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how to pass ccna easily

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how to pass ccna easily

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    how to pass ccna easily

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  • Since RSVP has been able to complete the task of label allocation, there is no need to activate the Label Distribution Protocol ( LDP ) on the interface . Create a TE tunnel on R1 , the source is its own loopback0 , and the destination is of R4 . Se1/0 The router that determines which FEC the message belongs to is the inbound LSR because it classifies and pushes the message into the label. End host. For example , the ISO CLNP workstation searched by the ES-IS protocol . Router-id Automatic routing Auto Route Tib entry:, rev 8 Outgoing interface Affinity Bit : 0x0 IGP Metric : 1 In R2 on Designated Intermediate System designated intermediate system Then we can use TE tunnel thinking to create two TE tunnels on R1 , as shown below: Ip cef Tun Sender:, LSP ID: 521 The default MaxAge is 1200 seconds and ZeroAgeLifetime is 60 seconds. When the serial number of the LSP sent by an IS reaches *Aug 18 04:37:06.243: tspec parameter id = 127, flags = 0, length = 5 MAC/Encaps=14/18, MRU=1500, Label Stack{204} CA014FEC0008CA004FEC00088847 000CC000 Oper: up The configuration of R4 is as follows: Now we will complete the following configuration on R2 : Certification Information Interface Ethernet0/1 You can specify the ciphertext lsp authentication of level1 or level2 to carry the cipher text authentication information on the LSP . *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: IS Hops:1 PATH Each tag mapping message contains two elements : FEC TLV and Label TLV In general, any router that checks for a corrupted LSP will be corrupted by sending a remaining lifetime to 0 . 0 kbits/sec The loop detection mechanism of LDP depends on the IGP protocol. Mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0 mpls traffic-eng area 0 Outgoing tag or VC After the configuration is complete, the level 2 LSP sent by R2 will carry the cipher text authentication TLV information (the level 1 LSP is not carried). If this configuration is maintained,how to pass ccna easily, we will find that R2 can only learn the R1 release. Routing, this is because level1 LSPs are not authenticated. After completing this experiment, R3 and R4 complete the configuration. *Aug 18 09:06:02.699: Outgoing Path: !! The path message sent by R1 has changed. *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: General Parameters break bit=0 service length=8 TOS 0 Metrics: 1 Bandwidth: 2000 kbps (Global) Priority: 7 7 Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF Metric Type: TE (default) Local Outgoing Prefix Bytes Label Outgoing Next Hop Label Label or Tunnel Id Switched interface 1230 Interface Ethernet0/1 Ip cef Mpls traffic-eng tunnels ip rsvp bandwidth The configuration of R1 is as follows ( R2 does not open area password temporarily ): O The IGP will advertise the link with normal IGP metrics. At this time, the traffic that traverses this interface is the traffic for label switching. Basically, if the LDP session is not established, OSPF will not establish adjacencies on this link, and HELLO will not be sent at all (of course, there is a basic word here, that is, there are two cases) . Kbps (Global) Priority: 7 7 Affinity: 0x0/0xFFFF Tracing the route to Let's experiment one by one: Enable the MPLS TE tunnel feature globally, which is equivalent to a global switch. Is-type level-1 Manually reoptimize 1 12 msec 4 msec 4 msec ISO10589 According to different IS-IS PDU types and specific network environments, the TLV ( Type/Length/Value ) field is immediately followed by various types of IS-IS PDUs . The PDU header and TLV fields form a complete IS-IS. PDU . In ISO10589 and RFC1195 these two current IS-IS standard, using the code ( code ) word, rather than the type ( type ), but since the TLV to other protocol standards, it TLV than CLV using multiple network literature Here we also use TVL instead of CLV . In IS-IS PDU variety used TLV , both ISO 10589 defined, there RFC 1195 defined.The TLVs defined in ISO are used in the CLNP network environment, but most of them are also used in IP network environments. The TLV defined in the RFC is only used in the IP environment. For an IS-IS PDU , you can carry a TLV that supports the CLNP protocol , and you can carry it.

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Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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