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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccna latest exam code

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  • When track1 is true , that is, is reachable, the data of the PC accessing the 100 network is lost to . If track 1 is hung, the next next-hop is switched. Mpls ip Image Image Ip address 2001::CE00:DFF:FE48:0, subnet is 2001::/64 [PRE] !! The status is prefer Situation 3 Image The dual-stack host uses HTTP to access the tunneling proxy through IPv4 . This dual-stack host may be an end user that fills in a web page. Ipv6 prefix-list loopb permit 2003::3/128 router bgp 12 To prove this again, we are on PE1 : Untagged Policy deployment in BGP Hosts should use DHCP for non-address config OI 2001:23::/64 [110/128] First on PE1 , take a look: The IPv6 host on the left wants to communicate with the IPv6 host on the right to issue the original IPv6 packet. Ipv6 address 2001:12::2/64 ipv6 rip RIPprocess enable By default , Cisco routers enable fast switching or optimal switching or cef switching instead of process Ipv6 route 2002:CA65:1703::/48 Tunnel0 Router ospf 1 To verify which outbound interface is used for a particular traffic in destination-based load balancing, use Activate the RIPng process and interface Now we consider that when R1 originates an OSPF internal route, both R2 and R3 can learn this route. Then on R2 , the route is re-released from process 1 to process 2 , and finally R3 will learn the route from R4 . So for R3 , the dual OSPF process, No frame-relay inverse-arp ipv6 enable Note: If CDP- based detection and object tracking- based detection are applied, the latter is preferred. 301 Ipv6 enable Ipv6 unicast-routing interface Tunnel0 ipv6 nat v6v4 source 2001: 1 :: 1 !! equivalent to 2001: 1 :: 1 this IPv6 node, "told" to Then IOS will automatically change the command to Set ip next-hop ip1 ip2 ...... Thinking question By default, the RIP running on the CISCO router sends v1 and receives v1 v2 . If the display is declared as v1 ( use the version in the RIP process) RIPv2 manual summary Ipv6 unicast-routing interface Serial0/0 encapsulation frame-relay Routing? The key point is that R2 , through the R2 deployment redistributed routing , routing information may be selected in different transmission routes between the domains. Request the entire routing table: The request message contains a single route with an address family identifier field of 0 (address ) and a metric of 16. The device receiving the request will unicast it back to the requesting address. The entire routing table. The above is the address that the host node must have. The router is different. The following addresses are added: All routers have multicast addresses: FF01::2 ; FF02::2 ; FF05::2 R1(config-if)#ipv6 nd prefix 2001::/64 ? PE1 , P ,ccna latest exam code, and PE2 form an LDP neighbor relationship and deliver IGP labels. In order to facilitate the observation of experimental phenomena, the label range of PE1 is set to netsh interface ipv6 isatap set router mechanism Ip route # x client host IPv6 packet hoplimit is the value ( 64 ) Ip address The arrival ISATAP the loopback of IPv6 packets, on a quilt ISATAP of IPv4 tunnel header, and then passed ISATAP This entry will be entered into the routing table as a direct network (see below) Via FE80::FFFF:FE10:5, Serial0/0 OI 2001:23::/64 [110/128] Command Route tag 1111 6to4 automatic tunnel configuration Ipv6 nat v6v4 pool v6v4-pool prefix-length 24 Ipv6 address 2012::2/64 ipv6 nd suppress-ra Ip sla monitor responder technical background 1/128 Bgp router-id !! configure validtime and preferd time , this is a relative time !! NET entity address Gateway of last resort is to network C is directly connected, Serial0/0 This is the general case, of course, there are two situations, it depends on the specific environment and the specific routing protocol. Valid lifetime 25 preferred lifetime 10 !! The two times are decreasing. When the preferred lifetime first reaches 0 , the status changes to [DEP] . When the valid time becomes 0 , the address is erased. RIP update source problem Each router on the transport path is processed for jumbo packets and router alerts. Such as RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol, but the update is after the summary In stale transmitting a packet through the state, and 5s no reachability confirmation within every 1s retransmission request active neighbor reachability confirmation request until it receives an acknowledgment Isis circuit-type level-1 interface Loopback0 Ip prefix-list ABC seq 5 permit le 24 2001:2::/96 , this 96 -bit prefix is a predefined prefix for NAT-PT operations. The prefix can be customized, but the length must be 96 bits . This predefined prefix is ​​very critical, which is equivalent to pre-defining an IPv6 space for the IPv4 network on the right side of R2 . To give a very simple example, IPv6 single network protocol, if there are PC you want to access IPv4 single-protocol network PC , so a quick visit? What is the destination address? Can not let a IPv6 only the PC to ping an IPv4 address, right? So this /96 pre-defined prefix comes in handy, which can be understood as a predefined IPv6 address space served in the scenario for the IPv4 only network on the right .

ccna latest exam code

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