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ccnp route exam simulation questions

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    ccnp route exam simulation questions

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  • Both of the above commands can be used to adjust the management distance of the routing protocol. The first command, distance ad ip-src , can adjust the management distance for a specific routing update source and a specific routing prefix. For example, I will use an OSPF. Some routes sent to me by the neighbor, the AD value is adjusted to 130 . Note that with route-map , the last is implicitly killing any , while the suppress-map is different. The routing between the internal LOOPBACK of the AS can be learned separately. Both R1 and R3 update the route of the 100 network segment to R2 . Without any policy, the BGP routing rule will always be compared to the RID , and finally the route of R1 is preferred . Match ip add pre 1 Another CASE that associates the static route of the outgoing interface : The configuration of R2 is as follows: RouterID : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Of course, this time is unable to access , because R3 does not have a route in the RIP routing domain (that is, there is a problem with the backhaul routing, data communication must always consider the round-trip path, remember), so if To achieve network-wide interworking, you need to be on R2 : Combine object tracking to detect the reachability of a remote device (or IP ) *, from, 00:09:32 ago, via Serial0/1 Route metric is 20, traffic share count is 1 ? Single match includes a plurality of conditional statements, logical or operation; multiple match when the statement, using the logic and operation. This command can change the properties of the aggregation route (note, only for the summary route, not for the details). [Synchronization concept] After a BGP router learns a route from an IBGP neighbor, it is not enabled (not optimized) unless it learns the same route from the IGP again . This is to prevent the routing black hole problem described above. Routing entry for Via, FastEthernet1/0, 0 dependencies Switch(config)# mac address-table static machine mac interface vlan vlan number to cancel with no mac address-static ...... Pipe character, logical or Ip route Activates self-recovery of the err-disable interface due to arp-inspection violations . Gateway implementation) The path is rejected by the inbound BGP policy, and the router is configured with soft reset. DHCP relay experiment Note inconsistent with err-diasble difference is, ERR-disable will disable off the entire interface, and inconsistentport is for a particular VLAN 's. Protocol basis BGP routing rules Since the AS_PATH attribute does not change within the AS (only when the route leaves the AS ), the AS inner loop has a horizontal splitting mechanism, and the route reflector actually relaxes the horizontal splitting principle. This will bring some hidden dangers to the loop. Therefore, the route reflector needs to use the following two attributes to prevent loops: Write multiple commums in the same line, such as ip community-list 1 permit no-export 12:1111 does not take effect, can not delete these two values Enables multiple gateways to be used at the same time and automatically detects active gateways. Aggregate-address summary address attribute-map abc Manual bindings are IP addresses that have been manually mapped to the MAC addresses of hosts that are found in the DHCP database. Manual bindings are stored in NVRAM on the DHCP server. Manual The router is typically used to determine whether the inbound interface and the source and destination address type CEF exchange . For consider CEF of routers , the outbound interface must be configured to CEF exchange mode , if the interface is configured CEF, then CEF will attempt to exchange data package. Otherwise , CEF will deliver the packet to the next best available exchange method. Host address. External 100 from ( Multiple paths have the same RouterID because they are received from the same router. Router(config-router)# Use the dynamically learned MAC address to form a secure address entry. s> Access port processing frame process Next Hop R1(config-router)#distribute-list 1 out ? The next hop of the route advertised by the device is 0 100 i Matches the network number and prefix length in the route prefix to enhance the accuracy of the match. ^$ The Layer 2 switch searches for VLAN configuration information based on the destination MAC address and VLAN ID of the frame, and determines from which port the frame is sent out. Received a Layer 2 frame. Strictly speaking, path control is a very big topic. In the deployment of a large network, it is often necessary to consider the control of the data traffic access path in order to make more rational and scientific use and allocation of network resources. At the same time, it enhances the reliability, redundancy and robustness of the network. Through MED affect route choice 18 On the untrust interface, create a security entry by manually configuring ARP ACLs on B. Of course, you can isolate the two switches in three layers, for example, add a router. After the command is configured, the newly learned MAC address is also sticky . Ip dhcp snooping verify mac-address Matching 100 , 101 , 102 , 103 , 104 ,ccnp route exam simulation questions, 109 which AS_PATH Ip policy-list as100 permit match as-path 1 Track 2 rtr 2 reachability The configuration of R3 is as follows: Exchange network security 2 R2(config)# access-list 1 deny R2(config)# access-list 1 permit any R2(config)# router ospf 1 mark No passive-interface fast 0/24 Redis static route-map cisco Ip dhcp snooping length Received a Layer 2 frame. Experimental verification Ip as-path access-list 1 deny _600$ To do another test, PC1 privately modifies the IP address: !! Note the difference between the above two commands Network mask None An escape character that is used to convert the control character immediately following it to a normal character Weight * i100.0.1.0/24 Ip sla monitor responder You can further configure this logical etherchannel interface. Configure the DAI to occupy the size of the log buffer (the maximum number of entries), the interval is 0-1024 Switchport access vlan 100 interface fast0/24 Dhcp snooping binding database . as follows: We know that there are several ways to form a secure address entry, one of which is manually configured using the switchport port-security mac , but this method is time consuming and laborious, and it is necessary to copy the MAC on the PC , and the work cost is relatively high. . Another way to form a secure address is to have the switch use dynamically learned MACs . However, these secure addresses will be lost once the interface is up/down , let alone rebooting the device. Therefore, you can use the sticky mac . After this method is activated, the switch will “stick” the dynamically learned MAC . The specific action is very simple. After dynamically learning the MAC (for example, a 00b0.1111.

ccnp route exam simulation questions

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