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ccnp route fib

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

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Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccnp route fib

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  • Redistribute external routes into the IGP to ensure IGP synchronization with BGP . However, the drawback of this method is that if a large number of routes are obtained from BGP ,ccnp route fib, it is a considerable burden for the IGP . Instead of tearing down and rebuilding TCP or BGP connections, only the update operation is triggered to make the new routing policy take effect. Soft reset can be used for both inbound and outbound policies only due to outbound or inbound policies. ------------- External route tag. R3 announces , 2.0 , and sets the community attribute of 1.0 to no-adv. Router ospf 100 This global configuration command creates a route-map that uses a custom string to represent this route-map . You can do this in a Standard ACL R4 and R2 , we look R2 , R2 moment from R4 has learned this RIP routes, if it from the R3 also learn the route and of the route metric is smaller, then, R2 will preferably from R3 this Routes , so that R1 , R2 , and R3 form a routing loop. Set ip next-hop | 25 Tiao Network Layer Reachable Information ( NLRI ) One or more (length, prefix) binary groups used to advertise IP address prefixes and prefix lengths Interface loopback1 But what if the A route is an OSPF external route? A sends a data frame to B requesting to establish a reliable connection-oriented connection. ( metric 101 ) from ( CASE3 : R1(config)# access-list 1 deny R1(config)# access-list 1 permit any BGP table on R4 : Vtp pruning can only be turned on in server mode OpenConfirm The cost value is increased, so that the OSPF metric of R4 going to route becomes larger. What happens? The configuration of SW1 is as follows: No-export Let's analyze that SW1 inserts the DHCP request message from the PC into option82 and then sends it to SW2 . Via SW2 Other solutions, we will continue to introduce in the following experiments If R1 starts auto-summary and introduces in the way of re-distribution direct connection , the subnet will be automatically summarized to R2. Fast Switching Various types of ports of a Layer 3 switch Difficult to resolve Ip dhcp snooping vlan 10 Interface fast0/1 ------------------ 00:B0:64:04:09:99 The smaller the MED, the higher the priority ------------------ 00:B0:64:04:09:99 Avoiding ARP and its vulnerabilities through specific mechanisms in IPv6 2 : Clear text verification; Length of the suboption type Policy-list feature Forwarder 1 State is Active BGP routing table entry for, version 3 Paths: (2 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table) Multipath: eBGP [Experiment 1 ] The following are several situations. Using ICMP protocol to detect reachability (source address to ping10.1.1.2 ) Track Object 's ID is 1 , associated to ip sla monitor 1 Based on agreement ? meaning Neighbor weight 2000 sets the route sent by the neighbor to 2000 weight (local) Root received the TCN , sent back a TCN ACK to C . Network mask Route-map test permit 10 set community ? Ip route null0 Network area 1 Paths: (1 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table) Flag: 0x820 At the same time, if and are all DOWNed at this time , the summary route also disappears. Advertised to update-groups: 1 , By the spanning tree protocol in a particular port logically Block , in order to achieve redundant physical environment, and the upper floor and preventing the loops You must use neighbor in the BGP process to specify the BGP peer . They exchange routing information, as well as related attributes, not link status. Suppose we have several subnets: Hash 100 Router bgp 200 Router eigrp 100 Vlans allowed and active in management domain So what are the solutions? BGP table version is 4, local router ID is Router ospf 1 If you do the following configuration on R2 : R4 configuration: Ip prefix-list 1 permit Bgp confederation identifier 345 bgp confederation peers 64513 neighbor remote-as 64512 Passive-interface defualt Set the commu value to append, otherwise override Weight BGP Deaggregation , also known as BGP splitting. Route summary We all know what the concept is. The advantage of route summarization is very obvious. It can reduce the entries of the routing table to optimize the network, but at the same time it also loses the accuracy of the route passed by the neighbor. For the detailed routing before the aggregation, we I don't know anything about it. Then split can be understood as a summary of the reverse action, when I receive a summary route, may be based on a purpose, I want to extract a specific detail route from the summary route, in order to strengthen the granularity of the route, of course The details are dependent on the summary route.

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ccnp route fib

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