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ccna certification course

ccna certification course

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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccna certification course

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  • Admin: up Router ospf 1 Physical Bandwidth: 100000 kbits/sec Res. Global BW: 75000 kbits/sec Res. Sub BW: 0 kbits/sec Downstream:: R2.02 Record Route: Packets with the same processing mode according to the process or IP DSCP field Metric: 0 Ll Router , maintains first a layer LSBD , by default, L2 of the LSP is not flooded over, and therefore L1 router 's LSDB OutLabel : Ethernet0/0, 201 RSVP Signalling Info: You can see the main two contents contained in it: one is the directly connected network segment of R1 , here is and , and the other is the direct connection of R1 . 103 Here is a point to note, we look at the E router, in fact,ccna certification course, it will receive the label binding of its own LDP neighbor B and C , which has a label about the route X bundle, then E is stored in its own LFIB table. Which neighbor's remote label is it? The answer is C , because C is the next hop of the E router to X , and E will use the routing table to determine who's label bundle is "better". Use the lockdown keyword (note that the above configuration is configured in the TE tunnel port). From the above figure, we can see that R1 and R4 act as L1 routers and only maintain the link state database of Level1 , and R2 and R3 are L1/L2. Eventually this tagged package with 403 and 505 is sent to the TE Tunnel , so: RFC 2370 describes an extension of OSPF that defines three new LSAs . These LSAs are called sluggish LSAs ( opaque LSAs ) and their differences are limited to the extent of propagation. These LSAs can accurately provide the information required by MPLS TE to OSPF : The IS-IS area defined in ISO 10589 is the stub area. Attached defines four metric types. CISCO IOS only supports the default metric . !! TE tunnel Each transport layer entity is assigned an NSAP address. The NSAP address is the network layer address of the CLNS packet . It is used to identify the device. It consists of an initial domain part ( IDP ) and a domain-defined part ( DSP ). These two parts are detailed below, let us understand this. Ip explicit-path name R2R4R5 enable next-address You can use router(config)# ip rsvp signalling rate-limit to limit the rate at which signaling messages are sent or use router(config-if)# hold-queue x in to limit the rate of reception. The configuration of R1 is as follows: Prefix The interface is assigned a new metric value; The figure above is a single-area Level2 routing domain. Label Basic command Tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority 7 7 All routers run IS-IS Understand the forwarding process of data in the MPLS domain Next-address How to view opaque LSA-10 on CISOC IOS router ? The HELLO packet is sent to the multicast address , and the source address is the interface IP. Ciphertext LSPs authentication Ip address *Aug 18 09:06:07.919: All routers in the LAN including the DIS establish an adjacency relationship with the PSN , relying on the adjacent relationship formed by the pseudo node on the LAN . Once the DIS generates a pseudo node in the LAN , the reliability is guaranteed. It periodically sends a first one layer and two layers Hello PDU and the CSNP . The Hello PDU indicates that it is a layer of DIS . The CSNP describes the summary information of all LSPs , including LSP ID , sequence number, checksum, and remaining lifetime. It uses multicast to flood. CSNP is only used to correct any missing PDUs .

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