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    all ccna questions and answers

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  • Build an IP routing table IDI Initial Domain Identifier , a variable-length initial domain identifier that identifies a subdomain under AFI Frame-relay map ip 201 broadcast frame-relay map clns 201 broadcast MPLS features Prefix TLV 22 : Extended intermediate-System Reachability About Explicit Path In area 49.0001,all ccna questions and answers, we can see that all routers flood their own LSPs . LSPs are represented by LSPIDs , such as R1.00-00 . This R1 is the hostname of the device . Here we have the default hostname mapping mechanism. See above. . In addition , 00 after R1 is a pseudo node identifier, and 00 means that the originating router of the LSP is not a DIS , and then the last 00 is a fragmentation flag. Backbone area This state has three values: down , init , up Each hop LSR that the TE tunnel needs to traverse is added to an ERO . This is an ordered list of interface IP addresses, each LSR R2-PE1#show ip bgp vpnv4 all labels Fa0/0 There is DIS in the LAN , DIS generates and updates the pseudo node information, and spreads the LSP in the LAN . The DIS sends CSNP every 10s , which lists the LSPs stored in its link state database . These CSNPs are multicasted to all IS-IS routers on the LAN . R1#sh isis neighbors detail Mpls ldp router-id loopback0 ! Record Route: NONE Mpls traffic-eng tunnels ip rsvp bandwidth Protect lsp path: i L2 [115/20] via, Serial0/0 Targeted Hello ->, active, passive LSP MPLS TE Router ID: The metric configuration only affects the tunnel endpoint router itself, and does not advertise to other neighbors. But the forwarding adjacency feature is different. Moreover, the two methods of modifying the metric are not used. The autoroute needs to match the autoroute keyword to modify the metric and only affect the configurator itself. In the forwarding adjacency, the metric is modified directly in the tunnel interface . For example , if ISIS is used , then the isis metric command. If ospf is used , it is ip ospf cost .

all ccna questions and answers

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