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ccna certification questions

    ccna certification questions

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  • Interface Serial0/0 ipv6 enable Load balancing mode Address-family ipv6 But it must mention , this model because also store the relevant information ,ccna certification questions, Statistically , approximately 65536 data streams (Flow) will consume 4MB of system buffer. Assume that R1 is the stub node in the network structure. Therefore, on R2 , the extra routes are filtered out, and only the Fa1/0 port route of R3 is decentralized . Therefore, in the case of dual stack, when the PC DNS is parsed, the AAAA record is generally requested first . Multilink Multilink-group interface EIGRP , BGP and other dynamic routes learned. Configuration command Configure on R2 as follows: R3 re-releases the incoming A route, so R2 , R3 , and R4 form a routing loop. 101x xxxx xxxx xxxx The concept of traditional IP routing Let us review: When the router receives an IP packet, check the IP header of the packet, and take the destination IP of the packet to the routing table for comparison according to the longest matching principle. Finally, Forward the packet. Therefore, traditional IP routing can only be routed based on the purpose of the data. Each routing table entry must include at least the following three items: Set metric sets the metric of the routing protocol R1(config-router)#distribute-list 1 in ? // All interfaces Interface FastEthernet0/0 Image Router ospf 3 Ipv6 enable You can configure a CISCO router as a 6to4 relay with an arbitrary IPv4 prefix : Image About PBR Ipv6 route ::/0 tunnel 0 X Windows XP system, you need to install manually, the method is very simple, enter the CMD interface operation: Match ip address 2 set metric 3 By default, the stateless autoconfiguration announcement has a prefix length of 64 bits. The node receives the IPv6 prefix and appends its EUI-64 address to the 64 -bit prefix to form a 128 -bit IPv6 address. Image Request message: You can request the entire routing table or request specific routing information. Ipv6 nat v4v6 source 2001:2::2 The transition from an IPv4 single-protocol network IS-IS router to an IPv6-IPv4 router is critical. If the adjacency check is not turned off during the transition (turn off the adjacency check, use no adjacency-check ), IPv4 single protocol Wang Liping IS The -IS router will refuse to form adjacencies with the IPv6-IPv4 router. After a successful transition, when all IS-IS routers support both protocols, the no adjacency-check command can be removed .

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ccna certification questions

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Exam Code: 200-125

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Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: May 24,2022

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