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ccnp route eigrp questions

ccnp route eigrp questions

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    ccnp route eigrp questions

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  • Configure the aging time of the security address. ( metric 2 ) from ( Experimental verification BGP routing table entry for, version 2 Weight Limit the maximum number of prefixes accepted from the neighbor. If this number is exceeded, the router will close the BGP connection with the neighbor. Apply clear ip bgp R3 , R4 , and R5 run OSPF , announcing the three interconnect interfaces and their respective LOOPBACKs. FastEthernet1/0 or R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. Bgp dampening ? Weight Non-exist-map tabel-map The cache extracts the destination interface , destination MAC address, etc. , which greatly speeds up packet forwarding. We can R4 use the bgp always-compare-med command to force R4 compare routes MED Y If R1 turns off auto-summary and network , the declaration is unsuccessful because there is no mask for class declaration. Host Bridge ID in the MAC , is the backplane of the switch MAC , the port ID in the MAC switch port MAC , all the view switch mac available ip default-gateway 100:200 , 100 of which will not be said, AS200 said that this conditional route is for AS200 . ? Metric value: The overhead of the router to reach the destination is an integer between 0 and 15 . The next hop of the A segment becomes R4 , which results in a suboptimal path. Also, on R3 , the re-release of process 1 to process 2 fails. The Layer 2 switch searches for VLAN configuration information based on the destination MAC address and VLAN ID of the frame, and determines from which port the frame is sent out. 1 : Request message, requesting all or part of the routing information from the neighbor; Fa0/20 Network xxx mask yyy route-map zzz Local CISCO default MED is 0 Connected, and can update and deliver BGP routes. Ip address Remove Paths: (1 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table, not advertised to EBGP peer) Flag: 0x820 Switch(config-if)# ip address The associated PC service, that is , the data frame whose source is the MAC , can enter the interface. METRIC ? Len : Number of bytes of Sub-option Value , excluding two bytes of SubOpt and Len fields By default, only one BGP process can be started on a single router and can belong to only one AS . DUAL AS allows us to run a secondary AS under the primary AS without terminal BGP connections , thus providing a mechanism for network migration. Redistribute ospf 1 AS_SEQ type is {100 ,ccnp route eigrp questions, 200} in this segment is AS_SET type. So AS_SEQ the AS_PATH used to identify the origin of this summary route, it is ordered AS list, in addition AS_SET this AS_PATH type used to identify the details of pre-aggregated Certification When the packet enters the router, the router strips the Layer 2 information and then looks up the destination IP address in the CEF table for forwarding. The result of the forwarding decision will point to a neighboring entry in the adjacency list, in which the second layer of character letters that need to be rewritten can be found. d routed ( dampening ) route, the route is punished, although the route may be normal at present, but will not be notified before the end of the penalty period Rl , R2 , R3 running the OSPF , R3 routing table is as follows: Router bgp 1234 After completing the configuration, R2 show ip route Tools Overview Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal, best Route-map test permit 10 match ip address 1 Add redundant routing 9 SW1(config-if)# ip address : ccnp If R1 turns on auto-summary and network , R2 can learn summary route The adjacency list in the CEF component is used for MAC or Layer 2 rewrite information. OSPF and BGP Each RIP message contains routing entries, up to 25 , and more than one message is required. Ip address If R1 turns on auto-summary and network mask , it is still updated to R2 with details. The MAC address is burned in the ROM of the Network Interface Controller (NIC ) . On this topic, the individual feels that there is no need to study it. It does not make much sense for the research of class-based routing protocols. No matter the actual application or the LAB exam, it is no longer involved, and you are interested in making it yourself. If the MED attribute of a route is lost, the default setting is to set the MED to 0. However, if this command is configured, if the route with no MED value is received , the MED of the route is set to the maximum value of 4294, 9672, 95. * i100.0.1.0/24 200 i For example , the configuration of R3 is as follows: Match the previous character 1 or more times Standby is, priority 100 (expires in 7.572 sec) Ip helper-address Route-map WT2 permit 20 match ip address prefix-list 2 set weight 200 Internal 0 packets, 0 bytes In the above configuration, the maximum number of secure addresses is set to 3 , and then a secure address is manually configured. Then there are two remaining , and the switch can construct a secure address through dynamic learning. Redirection enabled Access-list 1 permit router rip Switchport access vlan 10 interface fast0/24 Pointer to the target: The pointer does not point to the router's direct connection to the destination network or to another router address in the directly connected network , or to the local interface of the link. A router that is closer to the target network is called a next hop router. Use the match command to match a specific packet or route, and set to modify the packet or route related attributes. 2 LP takes the maximum value of LP in the detailed routing Route-map WT1 permit 10 match ip address prefix-list 1 set weight 200 For non-equivalent load balancing, see section 5.3. Bgp dampening half-life reuse limit limit limit maximum inhibition time Sender ( R2 ) saves basic configuration, such as BGP neighbor relationships Route-map usage scenario Set ip address prefix-list The redistribute local route learned from the IGP routing protocol enters BGP , and the MED value inherits the metric in the IGP protocol. The routing protocols that support TAG are: RIPv2 , EIGRP , OSPF , ISIS , BGP Network area 0 The so-called one-arm routing is on the Ethernet port of the router (must be above 100M interface) to carry VLAN traffic, let the router and switch run a trunk , use dot1Q encapsulation, at this time, in order to let the router's Ethernet port support Dot1Q To identify and carry VLAN traffic, you need to divide the subinterface of the physical interface, as shown in the figure above. The new routing table is typically sent to neighboring routers on a regular basis, and the triggered update is sent immediately in response to changes in the routing table. ? *>i . UDP If you want 11 routes of 100: 11 and no-export two community values are deleted, modified del This community-list to: The configuration of R2 is as follows: Since the physical layer and the data link layer of the Ethernet are related, a specific data link layer needs to be provided for different working modes of the physical layer. This brings some inconvenience to the design and application. Sh ip bgp neighbors {address} received-routes Le le-value Mode ? Bgp confederation identifier 345 bgp confederation peers 64512 neighbor remote-as 64512 1 i Packets The current status of the Port Status : Secure-up !! interface is up . Write multiple commums in the same line, such as ip community-list 1 permit no-export 12:1111 does not take effect, can not delete these two values / / See which routes are suppressed Promiscuous port capable pVLAN communicate with any device, regardless of the other master is in the VLAN , or secondary VLAN. The DA 40bit multicast address is used to indicate that this FRAME is an ISL . Let's take a look at R4. Provide a better next hop address. If it is , it means the way to publish this route. Set metric-type internal RootGuard BGP table The comparison principle of OE2 is first compared to the external metric of OE2 . If they are equal, further comparison of the internal metric is the metric to the ASBR . Configuration last modified by at 3-5-93 00:11:48 Neighbor remote-as 200 / / Configure etherchannel , ID is 1 , the mode is desirable Timers 29 Standby is, priority 100 (expires in 7.572 sec) / / View the routing flip situation Configuration view and verification Matching 100 , 101 , 102 , 103 , 104 , 109 which AS_PATH The above command will also tag native vlan After the command is configured, the newly learned MAC address is also sticky . Router ospf 1 Complete the basic interface IP configuration . Add the following configuration on R2 : RIP-1 compatibility RIPv2 sends updates in the form of broadcasts, enabling V1 to receive BGP filter Ip prefix-list 1 permit ip prefix-list 1 permit route-map test permit 10 BGP routing table entry for, version 3 (global configuration mode) ip dhcp relay information trust-all Version Sequence of next hops. The acceptable range is from 1 to 65535. ORIGINATOR_ID and CLUSTER_LIST Seeing the summary route generated on R3 , AS_PATH inherits the detailed AS_PATH and presents it in the form of {100 , 200} , which can prevent the loop from happening, and will not cause hidden dangers due to the loss of the AS_PATH of the detailed route. . Note that the AS_PATH type in {} is AS_SET and is an unordered list of ASs . The default keyword has a lower priority than the detail route. Adding the summary-only parameter will only pass the summary route, and the detail route will be suppressed. The summary route generated in this case will lose the AS_PATH attribute of the underlying detail route , so there may be some hidden dangers. After the server mode is enabled, the client will automatically start pruning. Switch(config)# vlan 10 Redistribute ospf 1 This is the general case, of course, there are two situations, it depends on the specific environment and the specific routing protocol. Distance vector routing protocol Set ip next-hop verify-availability [ next-hop-address sequence track object ] When deploying the campus network, we often have the following special requirements for switches: By modifying LOCAL_PREF to affect the flow properties Delete a specific community value in the community list BGP neighbor Ip dhcp snooping information option allow-untrusted Elect a root port on each non-root bridge Introduction and delivery of BGP routes 6 Route-map test permit 20 match ip address 2 OK , after understanding the one-arm routing, let's take a look at how the Layer 3 switch implements data exchange between VLANs . From here, we begin to understand and deploy Layer 3 switching. We know that the Layer 2 switch can implement Layer 2 switching. It looks at the data frame, reads the Layer 2 information of the frame header and forwards it according to its own CAM table. The three-layer switch is equivalent to the second-layer switch, and has a routing module, so it can support the routing function: support routing protocol, support Layer 3 data forwarding, support IP routing lookup, support three layers Interface and more.

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