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The collection of the ASME ccie r&s dumps pdf

The collection of the ASME ccie r&s dumps pdf

1. Question: If mac-based 1x authentication after the success of that user authentication, the subsequent user authentication will normally jump to the vlan? Will it affect users who have previously been successfully authenticated?

Answer: Configure mac vlan to jump and not affect each other.

2. Question: If you do not need SAM execution to get users offline, can I remove SAM in anti-agent scenarios?

Answer: No, ASME needs to rely on SAM synchronization user offline information. So as to view a user's agent situation.

3. Question: IS ASME and PPPOE linked?

Answer: ASME cannot solve the PPPoE message. If the router to do PPPoE authentication and then directly the router's message image to ASME. ASME is not recognized before this must first unwrap and in the mirror to ASME.

4. Question: Can asME anti-agent be used in conjunction with ESS?

Answer: ASME can be linked to SAM, SNP and other servers but not with ESS.

5. Question: What is the container of asME's web page?

Answer: ASME's web page is an NGINX container.

6. Question: If the customer lowers the version, does it need to lower the feature library?

Answer: No

7. Question: Is the ASME's resolution of user traffic, does it support the ipv6 protocol?

Answer: Only ipv4 protocolis is supported, ipv6 protocol is not supported.

8. Question: How should the mirror interface be configured in the case of port aggregation?

Answer: Configure the mirror port, and if the physical interface is configured for the aggregation interface, then the mirror ingress needs to be called in the aggregation interface.

9.Question: Match ip loose in the case of DHCP relay in am rules has no effect on DHCP relay.

Answer: The AM rule must be written.

10. Question: Can the mirror port be both a destination port and a source port?

Answer: Many-to-many mirrors cannot be bidirectional and the same interface cannot be both a source .

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