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ccnp r&s study guide

ccnp r&s study guide

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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    ccnp r&s study guide

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  • / / View command: Show etherchannel 1 summary Next turn on DAI on SW1 : Neighbor prefix-list 11 out Interface mode, configure the interface as DAI trusted , the default is untrusted RIPng As a result, on R4 , the BGP table is as follows: s> Router(config-dhcp)#default-router [host address] If the routes are from EBGP neighbors, it is preferred that the oldest EBGP neighbor came routing, reducing the impact of roll We look at the above picture, the external detail route – 39.0/24 , and the summary route 32.0/21 are introduced into OSPF by R1 , now Set tag 20 Network Use the err-disable command to modify the duration of the err-diasable state. The default is 300S. So to rule 12 : if multiple path originating router IDs or router IDs are the same, then the shortest path of the Cluster-List is preferred . Through MED affect route choice 18 RIP is re-released into OSPF Test purpose: trunk allowed vlan Includes 7 -byte preamble (a string of 1 , 0 intervals for signal synchronization) and a 1 -byte frame start delimiter ( 10101011 ) Router bgp 12 table-map PA Access-list 1 permit route-map unsupp permit 10 match ip address 11 Activate the portfast feature for a specific interface [ ] BGP path attribute This mechanism is very similar to CISCO 's BackboneFast feature. Weight length Router(config-router)# distance ospf external ad1 inter-area ad2 intra-area ad3 In this way, the entire network is interconnected. Note that when redistributing routes to OSPF , redistribute rip subnets , this subnets ... Ip address By default,ccnp r&s study guide, no rate limit is configured. RFC1723 defines an acceptance control switch Configure all interfaces as passive and manually activate specific interfaces: Not used (set to all 0s ) 100 Metric =0 R3 Show tcp bri Router bgp 345 . At the same time, this re-release becomes the summary route of OSPF . Even if two ASBRs are returned , because there is a static summary route locally, the summary route of OSPF is directly ignored , and sub-optimal is not generated. Path, this route will not be re-released back to RIP and cause other problems. Modify the AD value of EIGRP Cisco Express Forwarding DAI configuration policy By default , Cisco routers enable fast switching or optimal switching or cef switching instead of process Configure this command. When routing, the router only compares all routing entries with the AS_CONFED_SEQ attribute. This command is used for federated routers, while weight and LP have higher priority than MED. ^100_ Show ip cef Extended ACL Router ospf 100 2 Not advertised to any peer 200 100 In the above figure, we inject OSPF routes into RIP . Traditionally, you can only set metrics on all incoming routes . However, with route-map , we can associate a defined one when configuring re-issue commands. A good route-map , in the route-map , we can create different properties or actions for different routes by creating multiple serial number statements. 2 Maximum life Keepalive package. IGRP/EIGRP Invalidation timer [Experiment 6 ] There are subnet routes, the subnet route prefix length is different (matching and mismatching), and the matching route is taken. Tool overview 62 You should know that each routing protocol has different understandings of routing metric metrics . OSPF uses cost overhead to measure a route, RIP uses hops, and EIGRP uses mixed elements, so when I Some routes, from one of the routing protocols to another routing protocol, how will the metrics of these routes change? One way is that you can manually modify the re-release action when you perform the re-release action, depending on the specific environmental requirements, we will not worry about this later, the buddy is so sincere :). The second way is to use the default action, which is the seed metric defined when republishing between routing protocols.

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