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ccnp route mcq

ccnp route mcq

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    ccnp route mcq

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  • 8 Maximum life 1 i Timer ? FastEthernet1/0 As the next hop to and 2.0 . In the R4 on //The details are not released. Administrative Distance (AD) 6 Revision record A tool used to control routing updates can only filter routing information and cannot filter LSAs . TRUNK Le keyword is not written, then the default is greater than 24 less than 32 LocPrf Half-life: 15 minutes A default route will be published into the RIP and passed to other routers. For example, R1 , R2 , and R3 run RIP and open loopback on R1 . 0 00:04:30 Switch(config)# spanning-tree portfast default LOCAL-PREFERENCE VTP Traps Generation 46-1500 bytes; set mtu xxxx under the interface , which means this, and generally does not allow 200 i Next Hop BGP can use the route tag in the OSPF packet to carry the AS_PATH information when it traverses OSPF . In fact, CISCO 's BGP automatically completes the process (note that only the AS_PATH attribute is automatically entered into the OSPF TAG field ). Router bgp 345 The route originated from the local route (such as the local network or aggregate ), that is, the next hop is ( in the BGP table , the next hop of the route advertised by the current router is Neighbor route-map setCommu in 100 i When the network is normal, the data is forced to go ISP1 , ping 100 remote network data to ISP1 CEF form Tags Gateway redundancy technology ? ? 100 i The configuration of R3 is as follows: On the untrust interface, create a security entry by manually configuring ARP ACLs on B. Of course, you can isolate the two switches in three layers, for example, add a router. Ip route Set ip next-hop Spanning-tree features When the following conditions occur, activation of punishment ( Violation ): UPDATE message OSPF Network Paths: (1 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table) Flag: 0x820 Frame format Let's look at a simple case of a three-tier exchange deployment: LocPrf Switch(config)# spanning-tree vlan vlan-id root {primary | secondary} [diameter diameter ] Interface trust status and network security issues Defaut-network takes precedence and becomes the default gateway gateway of last resort . However, if the network specified by ip defaut-network is learned from a dynamic routing protocol,ccnp route mcq, ip route 0/0 takes precedence. CAM table ( Well-known mandatory ) Ip arp inspection validate { [dst-mac] [ip] [src-mac] } If R1 turns off auto-summary and network , the declaration is unsuccessful because there is no mask for class declaration. ! Refcount 6 Interface vlan 100 Then just republish this static summary route into OSPF . In this way , the routers in OSPF can reach through this summary route. Configuration example: ...... Spanning Tree Protocol The maximum number of secure addresses, the upper limit allowed by different software platforms is different, but the default is 1 . Neighbor update-source loopback 0 // Specify the update source as loopback0 Set the interface to access mode 1 At this point, the direct connection is re-released on R2 , and it is found that has not been re-released into RIP. Last update from 00:07:30 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: Example 2 : Lowest sender bridge ID Experimental verification ( IBGP equivalent load balancing) Neighbor route-map setComm in UDP Advertised to update-groups: 1 As a result, when PC2 sends data to its own gateway 0.254 , since the MAC of the gateway has been spoofed into the MAC of PC1 , the data is forwarded to PC1 , and PC2 is disconnected. If PC1 is smarter, transfer the data sent by PC2 to the real gateway, and run a message analysis tool locally to snoop the data sent by PC2 . Then, in the case of PC2 continuous network, God does not know. I feel the Internet traffic of PC2 , this is the man in the middle , the middleman attack.

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

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Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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