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ccna security

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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ccna security

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    ccna security

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  • Image The basic IPv4 header contains 12 fields, 20 bytes long. The options and padding fields are added as needed. Image Image Tunnel mode gre ip 0xF895 Hop-by- hop option header Hop-by-Hop Options Header (Protocol 0 ) Nolabel/403 Pop tag The allocated portion of the entire IPv6 space: Metric =0 Image 2000::/3 Ipv6 unicast-routing Match ip address 1 Route-map 2001:1111::1/128 Image Image PE1#sh ipv cef 2001:5555::5 *> 2001:12::/64 When OSPF to IBGP when routes are heavy, because the OSPF of AD than IBGP of AD should be small, so there is no problem of sub-optimal routing path or loop: Ipv6 address 2001:12::2/64 This subnet has been successfully updated " " because it is the same as the main source of the R1 update source interface . Between R1 , R2 and Layer 3 switches, it is assumed to be a static routing environment. So now, we hope that users under R3 will flow in the direction indicated by the red dotted arrow when accessing the production server, and will flow in the direction of the blue arrow when accessing the office server. Ip cef Passive-interface defualt Initially, R3 can learn three loopback routes from R1 and routes. Now we don't want R3 to learn the route to ,ccna security, then we can configure it on R2 as follows: Image Fa0/0 Network area 0 MC When the network is normal, the data is forced to go ISP1 , ping 100 remote network data to ISP1 access-list 1 deny In fact, this is more a problem, because such an approach, in fact, the last 8 bit group no matter what, will be live match, he is even more imprecise. This prefix will not be included in the RA message. By default, CISCO IOS turns off this no-advertise , which means that the prefix will be included in Interface FastEthernet0/0 ipv6 enable 0/0/0 LocPrf Two-way re-release on R2 . Under normal circumstances, R1 can learn , and R3 can learn OSPF and EIGRP re-release !! Attention tunnel mode Neighbor 2001:12::1 activate exit-address-family ! As the example above, it can be further abbreviated as: 2001 : a8 : 207 :: 8207 Tunnel mode ipv6ip Image Straight connector Bgp connected eigrp The IPv6 data of the 6to4 network can be forwarded by obtaining the corresponding public network IPv4 address from the destination IPv6 address . However, if the IPv6 island is not using the 6to4 address space, but a regular aggregatable global unicast address like 2001::/16 ? This requires the use of 6to4 relay. This technology is used less and is one of the first conversion mechanisms of the IETF . The automatic IPv4- compatible tunneling mechanism allows only IPv6 data between two dual-stack hosts to be automatically tunneled (without manual configuration) over the IPv4 network. This mechanism allows for isolated hosts and another on an IPv4 network Y Adjust IPv6 nd parameters Match tag matches based on the tag of the route ! Address-family ipv6 neighbor activate Image 011x xxxx xxxx xxxx Image The configuration of CE1 is as follows: None FIG Ibid, 4.0 after hang, C sends message poisoning message, theoretically 4.0 routing is C advertised to B , the principle of the horizontal division, B is not the C advertised 4.0 information, but with a level of toxicity reversal split broke this principle, B periodically to C sends 4.0 poison reverse messages to let C know, his neighbors knew a 4.0 hang message and waiting eagerly 4.0 resurrected place full of blood, another benefit of doing so is avoid loops, at least C is not from B to go visit 4.0 a.

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