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cisco ccie security v5 ine

CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

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Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    cisco ccie security v5 ine

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  • Maximize the specification of running IP OVer ATV . Also known as "CIA" . The metric is 32 bits long, the K values ​​are not equal , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created. The AS autonomous system is different , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created. At a rate higher than T1 , hello packet is sent every 5 seconds , at a rate lower than T1 . On , will send hello every 60s group. Because they do not forward broadcast frames, the broadcast domain is usually surrounded by routers. Ip address Configure the IP address of the interface The VBR service delivers classic IP over ATM and LANE traffic. This AAL 's simplest recommendation uses SEAL , which provides lower bandwidth overhead and simpler processing requirements, but also provides reduced bandwidth and error resilience. See AAL Flow control ( flow control ) is a technique used to ensure that the receiving unit is not overwhelmed by the data of the sending device. Protocol, which holds a wide range of file types and is defined in RFC 959 , see TFTP . =========================================================== =============== cost ( cost ) , also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, according to the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juice operator, Or hub port duplex. ACL for packet processing : If the neighbor and passive-interface are configured at the same time ,cisco ccie security v5 ine, then the neighbor will not be restricted by the passive-interface . The client's local broadcast request is changed by unicasting the service to the server.Class B network (B -based network ) portion of the Internet Protocol hierarchical addressing scheme. Class B network has 16 B (config-if) #ip nat inside configured S0 interface inside the network cost ( cost ) , also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, according to the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juice operator, The default route ( default route ) is used to guide the static routing table entry of the frame, and its next hop is not in =========================================================== =============== CRC cyclic redundancy check : A method of detecting errors in which a frame receiver uses a binary divider to divide the frame content for a calculation and store the remainder with the transmitting node in the frame. Value comparison. Compare checksum . helper address ( help address ) specified unicast address, which directs Cisco router into direct FragmentFree ( no fragmentation ) reads in the data portion of a frame to ensure that there is no fragmentation of the LAN intersection Password cisco sets a password to "cisco" IGRP is a CISCO private routing protocol that can only be implemented and deployed on CISCO routers . Transmission method. Use acknowledgments and flow control for reliable data transfer. Contrast connectionless . See virtual circuit . 20s 15s 15s ATM ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) by a fixed-length 53 -byte element identifier congestion avoidance ( congestion avoidance ) to minimize latency, the ATM network for controlling the system into Encapsulation frame-relay VTP message announcement , only possible TRUNK transmission on . cost ( cost ) , also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, according to the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juice operator, VTP message announcement , only possible TRUNK transmission on . =========================================================== =============== Media type : twisted pair , coaxial cable , fiber A collection of self-management systems that do not rely on information received from other systems or groups. data encapsulation ( data encapsulated ) message is a protocol in the data portion of another protocol automatic call reconnect ( automatic call reconnection ) of the automatic call can avoid failure of the relay line show flash: view flash in the IOS file Ppp authentication CHAP chooses to use CHAP for authentication [chap | pap] debug ppp authentication to debug PPP authentication . B(config)#inte s 1 And headers and trailers for synchronization and error control, which surround the data contained in the unit. DLCI: identifies the PVC 's . Only valid locally . Presentation layer : implement data encoding , encryption . DATA CSU / DSU channel service unit / data service unit (channel service unit / data service unit ): a wide area network in the digital signal is converted into a physical layer device provider appreciated switch signal. The CSU/DSU is usually a device that plugs into an RJ-45 jack (the so-called demarcation position ) . Basic Management Setup ( basic management established ) Cisco routers to establish mode. only =========================================================== =============== BUS BUS ----- in LAN emulation, responsible for parsing the broadcasting and with all the unknown ( unregistered ) packet into the address of the ATM hardware or software required for point to point virtual circuit. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . BX.25 AT&T 's use of X.25 . See X.25 . floodming ( diffusion ) an interface when receiving traffic it will be transmitted to the originating communication interfaces in addition to the amount of The designated router is in case of failure. BGP The name of the Cisco Fusion Cisco Internetwork architecture on which Cisco IOS completes operations. design More details are configured. Allow multi-protocol support and interface configuration. 1. Transmission area ( backbone area ) 2. Common area ( non-backbone area ) change. The central switch does not have on-site switching capabilities. Therefore, all customer connections are returned to the CO . See CO . Exit Segment, even the port field in the transport layer header filters the IP address table of the network The switch will first cache the frame source address. B(config)#access-list 1 permit any GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation (Generic Routing Encapsulation): Cisco utilizing TP a tunneling protocol to create a tunnel protocol packet encapsulated in various types of capabilities, thereby producing a virtual point to point connection, a connection across the IP network connection Go to the remote Cisco router. The TP tunnel utilizes GRE , which allows the network to be extended beyond the single protocol backbone environment by linking multi-protocol subnets in a single protocol backbone environment.

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cisco ccie security v5 ine

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