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  • No-rtr-address off-link In addition, because ISATAP 's operating range is within the site, the IPv4 address of the ISATAP host and ISATAP router can be private IP or public IP . , RIP only declared the direct link (without having to declare that in the process the Loopback ), the R1 on ip defaut-network 16 bits 0 7 15 31 IGRP for OSI networks Metric for redistributed routes Mobile routes Image Prefixing !! Open IPv6 packet forwarding between interfaces Image Gateway of last resort is to network Image Valid lifetime 2591944 preferred lifetime 604744 Joined group address(es): After receiving the RA response, the ISATAP host will take out the IPv6 prefix and then add its own ISATAP virtual network card. Access-list 1 permit Router ospf 100 The other bit is 1 to indicate that the host uses stateful address autoconfiguration to obtain parameters other than the address. Ipv6 enable The configuration of R2 is similar. After the configuration is complete, the RIP messages are exchanged between R1 and R2 , and the unicast is performed, so that the PC will not be affected. Netsh interface ipv6 add address 21 3ffe::1 unicast !! Assuming that the interface index number to be configured is 21 , this command configures an IPv6 unicast address for the interface . FEC0 – FEFF Image Routing time: The time elapsed since the last time the routing entry was modified. The routing time is reset to 0 each time the routing entry is modified . Image AH head, this is very familiar Image Case: Double Exit NAT 2 : Reponse message, send all or part of its routing information, one Redistribute ospf 3 subnets route-map OSPF3to2 BVI Bridge-Group Virtual Interface Offset-list Acl number in/out offset value interface Detect the reachability of the next hop, the default is off Set ip next-hop R2#sh isis neighbors detail Solicitation request and Router Advertisement notification message. The former is used to discover the router and causes the router to send the Router. Routing strategy needs (reliability, redundancy, offloading model, etc.) STALE The basic IPv6 header 40 th . 8 bit 'bit , i.e., 40 bytes long,ccna 1 dumps, a total . 8 fields. Ip cef or The MPLS Domain consists of three routers: PE1 , P , and PE2 . The IGP protocol running in the domain is OSPF , and the process ID is 100 . Each of the three routers announces its own loopback port into Core 's OSPF . The address of Loopback is xxxx/32 , and x is the router number, such as PE1 is , P is , and PE2 is . Last retransmission scan time is 0 msec, maximum is 0 msec RIP database Image Size Ipv6 access-list v4map permit 2001:1::/64 2001:2::/96 Ipv6 nd prefix 2012::/64 890000 720000 off-link ...... IPv4- compatible addresses are used for transition mechanisms such as automatic ipv4- compatible tunneling and NAT-PT (see the IPv6 Transition Technology section of this document for details). Reference book ...... Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) ISO IS-IS IP routing troubleshooting Use the Linklocal address as the source address of the protocol packet and send a RIPng message to the neighboring RIPng router. Use FF02::9 as RIPng Gateway of last resort is to network RIP based on rumor updates When we deploy PBR on an interface , if this interface receives a packet, it will: Image FC00 – FDFF 0 00:00:39 Y Netsh interface ipv6 add route ::/0 " local connection " 2010::1 Authentication is identified by setting the address family ID field to all 1s ( 0xFFFF ). Tunnel mode ipv6ip When the GW loses the route to and the connection to ISP2 is also lost, then the default route is taken. Access-list 1 permit 0x7768 Prefix readdressing Ip address Image ! Unassigned RIPv1 update and receiving rule verification #源 server Link-layer Addr 1) The above example, A received the IPv4 public network address: , the mapping obtained 2002: 84d6: 010a :: / 48 , part of this address space was eventually used on PC1 . Now, PC1 will send an IPv6 data to PC2 . The source of this data IP is PC1 of FastEthernet1/0 length The configuration of PE1 is as follows: Interface FastEthernet0/0 ipv6 enable If R2 is added to the default route of R3 on the above basis, the data of the PC to the network is still lost to R1 , which means that ip defaut-next-hop has higher priority than the default route. IPv6 address configuration method Image Indicates whether the router is running IPV6 and the packets sent by the router running OSPFv3 . This field is normally set to 1. NDP Neighbor Discovery Protocol ( RFC2461 ) Ip sla monitor 2 The configuration of R2 is added as follows: FF01::2 node local range all router multicast address Ethernet Adjust DAD The R position 1 indicates that this is a router. Local link IPv6 address . . . . . . . . : fe80::200:5efe:1.1 1.1%40 Fast switching type 1, interface type 18 IP CEF switching enabled In addition, IS-IS neighboring routers have a very important factor to consider. In an IPv4 or IPv6 single-protocol environment, IS-IS adjacencies and information interactions are not problematic. However , care should be taken when enabling both protocols ( IPv4 and IPv6 ) on all neighboring IS-IS routers . In this particular case, the two protocols must be enabled on all IS-IS neighboring routers. Otherwise, the IS-IS router will no longer maintain the adjacency relationship with all its IS-IS IPv4 neighbors. In fact, when Level1 or Level1-2 IS-IS router in adjacency checking is enabled, it checks from the IS-IS the neighbor Hello message, if the neighbor to use a different set of protocols, it refused abutting relationship therewith.

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ccna 1 dumps

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