can be done, you know Run OSPF on the entire network to announce direct connection and loopback interface. Both support two levels of hierarchical routing Host If the bandwidth parameter is not followed by the command, the "reservable bandwidth" of the interface defaults to 75% of the physical bandwidth of the interface . L1 (inside the area) and L2 (in the area) For IP applications , 1 byte defines AFI in the NSAP address , at least 2 bytes defines the actual area information, 6 bytes defines the system ID and Interface Ethernet0/1 Tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 10 dynamic 6B is systemID + 1B of PSN ID Comparison of terms between IS-IS and OSPF : Ip unnumbered Loopback0 Router(config-router)#mpls traffic-eng router-id {interface} Ciphertext LSPs authentication R3#show mpls forwarding-table Alternatively, you can configure the following command on the tail router: LS age: 705 Et0/1 For certification The implicit empty tag above has already been introduced, it does increase efficiency, but there is also a problem, because if I receive an implicit null tag sent by a downstream neighbor about a particular prefix bundle, then I am forwarding the tag. Before the data is given to the neighbor, I will first pop the top-level label. Then the pop-up action actually pops up the entire top-level label header, that is, even the fields with the label field, EXP, etc. pop up, and EXP knows For QoS , it is also popped up, meaning that some information for QoS is lost here .

ccna routing exam

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