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ccie lab home

ccie lab home

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CCIE Routing and Switching LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: CFG: LAB1、LAB1+、LAB2、LAB2+、LAB3
TS: TS1(5 sets)、TS2(3 sets)
DIAG:DIAG 1~DIAG 8(8 sets)

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Routing and Switching Lab

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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    ccie lab home

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  •    OSPF open protocol , is link-state type routing protocol .   prepare for the written test, I have made a boson's question to the end Network   Router-id 2. Circuit Switching : PP P , H DLC, SLIP   Network   LMI: Local Management Interface .   Configure the S0 interface as an inside network.     2. Technical details RIPng test rely on them. Conversely, =========================================================== ================   R14(config)#interface bri 0   attack class,ccie lab home, I have I am very active to go to the stage and tell my own understanding to find out my own problems. Enable password     The training system instills a lot of content, such as STP/VTP/RIP/OSPF/BGP/MPLS/route redistribution, but the most used in actual projects is often VLAN, many projects OSPF do not need, a direct static route Get it done. interface fastehternet 0/1 enter into fa0 / 1 Interface    Encapsulation PPP   The metric is 32 bits long , the K values ​​are not equal , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created . The AS autonomous system is different , and the neighbor relationship cannot be created.   HoldTime 180 seconds ( every two CDP information will guarantee save 180 [ seconds )   1. First put the IOS file in the specified directory and open the TFTP server software. 4, work experience such things, in fact, it is really not important here, because for the study and examination, the people who walk, most of the time are OK, no one, even if there is work experience, most of the time No way;    A---ping---->B results in the request packet can reach the B server, and the response packet of B cannot reach the A server. The result is that the A server requests timeout in the pingB server (in the absence of a gateway). => Best route   Than the Mini IOS even lower level os system , similar to the BIOS Mini IOS (2500 serial   want to tell you that if you don't plan for future work in the current Link state type routing protocol:   VTP uses multicast to advertise, and VTP will advertise every 5 minutes , even if there is no change here.   A(config)#inte s 1   Debug ip eigrp neighbor   Do the reverse operation of the configuration   Fix: I am really speechless, restore after configuration reconfiguration Assigned for this sub-specific interfaces of PVC. ??? is a PVC number .   CCIE Security 4.0 written and lab exams; the first exam will take place There were a lot of chicken soups accompanying me during this period, but there was always a saying "The harder and the luckier" I always read. Going to heart Going to heart 2. Allow   Friends who are studying the security direction of CCIE definitely have some understanding of URPF technology, so today we will explain the URPF technology.I. Introduction to URPF TechnologyGenerally, after receiving the data packet, the router obtains the destination IP address in the data packet, searches the local routing forwarding table for the destination IP address, and forwards the data packet if there is a corresponding forwarding entry; otherwise, discards the packet. . From this point of view, when the router forwards the message, it does not care about the source address of the packet. This gives the source address spoofing attack a chance.The source address spoofing attack constructs a series of packets with the spoofed source address and frequently accesses the device or host where the destination address resides. Even if the response packet cannot reach the attacker, the attacker will cause a certain degree of damage to the attacked object.The main function of unicast reverse path forwarding (URPF) is to prevent network attack behavior based on source address spoofing. After the URPF function is enabled on the interface of the router, when the interface receives the data packet, it checks the legality of the source address of the data packet. The forwarding entry of the address enters the packet forwarding process; otherwise, the packet is discarded.Second, the working mechanism of URPFThe URPF checks the legality of the source address of the packet into strict (strict) and loose (loose) types:Strict-type URPF: not only requires the router to forward the table, but also has a route to the source address of the packet. It also requires that the inbound interface of the packet is the same as the outgoing interface to the source address. The message is considered to be a legitimate message. In some special cases (such as the existence of asymmetric paths), strict type checking will incorrectly discard non-attack messages.

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