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ccnp switch dumps free download

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    ccnp switch dumps free download

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  • No synchronization Heavy FAQ published Next Hop None ? The default is 6 update cycles, which is 180s . The route entry tag when an entry with a larger hop count is received The greater the weight , the more priority Non-exist-map tabel-map The TCP connection was not successfully established and the TCP connection was tried repeatedly . AS_CONFED_SEQUENCE and AS_CONFED_SET As a result , there is no vlan10 user on SW2 , and sw2 will flood the message so that other switches know. First select root , the SW1 with the smallest MAC address of the switch wins and becomes root. Routing? * i100.0.1.0/24 Tunnel Tunnel interface Router bgp 200 One way is to establish a fully interconnected IBGP Interface vlan 100 Sh ip bgp neighbors {address} routes Private-vlan association 101,102 Distance 130 1 basic concept Ip community-list 11 permit 100:11 route-map test permit 10 Outline The address of the slave is the optimal next hop address. DMZ-Link Bw 193 kbytes is an extended community attribute, so if you want to pass this value to the just IBGP neighbor in the AS , you need to add send-community and add the extended keyword. By default, only the MED values of BGP routes from the same neighbor AS are compared , that is, if the two routes of the same destination are from different ASs ,ccnp switch dumps free download, the MED value comparison is not performed . MED only affects the traffic between directly connected autonomous systems, and does not pass through the AS . The smaller the MED, the higher the priority. EBGP neighbors must be directly connected to establish an EBGP session. but The next hop (the Next Hop) - if present , it identifies a better than advertised router address of the next hop address. In other words , the next hop address it noted , that in the same measure than - advertised subnet router closer to the destination. If this field is set to all 0s (, the address of the advertising router is the optimal next hop address. The boundary will change, so if you make an AS_PATH modification policy for IBGP neighbors , it will be nonsense. Complete basic configuration 2 Redistribute ospf 1 match internal external 1 When the RR sends a route update to an EBGP neighbor, it will be aware of the existing CLUSTER_LIST attribute. Bgp connected eigrp 100 i BGP has three management distances, 200 learned from IBGP and 20 learned from EBGP . This is because the design concept of BGP works. The OSPF metric on R4 going to becomes 101 , which is larger than the metric going to . Therefore, R4 goes to Static Routing 0 0 RIP-1 only sends RIPv1 updates How to judge whether there is arp spoofing in the intranet RC and RA are separated by RB . In this case, EBGP runs through a non- BGP router by using the configurable " multi-hop EBGP" feature . In other words, RB can not support BGP , and the configuration is as follows ( RA ) R5 will receive BGP routes for the 10.0 network from R4 and R3 at the same time . R5 will first prefer R3 because the route that R4 passes to R5 keeps NEXT_HOP and is still R1 . Therefore , the next hop of this route from R4 on R5 . Unreachable, R5 is preferred to R4 by modifying the next hop to itself after R4 modification . DMZ-Link Bw can only configure single-hop EBGP neighbors on this router. PAgP is a Cisco propretary protocol LACP is IEEE 802.3ad standard Root port: The interface that receives the optimal BPDU is the root port. This is the closest ( cost minimum) interface to Root . Redistribute static subnets Let's look at a simple case of a three-tier exchange deployment: Ip route After completion of the above-described basic configuration, we can at R5 to see the phenomenon, R5 simultaneously from R2 received 100.0 route segment, also from R3 received from the R1 release of 100 route segment, the final R5 will The route of R2 is preferred , which is matching this rule. Circuit-ID type IS-IS FastEthernet1/0 Distribute-list 1 in RIP Version 2 Protocol Applicability Statement 1,10,20,30 The frame to which the Native VLAN belongs is not tagged when it passes the trunk . AS_Path Metric In the output of Show and more , you can use the pipe character | with a regular expression to filter the output. R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. It is used to preferentially send packets with high priority when the switch is blocked. Authentication (16 octets) 8 8 8 8 Ip prefix-list 1 permit route-map test deny 10 DHCPsnooping A multiply character can be applied to a single character or multiple characters. If applied to multiple characters, put the string in (). Therefore, BGP automatically summarize ( Auto-the Summary ) Summary Only redistributed redistributed routes, and the use of network command routing incoming class declaration ways. Currently CISCO IOS turns off automatic summarization by default. Remote-ID suboption fields The boundary will change, so if you make an AS_PATH modification policy for IBGP neighbors , it will be nonsense. During the migration, the router running DUAL AS can establish EBGP with the external AS using both the primary AS and the secondary AS. Community Aggregator Once the portfast port is connected to the device, the interface can bypass the listening and learning states and enter the forwarding state directly . Experimental verification ( EBGP equivalent load balancing) BGP Neighbor remote-as 345 Network ! Set interface ? Load balancing Both R1 and R2 inject and into BGP using network . We look R5 are BGP table: Summary 1) 2) two points is MED in IBGP passed without problems (not lost) between, but EBGP between transfer depends on whether the route originated in themselves. 5 Interface loopback0 Bridge ID Marker : for detecting BGP loss of synchronization between peers, the message authentication, and in the case of supporting an authentication function if the message type is open or open message does not contain authentication message flag field is set to all 1 , Reviewer Let's analyze that SW1 inserts the DHCP request message from the PC into option82 and then sends it to SW2 . Via SW2 We will ping repeat 1 size 1500 , we will find that R1 directly sends an ICMP packet, no fragmentation, the message is as follows: The command distribute-list out works only on the routes being redistributed by the Autonomous System Boundary Routers (ASBRs) into OSPF. It can be applied to external type 2 and external type 1 routes, but not to intra-area and interarea routes. The thing we have to do is very simple. These subnets are continuous. It is enough to pick out the first two or three network numbers to calculate: DUAL AS In the same network topology, if there are two different routing protocols, because the mechanisms of different routing protocols are different, the understanding of routing is different, which causes the isolation of routing information in the network. This is most likely a network within the same autonomous system. The entire network needs to be interoperable. What should I do? This requires the use of routing re-release.

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