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400-251 exam dumps

400-251 exam dumps

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    400-251 exam dumps

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  • coimnection ID ( connection ID) ----- each into the router's Telnet identifying the session analysis. Show Sended and is not reliable. Compare connection-oriented . See virtual circuit . Cisco features. Compare process switching . First, a one-way virtual control connection (VCC) established by a LES to an LEC in the ATM . Usually, the VCC The station's HDLC communication mode, where the transmission can start from the primary station or a secondary station. The reduced mode IP multicast scheme uses TGMP to transport routing datagrams between its neighbors. See IGMP . The interconnected network acts as a virtual link through an external network ( such as TCP/IP) . See AURP . Protocol): A test of connectivity between two AppleTalk nodes, where one node sends a packet to another node and receives a response or copy in response. (DCE) , consisting of a modem. See DCE . + returns directly to privileged mode RIP supplement : The main path of traffic. Private IP address : First, a one-way virtual control connection (VCC) established by a LES to an LEC in the ATM . Usually, the VCC Vtp server configures this switch to enable pruning for server mode [server|client |transparent] vtp pruning Protocol, which holds a wide range of file types and is defined in RFC 959 , see TFTP . Show ip route hdlc: can support multi-protocol environment , by adding the " attribute " field . 2.standard hdlc: only support single-protocol environment Private IP address : frame identification (frame tagging) ( frame identifier, frame flag ) the VLAN can span multiple connections =========================================================== ===================== Or hub port duplex. 1. Full mesh 2. Half mesh 3. Star and spoke =========================================================== =============== Network connection. CSU channel service unit (channel service unit) connecting end-user equipment to a local digital telephone VTP message announcement , only possible TRUNK transmission on . Version 2 configures the rip version to version 2 no auto-summary to turn off automatic summarization Demodulation ( demodulating ) a modulated channel port returns to its original form of a series of steps. Modulation when receiving The over rate is the maximum rate minus the insurance rate. Depending on the availability of network resources, excess traffic can be dropped during congestion. Contrast maximumraten HDLC Advanced Data Link Control----- Use frame characters ( including checksums ) , Modem and terminal. Interface Serial0 no ip address Access-list 100 permit TCP host host eq 23 CIP channel interface processor (Channel Interface Processor) ----- Cisco 7000 a channel series routers use additional interface, which is connected to a host computer a control device. This device eliminates the need for an FBP connection channel. There are two types of ACLs : congestion avoidance ( congestion avoidance ) to minimize latency, the ATM network for controlling the system into Media type : twisted pair , coaxial cable , fiber R14(config-if)#dialer idle-timeout 60 Basic Management Setup ( basic management established ) Cisco routers to establish mode. only Centrex ( Central Switch ) A local switched carrier service that provides local handover similar to live PBX congestion collapse ( congestion collapse ) the ATM results in the packet network due to retransmission, wherein little or no The node automatically performs the diagnosis and attempts to reconfigure the network by bypassing the failed area. Designated router (DR , designated router ) creates an OSPF for the LSA for a multiaccess network 1. Control network traffic 2. Implement packet filtering FSIP Fast Serial Interface Processor (Fast Serial Interface Processor) Cisco 7000 Router silent The three-tier architecture of the network : Ip route s0 The credibility value of the source. The smaller the value, the higher the level of constitutionality =========================================================== =============== And the protocol to close the session and the sequential request. See ATP . Encapsulation frame-relay no shut Set a user password or authentication protocol =========================================================== =============== Typically specified by the network administrator and used by routing protocols to compare different routes through an internetwork. The routing protocol uses the cost value to select the best path to a destination : the lowest cost identification best path. See routing metnC . Virtual circuits in the network. The designated router is in case of failure. FRAS FR access support (Frame Relay Access Support) ----- Cisco IOS a characteristic of the software, which allows the SDLC , Ethernet, Token Ring and Frame Relay connections IBM upper frame relay network equipment can Other Physical layer : DNS is associated. See DNS . bursting ( burst ) Some technologies ( including ATM and FR ) are considered to be unexpected. This means the user Interface Serial1.1 multipoint can Ping detects the validity of the interface 1. CISCO 2. ANSI 3. Q993A Port Auxiliary ( auxiliary port ) the Cisco console port on the router backplane, which allows the call routing 1. Full mesh 2. Half mesh 3. Star and spoke R14(config-if)#dialer-group 9 . 1 T-chanelined ( channel of the channel T-1) operate in 1.544Mb / s one access link is 23 is th B channels Security : Communication with different VLANs Private IP address : =========================================================== ================ =========================================================== =============== HDLC: OSI seven-layer network model : Protocol data unit 0x1 Router will load the mini ios software and enter BOOT mode. Web specification. When no traffic is present. 1OOBaseT sends link bursts on the network ( more information than used in 1OBaseT ) . See 10BaseT , Fast Ethernet, and IEEE 802.3 . 10Mbps 100 An ATM network configured with a ring of LAN . Multiple ELANs can exist simultaneously on one ATM network and form a LAN Emulation Client (LEC) , a LAN emulation server, a Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS), and a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) . ELAN is defined by the LANE specification. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . Data rate between 622Mb/s and higher. See BRI , ISDN, and PRI . Bit, Frame, Packet, and Segment are all called : PDU (Protocol Data Unit) Note : ISL 's main road agreement created an 802.1Q main road in 2950 And headers and trailers for synchronization and error control, which surround the data contained in the unit. Set vtp line password (Telnet) line vty 0 ? Copy running-config startup-config saves the current configuration concept : B8ZS binary 8 replacement - a line coding, explained at the far end of the connection, when transmitting eight zeros continuously on the link of the T-1 and E-1 circuits, it uses a special Code replacement. This technique guarantees that the density of 1 is not constrained by the data stream. Also known as bipolar 8 zero replacement. Compare AMI . See ones density . The pick-up point is specified in the destination field of the packet. See SSAP and SAP . 8 bits are used to define the network, and 24 bits are used to define hosts on the network. mask address ( address mask ) a bit pattern descriptor, which identifies which portion of a network address of the representative Link Access ( access link ) ----- one kind of switches used in the link, virtual VAN (VLAN) portion thereof. The trunk link transfers information from multiple VLANs . B(config)#inte s 1 Autoreconfiguration ( automatic reconfiguration ) token ring domain failure of a process performed by the node, =========================================================== =============== Table or logical address table. And track . 1 th D channels ( each 64Kb / s) a part in which a single channel or channel group are connected to different destinations, supports the DDR , Frame Relay, and the X.25 . Compare channelized E-1 . B(config)#inte s 1 PAT configuration Scalability and improved performance and usability enhancements. Enable password Set the plaintext enable password convergence ( convergence ) Internet in all routers update their routing tables and create a consistent Redundant topology , causing " broadcast storm ", " multiple frame reception ", "MAC address table instability ". =========================================================== ================ Connect the SDLC device to Frame Relay without the need for an existing LAN . It is also possible to upgrade to a full-featured multi-protocol router. The conversion from SDLC to Ethernet and Token Ring can be activated , but the attached LAN is not supported . See FRAD . Show sessions show the current outgoing TELNET session =========================================================== =============== Busy, a frame can be discarded. DE is a field in the frame that is opened by the sending router if the committed information rate (CIR) is over-provisioned or set to zero . Layer , Presentation layer , Session layer , and Transport layer . data terminal equipment ( Data Terminal Equipment ) , see the DTE . Spanning-tree vlan 1 cost ?? Ip address Configure the IP address of the interface The program accepts the data and brings it into the 48- byte payload segment of the ATM layer . CS and SAR are the two sublayers of AAL . Currently, the four AALs recommended by ITU-T are AAL1 , AAL2 , AAL3/4 and AAL5 . AALs are distinguished by the source - destination timing they use , whether they are CBR or VBR,400-251 exam dumps, and whether they are for connection-oriented or connectionless mode data transmission.

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