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  • All routers run OSPF Maximum reservable bandwidth : 9375000 Number of Priority : 8 Level2 , using the interface level command: isis circuit-type level2 , then R2 and R3 will not advertise these direct links when advertising LSPs in area 49.0001 . So the routing table for R1 becomes: Type : 0x0800 carries IPv4 packets and finds FIB. To peer-access-list - the IP access-list that selects the MPLS neighbors that will receiver the labels Test 1 : set-overload-bit By default, if the synchronization is not completed, the IGP does not explicitly know the time to wait before establishing the adjacency relationship. We spotted FIG, C for 30.0 / 24 bundled label prefix 0 ,ccna institute, i.e. explicit null label, the label is then sent to map B , B also generates its own tag map is then sent to A . Then, at this time, if B receives a label packet from A and the value of the top label is 20 , then B finds its own LFIB and finds that the label is to be converted to 0 . Therefore, B replaces the top-level label with 0 and then forwards it to C. At this time, for C , it receives a label packet with a label value of 0. C cannot forward the label value 0 in the LFIB . Message, because this tag value can be assigned to multiple FECs , C just pops up 0The tag is also an explicit null tag. After that, another search has to be performed. Although the search has to be performed twice, C can obtain the QoS information of the packet by looking at the EXP bit of the tag header .

ccna institute

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Exam Code: 200-125

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Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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