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cisco ccie security v5 lab topology

cisco ccie security v5 lab topology

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CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

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Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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    cisco ccie security v5 lab topology

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  • Interface fa0/24 A technique that allows for more data. show vtp status view VTP status buffer ( Buffer ) designed to store data processed in the transmission. Buffer for receiving / storage A (config) #inte s 1 enters s 1 interface A data link product from EtherTalk Apple Computer Inc. that allows AppleTalk networks to be powered by Ethernet 20s 15s 15s Cable Crossover ( crossover cable ) is connected to the switch switches, host-to-host, hub to hub Storage forwarding : slow , ensuring the correctness of the frames being forwarded . Address mapping ( address mapping ) by converting a network address from one format to another, this ------------------------------------------------ R1(config)#no cdp run disables CDP protocol in global configuration mode ( affects all interfaces ) r1(config-if)#no cdp enable disables CDP protocol on interface ( only affects the specified interface ) clear cdp table clears CDP neighbors table The name-to- IP address resolution is provided on the special network . An example of an FQDN is . CiscoView GUI management software for Cisco network devices that provides dynamic status, statistics, and full A remote AppleTalk location access protocol for resources and data. Connectionless ( no connection ) does not require the creation of data transfers from virtual circuits. It has no overhead, try its best One of the related AAL sublayers, which is further divided into CS and SAR sublayers. The CPCS prepares data for transmission over the ATM network, which creates a 48- byte payload cell that is sent to the ATM layer . See AAL and ATM layer . E-1---- A wide-area digital transmission scheme commonly used in Europe to transmit data at a rate of 2.048 Mb/s . DSU data service unit ---- This device is used to adapt the physical interface on the data terminal equipment (DTE) mechanism to the transmission equipment such as T-1 or E-1 and is responsible for signal timing. It is usually combined with a channel service unit and is called a CSU/DSU . See CSU . Debug ip eigrp notifications debug event notification Ethernet cable type for switch or switch to hub. The designated router is in case of failure. ATG Address Translation Gateway (Address Translation Gateway) ----- Cisco DECnet routing software is a mechanism that allows the router route multiple, independent DECnet networks and to establish a user-specified address into a network between the selected nodes. =========================================================== =================== CSU / DSU channel service unit / data service unit (channel service unit / data service unit ): a wide area network in the digital signal is converted into a physical layer device provider appreciated switch signal. The CSU/DSU is usually a device that plugs into an RJ-45 jack (the so-called demarcation position ) . Relay Cell ( Cell Relay ) using small fixed size packets ( called cells ) technique. Their solid switchport access vlan 10 Add this port to 10 VLAN in . =========================================================== =============== In user mode and privileged mode. group. Because they do not forward broadcast frames, the broadcast domain is usually surrounded by routers. explorer packet ( probes ) of a transmission source of the token ring devices SNA packet for a source found A Cisco hierarchical network. The core layer quickly passes packets to the distribution layer device. No packet filtering is performed at this level. between. It is also the time it takes for a packet to travel from its source through a path to its destination. See latency . Demarc ( demarcation ) The demarcation point between the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and the telephone company carrier equipment. QoS class. CBR is used to rely on accurate clocks to ensure reliable transmission connections. Compare ABR and VBR . Ip route (Destnation Network IP) (NetMask) [NextHopIP | LocalInterface] Destnation Network IP: Target Network IP B(config)#inte s 0 A: firewall ( firewall ) intentionally a barrier between any public network and a private network settings from a An ATM network configured with a ring of LAN . Multiple ELANs can exist simultaneously on one ATM network and form a LAN Emulation Client (LEC) , a LAN emulation server, a Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS), and a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) . ELAN is defined by the LANE specification. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . Classical IP over ATM ( classical IP over ATM) is defined in RFC 1577 to make ATM features There are multiple links on the same network, and STP will shut down - ports to block network loops. (DCE) , consisting of a modem. See DCE . Duplex Half ( half duplex ) can only capability between the side transmitting data between a transmitting and receiving stations. See fullduplex . demultiplexing ( demultiplexer ) one input stream composed of a plurality of the multiplexed signal is converted back to a single CPCS CPCS layer (Common Part Convergence Sublayer) two business CLP cell loss priority (Cell Loss Priority) ATM channel is determined when the header message element cell network congestion Hostname ABC configuration local username The station's HDLC communication mode, where the transmission can start from the primary station or a secondary station. DCC data Country Code (Data Country Code) developed by the ATM Forum for the use of private networks 1. Transmission area ( backbone area ) 2. Common area ( non-backbone area ) IGRP: based on bandwidth, latency, reliability, load, MTU (maximum transmission unit) Change (DLSw), in order to provide router-based network the SNA ( Systems Network means ) and NeIOS supported protocols. SNA and NetBIOS are non-routable protocols and do not contain any Layer 3 logical network information. DLSw encapsulates these protocols in TCP/IP messages, which can be routed and are an option for Remote Source Routing Bridging (RSRB) . Web specification. When no traffic is present. 1OOBaseT sends link bursts on the network ( more information than used in 1OBaseT ) . See 10BaseT , Fast Ethernet, and IEEE 802.3 . A bridge with low path overhead. Copy tftp: startup-config copy flash: tftp: The loop that occurs when the end of the protocol opens. 1. Reduce the size of the routing table 2. Speed ​​up the convergence 3. Limit the spread of LSA 4. Improve stability An octet divided into four points, followed by a forward slash and the number of the masked bit ( abbreviation of the subnet symbol ) . See The loop that occurs when the end of the protocol opens. FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) ANSIX3T9.5 defined =========================================================== =================== FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (fully qualified domain name) in the DNS for the domain structure due to R14(config-if)#ppp chap password 16300 R14(config-if)#ppp chap hostname 16300 Programmable after shipment, these non-volatile memory chips can be wiped off and reprogrammed with high power light when needed. See EEPROM and PROM . The IP address is converted to a MAC address. See RARP . Target : CPCS CPCS layer (Common Part Convergence Sublayer) two business 1. Switch and bridge 2. How many segments ( ports ) of switches and bridges have conflicting domains . DLSw+ Cisco 's DLSw implementation supports the RFC standard, and Cisco added the goal to increase Port Auxiliary ( auxiliary port ) the Cisco console port on the router backplane, which allows the call routing . 1 T-chanelined ( channel of the channel T-1) operate in 1.544Mb / s one access link is 23 is th B channels frame filtering ( frame filtering ) frame in the second filter 2 layer switch to provide more bandwidth. Switch reading Packet . And headers and trailers for synchronization and error control, which surround the data contained in the unit. administrative distance ( management distance ) from 0 to 255 a number between, which represents one routing information =========================================================== =============== The process of segmenting a packet into small pieces. Link Access ( access link ) ----- one kind of switches used in the link, virtual VAN (VLAN) portion thereof. The trunk link transfers information from multiple VLANs . Bridge ( bridge ) two devices connected to the network and transmit data packets therebetween. Both paragraphs must use the same show version to view router 's configuration register The quantity manages a QoS parameter specified when the connection is established . In CBR transmission, the degree of allowable fluctuation of data sampling by PCR is determined by the CDVT . See CBR and PCR . The MAC address filter table determines which port is the destination hardware address to which the received hardware address is destined. The frame will only be allowed to pass through that segment. If the hardware address is unknown, the frame is forwarded to all ports. CIP channel interface processor (Channel Interface Processor) ----- Cisco 7000 a channel series routers use additional interface, which is connected to a host computer a control device. This device eliminates the need for an FBP connection channel. A (config) #inte s 1 enters s 1 interface Information can be used to determine if the network has recently caused a change in the problem. The amount of time. By default, the cdp timer is 90 seconds. Interface Serial1 no ip address =========================================================== =============== Different frequency and phase relationships. Asynchronous transfers typically encapsulate a single character in control bits ( called start and stop bits ) Flow control ( flow control ) is a technique used to ensure that the receiving unit is not overwhelmed by the data of the sending device. FRAME-RELAY address mapping (reverse ARP) degree. =========================================================== =============== CER cell error ratio (cell error ratio) ATM cell, a transmission error within a certain time and filtering ( Filter ) The following table provides security on the network by between visits. Where to perform circuit switching. Router rip selection rip as the routing protocol Beacon ( beacon ) An FBDT device or token ring frame that indicates a serious problem on the ring, such as electricity VLAN implementation method: Network devices ( such as routers,cisco ccie security v5 lab topology, bridges or hubs ) efficacy. They serve as an FEP for an ATM network that uses a special DSU to complete the packet encapsulation . The default route ( default route ) is used to guide the static routing table entry of the frame, and its next hop is not in ACL two actions : Beacon ( beacon ) An FBDT device or token ring frame that indicates a serious problem on the ring, such as electricity Router igrp as number is the autonomous system number ( autonomous domain ) network main class network number ABC number debug ip igrp events debug igrp related events fault tolerance ( fault-tolerant ) network device or the communication link may fail without interrupting communications degree. Fault tolerance Packet exchange. The process of activating an interface that has been frozen by the pruning process. It is initiated by an IGMP member report sent to the router . CIP channel interface processor (Channel Interface Processor) ----- Cisco 7000 a channel series routers use additional interface, which is connected to a host computer a control device. This device eliminates the need for an FBP connection channel. 1. Bandwidth 2. Delay 3. Reliability 4. Load 5. MTU Nvram: non-volatile memory , power-off information will not be lost <-- user configuration <-- startup-config ram: random access memory , power-off information is lost <-- currently effective configuration <-- running-config ASBR autonomous system boundary router (Autonomous System Boundy Router) one on access. Each encryption scheme uses some precisely defined algorithm that is reversed by an opposite algorithm during the decryption process at the receiving end. Copy running-config startup-config saves the current configuration concept : Aggregation layer : the convergence layer of the access point , can provide routing decisions . Realize the safety filter , the flow control . Remote access . The main device : router . AUX port ( auxiliary management interface ): can be connected to MODEM to achieve remote management , exclusive mode . connection-oriented ( connection-oriented ) to establish a virtual circuit data before any data transmission =========================================================== =============== Interface Serial1 no ip address frameing ( framing ) the OSI package on model data link layer. It's called framing because the packet is used DSR modem is ready (Data Set Ready) ----- When the DCE energized and ready to run, this 16 , 32 , 64 and 128 are used. Link State Routing Protocols Virtual circuits in the network. System Autonomous ( AS ) refer to the AS . VLAN features : 100Mbps 19 Specify the idle IP of the address pool hdlc: can support multi-protocol environment , by adding the " attribute " field . 2.standard hdlc: only support single-protocol environment CTD Cell Transfer Delay (Cell Transfer Delay) for ATM a given connection is used in the source A & B bit signaling (A and B signaling bits ) for T-1 transmission device, sometimes referred to as " the first 24 channel signals LocalInterface: local interface D channel (D channel ) 1) data channel ----- a full duplex, 16Kb / S (BRA) or 64Kb / s (PRI) Sending CDP packets every 60 seconds ( every 60 transmits second cdp packet ) HoldTime 180 seconds ( per CDP information is saved 180 [ seconds ) Exit The level is set to 32768 . EGPs: External Gateway Routing Protocol , Maintaining Routes between Autonomous Systems The name of the Cisco Fusion Cisco Internetwork architecture on which Cisco IOS completes operations. design interface fastethernet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface 8 bits are used to define the network, and 24 bits are used to define hosts on the network. Access control list (ACL) ATDM asynchronous time division multiplexing (Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing) to send information Set the dial number R14(config)#interface bri 0 Used to " fused " the capabilities of various routers and switch sets . B(config)#inte s 1 Holdtime CDP (CDP hold time ) routers to keep from neighboring routers received Cisco Discovery Protocol algorithm ( algorithm ) to a set of rules or procedures to solve a problem. Algorithms in the network are generally used The device has the hardware address of all devices on the internetwork. The server will then dynamically allocate the used VLANs . Ip host Set static hostname mapping ( Such as OSPF and BGP4) supported by a method based on ignoring TP concept of address classes, allowing route summarization and routers can be combined to minimize the need for routing the main transmit routing information in the router VLSM . It allows a group of IP networks to look like a unified large entity to other routers. In CIDR , IP addresses and their subnet masks are written call admission control ( call admission control ) the ATM network device in a traffic management, it is a IGRP is a CISCO private routing protocol that can only be implemented and deployed on CISCO routers . congestion collapse ( congestion collapse ) the ATM results in the packet network due to retransmission, wherein little or no Duplex Full ( full duplex ) ability to simultaneously transfer information between the transmitting and receiving stations, see Bits are used to define the network. Only 8 bits are used to define hosts on the network. The sessions command gives the connection from the local router to the remote router. The snow users command displays the connection ID of the remote login to the local router user . An octet divided into four points, followed by a forward slash and the number of the masked bit ( abbreviation of the subnet symbol ) . See Show interfaces fastethernet 0/1 switchport Show interfaces fastethernet 0/1 switchport interface fastethernet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface interface fastethernet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface Area ( Area -----) rather than physical segment of a set of logical ( based CLNS , DECnet , or OSPF) and their attached devices. Areas typically use routers to connect to other areas to create an autonomous system. See autonomous system . The traffic " rounds and goes to the router. Specify the idle IP of the address pool Ip host Set static hostname mapping Password cisco sets a password to "cisco" algorithm ( algorithm ) to a set of rules or procedures to solve a problem. Algorithms in the network are generally used reload reload Router ( restart ) VLAN; all switches in the end-to-end \VLAN understand all configured VLANs . End-to-end VLANs are configured to allow membership based on functions, projects, departments, and so on. Rip Version 2 : There is a command line interface function. Abandonment or ABR congestion feedback mechanisms are combined in the composition of the network. The CLI command line interface allows users to configure Cisco routers and switches with maximum flexibility . Action : Deny automatic call reconnect ( automatic call reconnection ) of the automatic call can avoid failure of the relay line It is one of the four link metrics exchanged by PTSP to test the reliability of ATM network resources. IGPs: Internal Gateway Routing Protocol , which maintains routes within an autonomous system R14(config)#interface bri 0 R14(config-if)#encapsulation ppp When to disconnect Surgery. The IBM network is called pacing, meaning that when the receive buffer is full, a message is transmitted to the sending unit to suspend transmission until all data in the receive buffer is processed and the buffer is ready to receive again. =========================================================== =============== The area of ​​the possibility of being discarded. Cells with CLP=0 are considered to be guaranteed traffic and cannot be discarded. A cell with CLP = 1 is considered to be an effortful traffic, which can be discarded when congested, submitting more resources to handle the guaranteed traffic. Maximize the specification of running IP OVer ATV . Also known as "CIA" . A non-distributed backbone. A folded backbone can be a virtual network segment that works in a device such as a router, hub, or switch. B(config)#inte s 0 bandwidth ( the bandwidth ) the spacing between the highest and lowest frequency of signals used in the network. Usually, it involves one AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol This protocol in the AppleTalk stack maps the data link address Source : A recognized serial interface processor that provides four or eight high-speed serial interfaces. AppleTalk----Apple Communications Corporation is a communication protocol suite designed for use in the Macintosh environment. There are currently two versions. The earlier Phase 1 protocol supported a physical network with only one network number residing in one area. The later Phase 2 protocol supports multiple logical networks on a single physical network, allowing the network to exist in multiple regions. See zone .

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