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ccnp switch 642-813 official certification guide

ccnp switch 642-813 official certification guide

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    ccnp switch 642-813 official certification guide

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  • Hardware-address hardware-address type Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete In order to verify this rule, we first maintain the basic BGP configuration. Introduce 100.0 by using network on R1 C and D are not aware of (they only run OSPF , not running BGP ), and thus become a routing black hole. Note that although the CD is not running Switch(config)# spanning-tree [ vlan vlan-id ] hello-time sec Switch(config)# spanning-tree [ vlan vlan-id ] forward-time sec Switch(config)# spanning-tree [ vlan vlan-id ] Max-age sec Network mask RFC1721 By default, only the MED values of BGP routes from the same neighbor AS are compared , that is, if the two routes of the same destination are from different O Start a TC while timer for the root port and all non-edge designated ports . The timer value is equal to 2 times the hello-time timer. Routing, accept updates. Switch(config)# interface fast0/1 Switch(config-if)# switchport Switch(config-if)# switchport mode access Switching, and store the information in the cache, all subsequent data packets , you can not interrupt the system processor to perform queries and other operations , directly from Route-map test permit 10 The RID is the largest IP address on the router and tends to be assigned to the loopback address. It can also be set manually by the bgp router-id command. If a path contains an RR attribute, the route generator ID ( originator ) will replace the RID in the optimal path selection process. When the ARP packet received by the interface exceeds this threshold, the interface enters err-disable . You can manually restore this interface by using the shutdown no shutdown method. Alternatively, use the global command the errdisable recovery to have the interface automatically recover after a certain time interval. Set comm-list 1 delete In this way, TC messages are quickly flooded across the network. Instead of using 802.1D , pass the message to root and then root Ip prefix-list 1 permit ip prefix-list 1 permit route-map test permit 10 Configure this command. When routing, the router only compares all routing entries with the AS_CONFED_SEQ attribute. This command is used for federated routers, while weight and LP have higher priority than MED. R5 will receive BGP routes for the 10.0 network from R4 and R3 at the same time . R5 will first prefer R3 because the route that R4 passes to R5 keeps NEXT_HOP and is still R1 . Therefore , the next hop of this route from R4 on R5 . Unreachable, R5 is preferred to R4 by modifying the next hop to itself after R4 modification . Redistribute rip metric 10 subnets distribute-list 1 out rip VLAN is a very fundamental working mechanism of Layer 2 switches. The ethernet , fast ethernet , and serial interfaces of the Cisco 1600 , 1700 , 2500 , and 2600 series routers use fast switching by default . Use a hold-down timer to prevent routing loops Redis ospf 1 route-map test Match ad , abcd , aaabcd, etc. Match ip address 1 Option packet structure: Bytes 2> Dynamic inbound soft reset The basic interaction process is as follows (the process described below is independent of the above diagram): CISCO Note: If the DHCP relay agent is enabled but DHCP snooping is disabled, the DHCP option-82 data insertion feature is not supported. Switch(config)# vlan 20 Track 1 rtr 1 reachability Route-map nat3 permit 10 match ip address 2 match interface serial0/1 Router bgp 1234 Set comm-list 1 delete Show run int | include bia can see all the MAC , the first MAC will be used by the spanning tree, which is the CPU 's MAC . Next is the MAC of each Ethernet interface . Set metric-type sets the metric type of the target routing protocol RIP and IGRP the passive-interface does not send routing updates, but to accept routing updates Network mask neighbor route-map test out Field Part of static configuration, part of dynamic learning Routing Information Protocol (RIP) learner IGP i passes BGP network , which is derived from IGP because BGP network must guarantee that the network is in the routing table. Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal, r RIB-failure, S Stale LLC. ( The Logical Link Control ) by the destination service access point DSAP ( Destination Service Access Point ), source service access point SSAP ( Source Service Access Point ) and Use show port-security address to view the security address entries on each port-security interface. Certification Ip arp inspection validate { [dst-mac] [ip] [src-mac] } BGP table version is 1,ccnp switch 642-813 official certification guide, local router ID is No synchronization no auto-summary 12 100 Access-list 1 permit any route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 1 Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal Local Routing Feedback (feedback) is a re-release in the deployment of routing requires a great attention to the phenomenon. As shown above, R5 will AD The MAC sublayer is responsible for the following tasks: BGP neighbor relationship, the addresses are , , and . The OSPF protocol runs in the AS , so that all routers can obtain the LOOPBACK network segment of other routers . On the R3 , BGP routes are advertised on the network segment 30.0 . R4 is the RR and R3 is the RR client . R5 will receive routing updates from 30 segments at the same time from R3 and R4 . How will it be routed? Which routing rule takes effect? First rule 8 does not apply because the two BGP routes NEXT_HOP are equal, both are , not comparable (reaching 3.3.3.

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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