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ccna icnd2 dumps

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccna icnd2 dumps

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  • Router bgp 234 Experimental needs Ipv6 ospf 100 area 2 When the link between R1 and R3 fails, the same network will still have problems. Because R2 re-releases the locally configured static summary route into the ! basic configuration The PMTU here refers to the one-way, the smallest of the data outbound MTU along the way . Ipv6 address 2002:CA65:C01 ::FFFF/64 ipv6 enable IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is FE80::CE00:DFF:FE48:0 Global unicast address(es): IPV6 and subnetting Router(config)# ipv6 router rip name Fast Switching Image The above configuration is only to solve the problem of data direction, but the problem of NAT : V1 defaults to send v1 to receive v1, v2 Interface Serial0/0 After PK , there is no doubt that the default route pointing to telecommunications appears in the routing table, and points to the default route of the education network, "wacky" to hide. When the default route to the telecom is invalid, it disappears from the routing table. At this time, the default route to the education network is "floated". OI 2002::1/128 [110/64] Redistribution will only perform re-release actions on routes in the routing table. If an OSPF in- process route cannot be summarized: Authentication Header the Authentication Header (Protocol 51 ) ! Address-family ipv6 Subnet router anycast address: UNICAST_PREFIX : 0:0:0:0 The configuration of R4 is as follows: Complete VRF configuration and MP-BGP configuration. RIP version number: Test phenomenon: can ping through Access-list 1 permit Since Source Address The node has two protocol stacks, IPv4 and IPv6. Metric: 10 !! If you add the default keyword, it will add a default on the interface that gets the address. In the figure above, we started the re-release action on R2 . We "inject" the OSPF route into the RIP process, so that IGRP/EIGRP NAT-PT configuration and principle In this way, the entire network is interconnected. Note that when redistributing routes to OSPF , redistribute rip subnets , this subnets Access-list 2 permit Ipv6 nd ns-interval !! is used to set the interval of the neighbor request message. The default is 1000ms or 1S. In the above example, the phenomenon we mentioned, R4 will know the route from OSPF and RIP to , and finally R4 will choose OSPF route. This is a phenomenon we don't want to see in this environment, because it creates a sub-optimal path. The AD values ​​for several common routing protocols are listed below: Ipv6 address FE80::FFFF:FE10:2 link-local ipv6 router isis !! Match, go this one Interface FastEthernet0/0 Then, if an OSPF process (this sentence may not be rigorous, everyone understands what I mean), the route can not be summarized, such as the following figure. Network area 0 Network FastEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up After the above configuration, A can initiate access to B , and uses the destination address 2001: 2 :: 2 to access B S [1/0] via S [1/0] via Automatic tunneling: The tunneling mechanism of ISATAP is also automatic. The tunnel is created between the host and the ISATAP router. The host prefers to know the IPv4 address of the ISATAP router . technical background CE1 and CE2 configuration Route-map setNH permit 10 set ip next-hop Of course, the subnet can be further subnetted to get or even , then if these prefixes exist, when I am going to find , who's What is the highest match? Obviously, is the host prefix of , or host routing? This is the longest match principle . Verify again, instead of detailed routing, use a summary route of ip route , the next hop is R3 , the effect is the same as above, also take R3 . Therefore, as long as it is not the default route, as long as there is such a matching route in the routing table, the route is taken preferentially, and the route-map is taken without the route . The longest match principle is the default route lookup method for CISCO IOS routers. When the router receives an IP packet, it performs bit-bit bit-by -bit lookup between the destination IP address of the packet and the entry in its local routing table until the longest matching entry is found. This is called the longest match. in principle. Policy deployment in BGP Tunnel mode ipv6ip Ipv6 dhcp server DHCP-pool Mechanism introduction Port-channel Ethernet Channel of interfaces 6to4 relay. IANA has assigned a 6to4 relay anycast prefix specifically for automatic routing of 6to4 packets to the nearest 6to4 After " " is passed to R2 , since the updated subnet is consistent with the R2 interface main network, R2 receives the update, and uses the interface mask /23 as the mask of the received RIP subnet, then R2 local loading This RIP route is . In fact,ccna icnd2 dumps, the prefix length of the route is wrong. We can configure a secondary address on the R2 interface. In this way, RIP will use the mask of the secondary address (if configured) to receive the route. For example, configure R2 with .

ccna icnd2 dumps

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