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ccnp route portable command guide pdf

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    ccnp route portable command guide pdf

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  • Exclude one or more addresses from the address pool (such as gateway IP, etc.) to avoid assignment to clients Each sequence number statement in the Route-map is equivalent to each row in the access control list. Top-down processing in the order of the serial number, once the matching sequence is found, it will not continue to search. CISCO routers have two ways to find the global lookup of routes: classful ( Classful ) lookup mode and classless ( Classless ) lookup mode. Experiment 2 Version Origin IGP, localpref 100, valid, external, best Community: 100:11 no-export *>i100.0.2.0/24 Neighbor dmzlink-bw Authentication is identified by setting the address family ID field to all 1s ( 0xFFFF ). Router bgp 64513 no synchronization None Since the flash space is very limited, it is recommended to store the file on the TFTP server. When deploying on a TFTP server, be careful to first create an empty file to correspond to the URL in the configuration command . This file is used for dhcp snooping bingding database writes (depending on the device). 2 Ip policy route-map PBR DHCP client broadcasts DHCP request Interface loopback0 / / Set the interface mode to Trunk mode TYPE DHCP-SNOOPING VERSION 1 Can affect BGP routing (before the equivalent load balancing), somewhat similar to " tie breaker " in the path selection, is to break the tangles when tangled Because Layer 3 switches support so many types of interfaces, the deployment of Layer 3 switching networks is more flexible and scalable. R1 and R3 , R2,ccnp route portable command guide pdf, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. 802.1W All clients in the route reflection cluster should establish IBGP connections with and only with all RRs in the cluster. As shown above, R1 , R2 , and R3 run RIP . In the initial situation, R2 will update its routing table to R1 , which assumes that there are three routes 1.0 , RIP-2 MD5 Authentication byte The maximum survival period in the discard BPDU before the bridge used to store BPDU time default 20S . If consecutive receive 10 th bpdu Delete a specific community value in the community list In R2 , the energy from each R1 and R3 learning to 100.0 the EBGP route, if arranged on maximum-paths 2 Use the err-disable command to modify the duration of the err-diasable state. The default is 300S. Aging Type : Absolute SecureStatic Address Aging : Disabled ? Ip route null0 Configure RIP unicast updates: Redistributing Routing Protocols 40 ? Values ​​are " i ", which is better than "?" No synchronization no auto-summary Summary 29 The switch forwards the DHCP packets carrying the Option 82 information to the DHCP server. Through AS_PATH affect route choice 14 Configuring DAI logging So if we use a solution that re-releases static summary routes: Match 100 , 1400 , 300 400, etc. Connectionless packet transfer service Path Next Hop UDP No default With the above configuration, the analog R3 received from AS200 and AS600 route, in case R3 on filter out from AS600 route, due AS600 route, the AS_PATH trailing end are 600 , so the regular expression can be used: _600 $ , Underscores are used to match spaces. Note, however, that the as-path access-list is also implicitly deny any by default , so be careful to deny the route from 600AS and leave the other routes.

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ccnp route portable command guide pdf

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