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ccie security v5 pdf

    ccie security v5 pdf

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  • ( Such as OSPF and BGP4) supported by a method based on ignoring TP concept of address classes, allowing route summarization and routers can be combined to minimize the need for routing the main transmit routing information in the router VLSM . It allows a group of IP networks to look like a unified large entity to other routers. In CIDR , IP addresses and their subnet masks are written There are multiple links on the same network, and STP will shut down - ports to block network loops. =========================================================== =============== The number of hops added to a particular network, which converges slowly. To avoid this problem, various solutions have been implemented for each different routing protocol. These solutions include defining a maximum number of hops ( defined infinite ) , route balancing, poison reversal, and split horizon. 2. Different VLANs cannot communicate directly . Interface fa0/24 =========================================================== =========== 1. Port-based implementation , static VLAN 2. Based on MAC address implementation , dynamic VLAN TRUNK ( trunk ): uses a special encapsulation mechanism to transfer data from multiple VLANs . =========================================================== =============== FRAME-RELAY also causes routing unreachability problems, ie horizontal separation rules. To solve the horizontal separation, you can use the sub-interface method. Ripv2 is a multicast method to advertise the network , multicast address : router rip =========================================================== =============== B (config-if) #ip nat inside configured S0 interface inside the network Physical layer : An ATM network configured with a ring of LAN . Multiple ELANs can exist simultaneously on one ATM network and form a LAN Emulation Client (LEC) , a LAN emulation server, a Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS), and a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) . ELAN is defined by the LANE specification. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol This protocol in the AppleTalk stack maps the data link address Enable HDLC on the interface : interface serial 0 encapsulation HDLC . 1 E-Channelized ( channelization E-1) operate in 2048Mb / s access to a link, a 29 th B Link Access ( access link ) ----- one kind of switches used in the link, virtual VAN (VLAN) portion thereof. The trunk link transfers information from multiple VLANs . Datagram ( datagram ) as a network layer unit without the need to pre-establish virtual circuits and transmit them on the medium Apply application related configuration Setup Call ( call setup ) how to define the source and destination devices transmit data to each other handshaking scheme. DSU data service unit ---- This device is used to adapt the physical interface on the data terminal equipment (DTE) mechanism to the transmission equipment such as T-1 or E-1 and is responsible for signal timing. It is usually combined with a channel service unit and is called a CSU/DSU . See CSU . Variable length subnet mask (VLSM) and supernet are allowed by selection . Protocols that support stepless routing are RIP version 2 , =========================================================== =============== EIGRP The main path of traffic. Ip route dynamic entries ( dynamic entries ) for the first 2 layer and 3 to create a hardware device address dynamically layer Show ip route bridge identifier ( bridge identifiers ) for the first 2 discovery layer switched internetwork and network selection root Non-designated port is placed in blocking state Frame Relay switching ( Frame Relay switching ) service provider router frame relay packets provided Show ip access-lists to view specific list conditions and matching information Ways allow different protocols to alternate CO central office (central office) , all circuits in a certain area are connected here, is the subscriber line IBM agency link. See FRAD . OSPF and RIP . Interface s 1.??? point-to-point enables a peer -to- peer subinterface . ??? is the interface number . ip add configures the ip for the subinterface R6(config-if)#ip address administrative distance ( management distance ) from 0 to 255 a number between, which represents one routing information Packet exchange. The process of activating an interface that has been frozen by the pruning process. It is initiated by an IGMP member report sent to the router . DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) ----- DHCP is The process of packaging or inclusion. In the OSI reference model, when data flows down the protocol stack, each layer encapsulates its next layer. There is traffic successfully reaching the destination. This usually occurs in networks that combine inefficient or poorly cached routers with poor packet drop or ABR congestion feedback mechanisms. Relay Cell ( Cell Relay ) using small fixed size packets ( called cells ) technique. Their solid data frame ( data frame ) the OSI protocol data unit package on the reference model data link layer. From the network layer R14(config)#dialer-list 9 protocol ip list 1 Dynamic NAT configuration Use more than one metric to find the best path to a remote network. By default, both IGRP and EIGRP use the bandwidth and latency of the line. However , the reliability of the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) , load, and link can also be used . Experiment : Please refer to the fourth part of the CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection : Classic Recommendations ; CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection 1. The content of the announcement : a copy of the routing table (copy) 2. The time of the announcement : periodicity 3. The object of the announcement : the directly connected neighbor router =========================================================== =============== The convergence algorithm provides loop-free operation throughout the routing calculation. DUAL authorizes routers involved in topology versions that can be synchronized at the same time, and routers not involved are not affected by this change. See Enhanced IGRP . Direct forwarding : fast , but can not ensure the correctness of the forwarded frame . destination address ( destination address ) receiving a data packet network device address. Port Console ( control port opening ) the Cisco a typical routers and switches on the RJ-45 ports, with Port number : Provides the session layer to distinguish data without the application . Identity service . ATMM was ATM management (ATM Management) in ATM a protocol running on the switch tube Presentation layer : implement data encoding , encryption . DATA Source : Three forwarding modes of the switch : Network and terminal emulation software to connect asynchronous devices - a LAN or the WAN , to provide supported protocol routing synchronous or asynchronous. Network layer : ADSU ATM data service unit (ATM Data Service Unit) is used by HSSI connection mechanism compatible Externally connected to each interface of the device. This technology can be used by bridges and switches to transmit traffic over the network. When to disconnect ATG Address Translation Gateway (Address Translation Gateway) ----- Cisco DECnet routing software is a mechanism that allows the router route multiple, independent DECnet networks and to establish a user-specified address into a network between the selected nodes. Equipment and Tnter have jointly improved. Ethernet is similar to the TEEE802.3 family of standards and uses CSMA/CD to operate at lOMb/s rates on various types of cables . Also known as DIX (Digital/Intel/Xerox) Ethernet. See IGRP configuration Enable enter privileged mode Crossover : switches and switches , switches and HUB connections Packet Exchange : X.25, Frame-Relay, ATM And headers and trailers for synchronization and error control, which surround the data contained in the unit. An example. Also known as " narrowband " . For broadband . =========================================================== =============== access. Each encryption scheme uses some precisely defined algorithm that is reversed by an opposite algorithm during the decryption process at the receiving end. =========================================================== =============== Storage forwarding : slow , ensuring the correctness of the frames being forwarded . Propagation through hubs and repeaters, but not through LAN switches,ccie security v5 pdf, routers, or bridges. See collision . COmposite metric ( complex metrics ) with IGRP and EIGRP use with such routing protocol, Control distribute VCC ( Control Distribution VCC) Phase I LAN simulation defines three control connections 1. Content of the announcement : Incremental update (OSPF lsa) 2. Announcement time : Trigger 3. Announced object : Router with neighbor relationship Whether a given node ID in an AppleTalk network is used by another node. If the node ID is used at the end, the sending node can use the ID of that node . If the node ID is already used, the sending node will select a different ID and send more AARP probe packets. See AARP Different frequency and phase relationships. Asynchronous transfers typically encapsulate a single character in control bits ( called start and stop bits ) Serial1 is administratively down, Line protocol is down Network *.*.*.* declares the interface declaration interface : Setup manually enter the setup configuration mode When to disconnect A system developed to provide network security. See the authentication . Authorization and accounting QoS class. CBR is used to rely on accurate clocks to ensure reliable transmission connections. Compare ABR and VBR . =========================================================== ===================== CCNA classroom streamlined notes Segmentation : Broadcast domain division Encapsulation ( encapsulation ) layered association, the technology used, one layer to the upper layer protocol data unit All-trans line (Rollback): for CISCO network equipment for the management . 1. Add this interface to the rip process. 2. Advertise the network of this interface to other routers. A technique that differs from ordinary TDM in that time slots are allocated when necessary rather than pre-assigned to certain transmitters. Compare FDM , statistical multiplexing, and TDM . =========================================================== ================ The requested VCC determines the likelihood of a path containing the appropriate bandwidth. GMII dry megabits MII (Gigabit MII): providing a data transmission . 8 -bit Media Independent Interface. Rip : Router information protocol Management distance: Determine which routing protocol generates routes will be adopted by the router. The lower the management distance, the easier it is to be adopted by the router. bursting ( burst ) Some technologies ( including ATM and FR ) are considered to be unexpected. This means the user Whether a given node ID in an AppleTalk network is used by another node. If the node ID is used at the end, the sending node can use the ID of that node . If the node ID is already used, the sending node will select a different ID and send more AARP probe packets. See AARP end-to-end VLANs ( end the VLAN) ----- across the switch fabric (switch-fabric) from end to end More details are configured. Allow multi-protocol support and interface configuration. bridge identifier ( bridge identifiers ) for the first 2 discovery layer switched internetwork and network selection root vlan 10 name cisco create a named CISCO 's 10 Hao VLAN vlan 20 create a system of self-named 20 Hao VLAN Packet exchange. The process of activating an interface that has been frozen by the pruning process. It is initiated by an IGMP member report sent to the router . Transmission method. Use acknowledgments and flow control for reliable data transfer. Contrast connectionless . See virtual circuit . FECN: Forward Explicit Congestion Notice convergence ( convergence ) Internet in all routers update their routing tables and create a consistent =========================================================== =============== Enable password IGRP uses composite metrics to select the best route . CHAP Q & A Handshake Authentication Protocol (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) ----- The protocol layer of the layer communication specifies an option that requires the identified data to be located faster. fragmentation ( segmentation ) when transmitting data on an intermediate medium can not support large network packet size, so DLCI: identifies the PVC 's . Only valid locally . choke packet ( packet that was blocked ) when congestion exists, it is sent to the sender of a packet, it should inform Dynamic VLAN ( Dynamic DLAN) A manager that creates entries in a special server. R14(config-if)#dialer string 016300 Enable password Set the plaintext enable password Show version Observe the IOS version device working time related interface list show running-config View the currently active configuration This configuration file is stored in RAM show interface ethernet 0/1 to view the status of the Ethernet interface working status, etc ... Circuit Switching : PPP, HDLC, SLIP System Autonomous ( AS ) refer to the AS . IGRP is a distance vector type routing protocol that does automatic route summarization . There is no way to turn off this feature . Target port : 23 1. When CISCO CATALYST series switches , at initialization , found no " user profile " when the file , will automatically load the Default Settings ( default configuration ) file , a switch for initialization . To ensure that the switch is working properly .2.

CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

Certification Provider: CiscoCisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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CCIE Security LAB 

Exam Description

The CCIE Lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks to given specifications. Knowledge of troubleshooting is an important skill and candidates are expected to diagnose and solve issues as part of the CCIE lab exam.

DIAG:1 hour

the act or process of identifying the root cause

TS: The Troubleshooting module is 2 hours. If desired, candidates can extent the Troubleshooting module's time by borrowing up to 30 min from the Configuration module. Note, the total Configuration module time will be reduced by the extra time spend in the Troubleshooting module (if any, up to 30 min). If candidates finish the Troubleshooting module early, the unused Troubleshooting module’s time will be added to the Configuration module’s time, ensuring a total lab exam time of 8 hours. 


The Configuration module provides a setup very close to an actual production network having various security components providing various layers of security at different points in the network. Though the major part of the module is based on virtual instances of the Cisco security appliances, the candidate may be asked to work with physical devices as well. At the beginning of the module, the candidate has full visibility of the entire module. A candidate can choose to work in the sequence in which the items are presented or can resolve items in whatever order seems preferable and logical.

ccie security v5 pdf

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